Follet Library

DAF Library Research Center

Dar Al-Fikr Schools has implemented the Library Research Center, powered by the Follett Library software system. This system will allow you to browse the library catalog of books, and to search for books by title or topic.

You can also use the powerful searching capabilities of the system to conduct your research. You can search over the library catalog or a large selection of online resources curated and suited for academic and educational research purposes.

You will also be able to build collections of books, documents, videos, and other items to organize your research results and share these results with other students or teachers.

Read-only access is available to everyone, and accounts are available to all Dar Al-Fikr students, faculty, and staff. For help creating or accessing your account, please email [LIBRARY EMAIL ADDRESS]

To learn how to use the system, we encourage you to watch the training video series. We also have full written documentation in our Follett training manual

For most students and library patrons, we recommend using the Destiny Discover Library System interface to browse and search the library catalog.

For Library Back Office functions, please visit the Dar Al-Fikr Follett Destiny page.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please email [LIBRARY EMAIL ADDRESS]