Comprehensive care center

In 1998, a Comprehensive Care Centre was established to cultivation of slow learners as a priority. In 2006, a unit for the embracement of gifted students was added to the centre.
The pedagogic motive beyond the establishment of this centre was that the public education gives most of its consideration to the ordinary students, ignoring, sometimes, the fact that education is a personalized individual need.
The slogan of the centre: “Justice doesn’t mean that every child receives equal treatment; it rather means that every student should receive equitable treatment according to what he or she needs.”
The centre diagnoses students who show symptoms of slow learning in order to identify the causes through cognitive: visual, auditory, and visual tests, then, identifies the fittest learning methods for every individual student.
Gifted students go through enrichment programs and individual follow up in order to provide them with the appropriate pedagogic and humanitarian atmospheres. Coordination between the centre and “Mawheba” in training teachers, coordinators and students…..
School faculties are regularly and continuously being trained to deal with these two categories of students.