Dar Al Fikr is a ( k to 12 ) no profitable educational schools in Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
DAF has two separate sections : one is for boys; the other is for girls, which includes the KG and the early stages from grade one up to grade three (mixed: boys and girls). Each of the two schools has the upper elementary, preparatory, and secondary stages.
School seeks the recruitment of the elite of teachers and strives to embraces them, giving them the training to develop their abilities and skills. DAF hopes to achieve the highest performance and accomplishment of the non-academic curricula and activities to accomplish the school objectives to which the parents are longing to achieve to their sons and daughters.
Successful candidates are expected to fulfil the following requirements:
1. At least a university degree in the subject matter. (a must)
2. A certificate of Education
3. Master both Arabic and English
4. Master computer technical applications in the field of education
5. A minimum of three years of experience in the same field
6. To successfully pass the recruitment test and interview