welcome graduate

Dear brothers and sisters,
Longing increases each time we step further and farther away from our lovely school. Actually, there was an unbreakable bond created here in an atmosphere of brotherhood and partnership that has been still beating so far, and it will stay alive as long as we live. This bond is still deep and warm, so we have to keep it fruitful, renewable, and full of love.
Undoubtedly, our school has played a crucial role in shaping our personalities and nourishing our minds to face life with all of our knowledge, determination, patience, and creativity; besides, this role must progress to brighten the prosperous future of our children and grandchildren. Knowingly, most of elite international schools have made an opulent history through their graduates who have proved the quintessence of success in different walks of life. Consequently, they have reflected the bright side of their schools where they graduated from.
It’s our pleasure to inform you that the graduates of Dar Alfikr Schools have established the first formal association for their graduates in Saudi Arabia. And, we are honoured to invite you all to attend this association to enjoy the warmth of the gorgeous memories we have lived together at our old-new home.
DAF graduates Association