DAF seeks to imbue its students with the Quranic mission of iqra.. (the invocation to read). We encourage our students to become true believers in their hearts, righteous in their deeds, and wise in their reflections. Only thus can they assume their responsibility as stewards over God’s earthly dominions .


The School strive towards developing the educational process so that a student is being prepared in becoming a self-reliant learner who is capable of achieving a balance between his earthly and spiritual needs. DAF inculcates within the student deep-rooted Islamic values while still being open to moving across cultural barriers in this global civilization. The School inspire and encourages students to be a role model to others in their strive for excellence while enthusiastically practicing their creative skills. Eventually they will be welcomed by the top-rated universities. DAF nurtures those who will place society’s interests above their own. They are philanthropic in their deeds, creative in thought, and happily adorned in the vestments of piety (taqwa) (garments of sacred consciousness).