DAF seeks to empower its students with the Quranic mission of “Iqra,” which is the invocation to read. Our students should be true believers at heart, righteous indeed, and wise of thoughts. Only thus can they assume their responsibility as stewards over God’s earthly dominions.

  • Building the righteous, wise, and virtuous believer.
  • Developing a balanced personality through knowledge, values, and skills.
  • Prioritizing learning over education
  • Refining future skills with personal and social competencies.
  • Deepening human benefit from technology.
  • Educating a well-rounded individual, physically, mentally, and spiritually.
  • Strengthening the relationship between humans and their environment and culture
  • Elevating the taste of generations with beauty, love for excellence, and perfection.

Educational Program

Kindergarden (KG)

Early Grade    1-3

Primary Grade 4-6

Middle School 7-8

American Diploma 9-12


The concept of competency implies more than just the acquisition of knowledge and skills; it involves the mobilization of knowledge, skills, attitudes, and values.

Dar Al-Fikr Methodology of Competencies standards:

  • Values and AttitudeDAF seeks to empower its students with the Quranic mission of “Iqra,” which is the invocation to read.
  • KnowledgeFuture-ready students will need both broad and specialized knowledge in each and every subject.
  • SkillsLearning knowledge is not the only necessary education for students, It is also important to Learn to do.

Students are academically prepared for college through academic courses and programs

Academic Writing

College Planning

Community Service

Elective Courses

Graduation Project

Building an integrated curriculum in the Arabic language, beyond the multiplicity of materials, as well as in Islamic education

Over the years, more than 3,000 students have graduated from school. They have recorded unique achievements for their homeland

DAF has been accredited by several bodies to reach the highest academic excellence level.




College Board


Ministry of Education

In 2007/2008, the Ministry of Education authorized schools to apply the International Diploma in Science, Mathematics and English, and the Materials and Hours System in all subjects. And that schools remain in their application of Arabic language curricula and Islamic and social education according to the standards and standards of the ministry in this regard


Cognia (formally known as AdvancED) subsequently assessed the educational, financial and construction structure of Dar Al Fikr Schools to examine its suitability for the US Diploma. Schools were approved in 2009. The same procedure was repeated and schools were evaluated at the second session in 2010 and third session in 2019. Schools are currently preparing for the fourth session in the presentation of continuous improvement in management and preparation of documents for the next assessment and accreditation in 2024.

Mawhiba Foundation

King Abdul Aziz Foundation (Mawhiba), through the North Anglia Foundation, examined and evaluated the scientific, pedagogical and human structure of the schools and was accredited for the care and education of gifted students. This evaluation has been repeated for the years 2010/2011 (2012-2013).

College Board

The Council adopts Dar Al Fikr schools as a center for conducting standardized international tests: TOEFL / P.SAT / SAT / GRE

AP Course

The American Testing Center has adopted Dar Al Fikr Secondary Schools to offer advanced courses in science and mathematics. Which are above the secondary level, and are calculated at the university colleges at the approved hours according to the system of American tests.

Testimonial About Dar Alfikr Schools

  • I had an opportunity to see your school and to be working with some of your supervisors on delivering 21st-century skills and what an opportunity to see the similarities between what we’re trying to do in our school system in Canada and what you’re doing here in Saudi and in particular in this particular school.
    What I have seen walking through your schools are happy students and happy students are ready to learn. I heard staff that are great experts in their subject area but really understand teaching and learning in our environment these days and you got incredible leaders that have a vision, and parents are connected to their children’s learning all the wonderful things to see. Congratulations on providing a great education system for the students in Saudi.

    Jennifer Adams
    Director of Education with the Ottawa Carleton District School Board in Canada
  • Cambridge University book featured Dar Al Fikr as one of the hundred pioneer schools around the world “Saudi Arabia’s Dar Al Fikr schools teach in both Arabic and English to help their students develop a wider understanding of the world around them.”


    The Guide To Excellence 2014 Edition (CUSU)
    Cambridge University
  • It is Interesting how teachers from different departments (English, Math, Science .. etc) work together as a team. Usually, in other schools, the teachers divide the STEM project into pieces and each does his part. However, in your school, the teachers collaborate with each other and with the student as one team which really demonstrates how they coordinate the classroom learning environment.

    Ann Nielsen
    Associate Director of the Center for Advanced Studies in Global Education
  • It is interesting to find out that there is a similarity between your school learning methodology and Finland such as deep learning and STEM projects. It is also interesting how you utilized your classroom wall to make it interactive classroom to guide students so they always know what to do even if there is no teacher to guide them.

    Outi Rinne
    Former Director of Turku Teaching, Finland
  • I was honored and pleased to give a lecture about the environment in Dar Al Fikr schools. The warm welcome, hospitality is not strange to schools that are considered the best in our beloved Kingdom.
    And What pleased me even more is the interaction and participation of these young students who will be, God willing, one of the most important elements of society in our beloved nation.
    And that is not strange either, because the teachers, and staff of these schools are the best in the field of education and righteous upbringing.
    I pray that Allah may grant you guidance and help. Accept my utmost respect and deepest gratitude.

    Sami Al Jaber
    Former Captain and striker of the Saudi National Team
  • I found myself standing at the door as if nothing had changed but time, maybe some names, but I no longer looked at it with my head tilted upward, not for the lack of respect, but perhaps because I no longer see buildings as high as we saw everything when we were young, My body might have grown but there is still a child inside me calling me ever since and for nearly two decades repeating himself saying, “Do not grow up, it’s a trap.” I found myself walking through the corridors of my childhood school, wondering: Are those lounges silent at the time of classes and echoing with children’s laughter between classes and during breaks?

    Ghassan Hamid Omar
    Saudi writer and graduate of Dar Al Fikr Schools
  • When one visits a factory all he sees is the quality of consumable products but When you look at a factory that produces a better human being. Dar Al Fikr schools are at the forefront, it shows us the quality of their production that keeps on growing and getting better…
    I ask Allah to bless this establishment and grant its management, staff, and students success and prosperity

    Ahmad Zaki Yamani
    Former Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources
  • I was pleased today to visit the Robotics Lab to develop the use of the devices to serve scientific purposes and achieve the ideas that the student wishes to implement through these devices. This is an important step to develop the student’s skills in this field. I ask God Almighty that achieve the desired goals and see that we may see our students’ inventions that will help this nation and our homeland in the near future. On this occasion, I would like to extend my congratulations and thanks to Dar Al Fikr schools for this important educational step.

    Allah is the Only Arbiter of success,

    Dr. Reda Mohammed Saeed Obaid
    Former Director of King Abdulaziz University
  • We would like to thank the school’s management, staff, and students for their graduates who have always been exemplary, outstanding, and with a thirst for excellence. Watch the full testimony

    Maram Moghrbal
    Effat University, Deanship of Admission and Registration
  • Praise be to Allah the Lord of the worlds and may the blessings and peace of Allah be upon the most honored of messengers, I would like to express my pleasure after visiting this esteemed institute, and ask God Almighty to bless this institute as well as the efforts of the Management, staff, and students because the race between good and evil is won through young people and sustenance of good is in their hands. As the young people are our nation’s strongest asset and our hopes and dreams of a better future, therefore, the more prepared they are the better the future of this great nation would be and our only hope of a future better than the times we live in. And only Allah blesses and guides to the straight path.

    Dr. Zaghloul El-Naggar
    An Islamic Preacher
  • I was very pleased with what I saw in Dar Al Fikr schools for the outstanding example they set, which has become a center of excellence in the Kingdom. I wish for the school and its students progress success and hope to convey the experience to many government schools.

    Khalid Al-Sabti
    Member of Saudi Consultative Assembly and former Minister of Higher Education

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