School Background

It was in 1985 when a number of Saudi businessmen called for establishing a non-profitable national school in Jeddah that would provide the people of Jeddah with quality education that is as excellent as that the respectful schools give to their kids in the U.S. and Britain.
The main aim behind establishing the school was maintaining the sound growth of the personality and emotions of the kid in the bosom of his/her family instead of estrangement that widens the gap between the kids and their native national, Arabic, and Islamic environment and deforms the kid’s emotional growth away from family and home land.
Founders of Dar Al-Fikr Schools launched a wide range campaign of collecting donations, through which they collected around 70,000,000 SR; the school was built on an area of 100,000 square meters that was granted as a ROYAL donation.
The architectural design of the buildings reflects the idea of having a core and fixed value, around which everything revolves! Just like the planets in their orbits around the sun; similarly, everything in Dar Al-Fikr School revolves around education.
One year after the boys section was inaugurated, the girls’ section initiated; then, the nursery opened its doors in 1998.