Dear Visitors,

It’s my pleasure to welcome you.

We really appreciate your kind visit to our school website, and see it as undeniable evidence that you’re always persistent to learn about the quality of education and attempts of development the schools offer. We believe that everyone should seek a school that grants his/her own children the education that thoroughly adheres to the child’s emotional and mental growth along with equipping the child with the necessary life skills.

In Dar Al Fikr School (DAF), we believe in the necessity of the wholly education that deals with the human as an integrated intelligent being- addressing his/her physique, mind, and soul; as it goes in parallel with their innate learning through the three human faculties; listening, seeing and heart.  We designed a curriculum that provides the student with the life skills, develops intellect, and utilizes higher thinking skills with full consideration of the values that make him/her learn and achieve success with happiness.

Dar Al Fikr School was established in 1985 with the mission of providing the students with distinguished education that maintains a balance between Islamic Values, peculiarities of the Arabic language from one perspective and the openness to the languages and sciences of the world from the other.

A basic part of our mission is the continuous development of the educational process which encompass the teacher, the curriculum, and the life skills programs that aim to refine the students’ learning, thinking and presentation skills.

School Management.