Introduction to the DIP program

DAF Intrapreneurship Program (DIP)

Dar Al-Fikr Schools strives to consistently develop and improve the Standard of Education in Saudi Arabia. It enables its students to become self-reliant learners capable of achieving a balance between their earthly needs and spiritual goals.

The school prepares the students to become pioneering, highly skilled, and innovative adults; role models in their society, welcomed by the best universities in the world, and ready for a productive professional life.

Beginning in 2019-2020 and continuing to fulfill its mission, the schools offered a pilot program, the DAF Intrapreneur Program (DIP), to achieve a number of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030’s goals, the most important of which is to bridge the gap between education outcomes and labor market requirements. Dar Al Fikr School has added life and practical goals parallel to the academic knowledge objectives of its educational plan, to achieve the life and work skills requirements involved through the implementation of the Internship Program (DIP).

The School provided an environmental and educational plan that allows those skills to emerge professionally and spontaneously. In order to achieve that, Dar Al Fikr School prepared educational courses; it established a commercial and educational company within the school employing the 12th grade students (Intrapreneurs) to be trained in the developed skills created through real-time operational practices in a real work environment.

Each trainee (Intrapreneur) occupies a specific role of the approved structure of Dar Al Fikr company for one academic year, during which she performs the initial operational functions of her job in the company, to acquire, through her work, soft skills (behavioral skills), which are related to effective handling, forging relationships with others, Effective Thinking and other methods; and hard skills (specialized skills) that are needed by the employee to conduct work and gain experience in that specific field of specialization.

Dar Al Fikr Intrapreneurship Program (DIP) starts from the eleventh grade and ends with the graduation of the student from the twelfth grade; the trainee (Intrapreneur) completes the internship program by completing three courses in which the student gets information and life skills, multiple academic and professional skills complimented by practical training within the company. The program contains research content, training content, initial theoretical professional content, specialized operational content (conducted within Dar Al Fikr Company), and applied specialized practices (conducted within Dar Al Fikr Company).