Intrapreneurship Practical Development (IPD)

1/B & 1/C starts together once Dar Al Fikr Company is established.  

1/B Theoretical Operational Domain 

  • The course contain two classes per day (During the training days)
  • Each class is about one hour
  • The student start the learning process independently and with the external/internal coach<
  • Students receives theoretical information that will help them perform their job duties in a professional manner
  • There is two types of information: 1- General information for all trainees acquired in the form of a lecture or a group workshop 2- Specialized information: based on departments within the company where the trainees were hired.
  • Qualifications forms are provided to each trainee according to the department.

1/C Operational Domain 

  • After 1/A course, the students attend the job fair in order to meet with committees to be interviewed. 
  • Screening applications process
  • Hiring intern
  • Each intern starts applying previous experience and knowledge acquired from the theoretical courses.
  • This path creates a circular and continuous relationship between the practical practise and the academic research that is prepared by the trainee.