What we offer?

DAF students study an international, developed, academic curriculum according to the authorization of the Ministry of Education. A curriculum that together with what the school presents of a very strong ground in the sciences of Quran, Islamic religion, and Arabic creates a state of balance, something that makes our students able to understand the world around them.
Paramount Features of DAF Curriculum are the following:
• achieves integration between Arabic and Islamic cultures from one side and most modern educational curricula.
• focuses on effective learning that engages the student with individual efforts in a practical process.
• activates the student critical thinking.
• considers Arabic to be one functional course of study.
• considers Islamic studies to be one integral course of study.
• qualifies the students for International Standardised test TOEFL and SAT.
• applies the versatility of teaching methodologies.
• considers the student to be the centre of the educational process.
• utilizes technology as the means for fast, fruitful, comprehensive learning.
• considers the concept of research to be the ground for excellent learning.
• applies the concept that the student moves among the classrooms.
• assents to the students’ objective discussion and auto-critical thinking.
General Objective
Our aim is the build a good, faithful, and thoughtful student who masters theory and application.
Subsidiary Objectives:
First: Building a thoughtful Muslim person
This aim is achieved through the habilitation of a citizen who is observant of the fundamentals of Islam in his worshipping, treating people, values, and virtues. A person who values learning and working and who memorizes parts from the holy Quran and The Prophet’s sayings.
Second: maintaining stable thinking patterns that achieve balance between reality and contingency.
Third: Developing communication skills:
Students be able to express their own emotional, individual, and societal needs by all possible means of communication, including: reading, writing, speaking, or using any pattern of artistic expression along with the modern communication what makes it easy for them to easily digest and absorb the experience and knowledge of the others.
Fourth: Boosting the students’ technological skills through keeping up to date with the latest developments.
Fifth: Achieving balance between psychological and physiological health through instilling the desirable kinetic skills and healthful habits along with the acquisition of physiological, moral, and societal attributes.