Dear brothers and sisters,
Longing increases each time we step further and farther away from our lovely school. Actually, there was an unbreakable bond created here in an atmosphere of brotherhood and partnership that has been still beating so far, and it will stay alive as long as we live. This bond is still deep and warm, so we have to keep it fruitful, renewable, and full of love. Undoubtedly, our school has played a crucial role in shaping our personalities and nourishing our minds to face life with all of our knowledge, determination, patience, and creativity; besides, this role must progress to brighten the prosperous future of our children and grandchildren. Knowingly, most of the elite international schools have made an opulent history through their graduates who have proved the quintessence of success in different walks of life. Consequently, they have reflected on the bright side of the schools where they graduated from. It’s our pleasure to inform you that the graduates of Dar Alfikr Schools have established the first formal association for their graduates in Saudi Arabia. And, we are honored to invite you all to attend this association to enjoy the warmth of the gorgeous memories we have lived together at our old-new home.


NameGraduation YearCollege / UniversitySection
Hatem Abdullah Zainal Ali Reza1st Term, 1410 H.Harvard UniversityBoys
Hassan Abdel Rahman Hassan Sharbatly1st Term, 1410 H.Faculty of Environmental Designs King Abdulaziz UniversityBoys
Saifullah Mohammed Abdullah Sharbatly1st Term, 1410 H.Faculty of Commerce / American University / CairoBoys
Adel Garmallah Abdullah Al Zahrani1st Term, 1410 H.King Fahd University of Petroleum and MineralsBoys
Abdul Aziz Mohammed Abdu Yamani1st Term, 1410 H.Faculty of Engineering / King Abdulaziz UniversityBoys
Mohammed Sami Yahya Rafa1st Term, 1410 H.Aviation Engineering / AmericaBoys
Nawaf Garmallah Abdullah Al Zahrani1st Term, 1410 H.King Fahd University of Petroleum and MineralsBoys
Hani Abdullah Jalal Abu Al - Faraj1st Term, 1410 H.Rochester Instate of TechnologyBoys
Walid Mohammed Ahmed Khadri1st Term, 1410 H.Phoenix Institute of Aviation / AmericaBoys
Hany Omar Mohammed Al - Aashq1st Term, 1410 H.Systems Analyst / Saudi Cables Company in JeddahBoys
Hattan Ahmed Ali Hassan Turki1st Term, 1410 H.Computer and Political Science / RichmondBoys
Ibrahim Mohamed Ibrahim Batterjee1st Term, 1410 H.College of Management / King Abdulaziz University in JeddahBoys
Ahmed Hesham Ahmed Kaaki1st Term, 1410 H.Franklin College, Indiana. U.S.A.Boys
Mamdouh Mohamed Hassan Sindi1st Term, 1410 H.Faculty of Medicine / King Abdulaziz UniversityBoys
Abdullah Mansoor Abdullah Al Qahtani1st Term, 1410 H.College of Management / King Abdulaziz University in JeddahBoys
Bareaa Mohammed Hussein Ajaj1st Term, 1410 H.College of Management / King Abdulaziz University in JeddahBoys
Haitham Habib Mohamed Ali Al Bakri2nd Term, 1410 H.Bentley College, Massachusetts.Boys
Qasoora Hisham Ali Hafez2nd Term, 1410 H.Newbury College, Brookline, M ABoys
Talal Hazem Bin Rajeh Al Ghaleb2nd Term, 1410 H.Oregon University, OregonBoys
Omar Abdel Badea Mohamed Lari2nd Term, 1410 H.Wentworth Institute of Technology, BostonBoys
Firas Bakr Mohammed bin Laden2nd Term, 1410 H.College of Management / King Abdulaziz UniversityBoys
Thamer Mohammed Ahmed Ashi2nd Term, 1410 H.Faculty of Environmental Designs King Abdulaziz UniversityBoys
Abdullah Mahmoud Hussein Nassif2nd Term, 1410 H.Management and Economics / King Abdulaziz UniversityBoys
Rakan Hussein Mohsen Al Harthy2nd Term, 1410 H.Faculty of Medicine / King Saud University / RiyadhBoys
Ammar Abdel Rahman Bajsir1st Term, 1411 H.B. C. The . University of Lausanne / SwitzerlandBoys
Ahmed Hisham Ali Reza1st Term, 1411 H.Brown University, R.I. U.S.A.Boys
Ehab Osamah Abdul Ella Nassif1st Term, 1411 H.Tampa University, TampaBoys
Abdul Aziz Mohammed Al-Anqari1st Term, 1411 H.Northeastern University, BostonBoys
Marwan Abdullah Ali Reza1st Term, 1411 H.Curry Collage, BostonBoys
Abdullah Aish Mahmoud Dashash1st Term, 1411 H.Marine Engineering - Arab Academy for Science - AlexandriaBoys
Fahad Abdul Aziz Naqshbandi1st Term, 1411 H.Faculty of Engineering - King Abdulaziz UniversityBoys
Turki Mohsen Alawi Alsafi1st Term, 1411 H.I.S. East C.A. A pictureBoys
Zaher Saeb Wadee'a Al-Hosary1st Term, 1411 H.American University / LebanonBoys
Samer Ibrahim Youssef Kurdi1st Term, 1411 H.Boston University, BostonBoys
Taha Abdel Rahman Taha Bakhsh1st Term, 1411 H.Boston University, BostonBoys
Ali Mohammed Dib Ali Eid1st Term, 1411 H.Boston University, BostonBoys
Mohammed Wadee'a Mohammed Abdullah Jafri1st Term, 1411 H.Faculty of Science - King Abdulaziz UniversityBoys
Abdul Raouf Nour Ramadan Qutb1st Term, 1411 H.Faculty of Science - King Abdulaziz UniversityBoys
Hussein Ali Hussein bin Hamran1st Term, 1411 H.Faculty of commerce, Cairo UniversityBoys
Mohammed Abdul Rahman Al Rajhi1st Term, 1411 H.Faculty of Management - King Abdul Aziz UniversityBoys
Mohammed Abdullah Fadaaq1st Term, 1411 H.Faculty of Management - King Abdul Aziz UniversityBoys
Khaled Salem Nasser Bashel1st Term, 1411 H.Faculty of Management - King Abdul Aziz UniversityBoys
Ahmed Amal Ahmed Kandil1st Term, 1411 H.Newbury College, Brookline, M.A.Boys
Ali Suleiman Ali Mubarak Al Aswad1st Term, 1411 H.Faculty of Management - King Abdul Aziz UniversityBoys
Ali Saleh Ali Mubarak Al Aswad1st Term, 1411 H.Faculty of Management - King Abdul Aziz UniversityBoys
Mohamed Yousef Abdullah Sharbatly1st Term, 1411 H.Faculty of Management - King Abdul Aziz UniversityBoys
Hani Abdullah bin Bakr al - Qathami1st Term, 1411 H.School of Management - Lausanne - SwitzerlandBoys
Walid Ali Hussein bin Hamran1st Term, 1411 H.Faculty of Management - King Abdul Aziz UniversityBoys
Majid Abdullah Alitha Al Harbi2nd Term, 1411 H.King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals, DhahranBoys
Mohammed Abdullah Abdul Karim Arkobi2nd Term, 1411 H.North Carolina UniversityBoys
Ammar Abdel Rahman Bajsir2nd Term, 1411 H.B. C. The . University of Lausanne / SwitzerlandBoys
Ahmed Hisham Ali Reza2nd Term, 1411 H.Brown University, R.I. U.S.A.Boys
Saleh Suleiman Al Ali Al Aswad2nd Term, 1411 H.Boys
Waleed Abdul Aziz Jamil Abu Al-Enein2nd Term, 1411 H.Faculty of Management - King Abdul Aziz UniversityBoys
Abdul Rahman Faraj Saeed Al Mesaed2nd Term, 1411 H.Faculty of Management - King Abdul Aziz UniversityBoys
Ghassan Nabil Abdel Ilah Nassif1st Term, 1412 H.King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals, DhahranBoys
Ahmed Taj Ismail1st Term, 1412 H.Claremont Mckenna CollegeBoys
Ahmed Mohamed Ahmed Zidan1st Term, 1412 H.Pitzer College, Claremont, CaliforniaBoys
Ashraf Abdul Aziz Abu Al-Enein1st Term, 1412 H.Faculty of Environmental Designs - King Abdul Aziz UniversityBoys
Helmi Hamid Amin Neto1st Term, 1412 H.Faculty of Engineering - King Abdulaziz UniversityBoys
Reza Abdullah Mohammed Jamjoom1st Term, 1412 H.Faculty of Medicine - King Abdulaziz UniversityBoys
Raad Esmat Abdul Samad Al Saadi1st Term, 1412 H.Menlo Collage, CaliforniaBoys
Omar Ahmed Omar Massoud1st Term, 1412 H.King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals, DhahranBoys
Fadel Hisham Ali Reza1st Term, 1412 H.Rhode Island School, Rhode IslandBoys
Mohamed Ibrahim Asaad Hakim1st Term, 1412 H.Electrical Engineer - Electricity WesternBoys
Abdul Rahman Abdullah Al-Husaini1st Term, 1412 H.King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals, DhahranBoys
Fawaz Hazem bin Rajeh Al Ghaleb1st Term, 1412 H.University of Washington, SeattleBoys
Fayez of Khaled Faiz Al - Aswad1st Term, 1412 H.Colorado School of Mines, ColoradoBoys
Rakan Sami Mohammed Jamjoom1st Term, 1412 H.Faculty of Engineering - King Fahd University of Petroleum and MineralsBoys
Talal Mohammed Ali Al Tamimi1st Term, 1412 H.Brown University, R.I. U.S.A.Boys
Saleh Suleiman Al Ali Al Aswad1st Term, 1412 H.Boys
Waleed Abdul Aziz Jamil Abu Al-Enein1st Term, 1412 H.Faculty of Management - King Abdul Aziz UniversityBoys
Abdul Rahman Faraj Saeed Al Mesaed1st Term, 1412 H.Faculty of Management - King Abdul Aziz UniversityBoys
Ghassan Nabil Abdel Ilah Nassif1st Term, 1412 H.King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals, DhahranBoys
Tariq Saad Amin Ghazawi1st Term, 1412 H.Rhode Island School, Rhode IslandBoys
Mohamed Hamza Mahdi Ahmed1st Term, 1412 H.Electrical Engineering - Cairo UniversityBoys
Mamdouh Fahad Ahmed Al - Olayan1st Term, 1412 H.King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals, DhahranBoys
Hassan Yousef Hassan Nassif1st Term, 1412 H.Of Marine Sciences - King Abdulaziz UniversityBoys
Ahmed Kamal Sharbatly1st Term, 1412 H.American University - CairoBoys
Qusay Mohammed Hashem Bafaqih1st Term, 1412 H.Physical Education - Umm Al Qura UniversityBoys
Haytham Ismat Attar2nd Term, 1412 H.Management and Economics - King Abdulaziz UniversityBoys
Ahmed Ali Said Basemah2nd Term, 1412 H.Business College, Michigan Uni.Boys
Ahmed Youssef Ahmed Mohtasib2nd Term, 1412 H.Pitzer College, Claremont, CaliforniaBoys
Kamal Noureddine Abdel Ghafour2nd Term, 1412 H.Boys
Majed Abdel Rahman Al - Rasheed2nd Term, 1412 H.Pitzer College, Claremont, CaliforniaBoys
Wissam Hamed Ramadan Sindi2nd Term, 1412 H.King Abdulaziz UniversityBoys
Abdul Hamid Mohammed Qarmash2nd Term, 1412 H.Faculty of Administrative Sciences - Amman University - JordanBoys
Hani Ali Ahmed Bagshan2nd Term, 1412 H.Management and Economics - King Abdulaziz UniversityBoys
Sami Mohsen Al Huraibi2nd Term, 1412 H.English Language Institute - New Jersey - USABoys
Ashraf Hassan Abdullah Kamel2nd Term, 1413 H.Electrical EngineeringBoys
Turki Abdullah Mohammed Bakheider2nd Term, 1413 H.Kansas University EngineeringBoys
Sulaiman Saleh Al Ali Al Aswad2nd Term, 1413 H.Faculty of Engineering - King Abdulaziz UniversityBoys
Tarek Uday Farid Al Shawa2nd Term, 1413 H.Faculty of Engineering - King Abdulaziz UniversityBoys
Abdullah Omar Zuhair Hafez2nd Term, 1413 H.USABoys
Mazen Saad Amin Ghazawi2nd Term, 1413 H.Rhode Island School, Rhode IslandBoys
Mohamed Hassan Mohamed Mazhar2nd Term, 1413 H.King Abdulaziz UniversityBoys
Muammar Mustafa Ibrahim Ali Reza2nd Term, 1413 H.Rhode Island School, Rhode IslandBoys
Nasser Fahad Al - Sulaiman Al - Hamad Al - Sulaiman2nd Term, 1413 H.Computers Lawrencevill School, NJBoys
Hani Mohamed Said Yamani2nd Term, 1413 H.Engineering - King Fahd University of Petroleum and MineralsBoys
Khaled Mohammed Said Badr Eddin2nd Term, 1413 H.General Manager, BMGBoys
Adnan Nour Ahmed Jamal Aldin2nd Term, 1413 H.Boys
Amr Ahmed Sulaiman Banaga2nd Term, 1413 H.Saint Marcel School, USA.Boys
Amr Youssef Hassan Nassif2nd Term, 1413 H.Boys
Mohamed Hamed Omar Aqeel2nd Term, 1413 H.Boys
Wissam Fouad Issa Jamjoom2nd Term, 1413 H.Sciences of Marine - King Abdulaziz UniversityBoys
Thamer Dakhil Allah Abdullah Al Shareef2nd Term, 1413 H.Management and Economics - King Abdulaziz UniversityBoys
Ziad Mohammed Saleh Al Huraibi2nd Term, 1413 H.Management and Economics - King Abdulaziz UniversityBoys
Omar Bakr Abbas Khamis2nd Term, 1413 H.Management and Economics - King Abdulaziz UniversityBoys
Fawaz Dakhil Allah Abdullah Al Shareef2nd Term, 1413 H.Management and Economics - King Abdulaziz UniversityBoys
Louay Khaled Hamza Nahas2nd Term, 1413 H.USABoys
Mohamed Abdelkader Othman Hafez2nd Term, 1413 H.King Abdulaziz UniversityBoys
Mashaal Mohammed Abdul Aziz Al - Anqari2nd Term, 1413 H.Management and Economics - King Abdulaziz UniversityBoys
Ahmed Mahmoud Ahmed Zahid2nd Term, 1413 H.Franklin Pierce College, U.S.A.Boys
Anis Hassan Ahmed Dahlan2nd Term, 1413 H.King Abdulaziz UniversityBoys
Ashraf Adnan Mohamed Salama2nd Term, 1414 H.King Abdulaziz UniversityBoys
Ayman Ibrahim Mahmoud Al-Buhaisi2nd Term, 1414 H.Engineering - University of Dimont Fort - EnglandBoys
Bandar Mohammed Abdul Rahman Al-Rashid2nd Term, 1414 H.Engineering - Lawrence Iyer Community - AmericaBoys
Thamer Mohammed Bahaa Eddin Abdul Azim2nd Term, 1414 H.Boys
Jamil Seraj Jameel Zamzami2nd Term, 1414 H.Science - King Abdulaziz UniversityBoys
Jamil Hassan Ismail Ghaznawi2nd Term, 1414 H.Engineering - King Abdulaziz UniversityBoys
Hassan Yousef Abdel Monean Marghalani2nd Term, 1414 H.Faculty of Medicine - King Abdulaziz UniversityBoys
Hossam Mohammed Nizar Malaeka2nd Term, 1414 H.Engineering - King Abdulaziz UniversityBoys
Khaled Fahad Jaber Al Harthy2nd Term, 1414 H.Engineering - King Abdulaziz UniversityBoys
Ryan Saleh Omar Balkhi2nd Term, 1414 H.Management - University of JordanBoys
Alaa Abdullah Abdulzaher Abu Alsameh2nd Term, 1414 H.Engineering - King Abdulaziz UniversityBoys
Amr Hussein Hassan Abu Dawood2nd Term, 1414 H.Arizona State University, U.S.A.Boys
Khaled Fahad Jaber Al Harthy2nd Term, 1414 H.Engineering - King Abdulaziz UniversityBoys
Fahad Hassan Mohammed Anani2nd Term, 1414 H.Economics - Claremont University - AmericaBoys
Fahd Abdullah Bakr Tunisi2nd Term, 1414 H.Engineering - King Abdulaziz UniversityBoys
Louay Abdel Latif Omar Ghorab2nd Term, 1414 H.Boston University - AmericaBoys
Mazen Abdullah Mohammed Zarif2nd Term, 1414 H.Electronics - King Fahd University of PetroleumBoys
Nazih Jafar Mohammed Salah Jamjoom2nd Term, 1414 H.Engineering - Fordland University - USABoys
Nawaf Mohammed Saleh Jamjoom2nd Term, 1414 H.Engineering - University of Missouri - ColombiaBoys
Waseem Abdul Razzaq Mohammed Al-Baridi2nd Term, 1414 H.Brown University, USA.Boys
Yousef Abdel - Youssef Abu Jabara2nd Term, 1414 H.Engineering Claremont UniversityBoys
Abdullah Suleiman Al Ali Al Aswad2nd Term, 1414 H.Management - King Abdulaziz UniversityBoys
Abdullah Saleh Al Ali Al Aswad2nd Term, 1414 H.Management - King Abdulaziz UniversityBoys
Othman Abdul Rahman Othman Al-Husaini2nd Term, 1414 H.Newburg College, USA.Boys
Fahd Abdullah Ibrahim Al - Subaie2nd Term, 1414 H.Economy - King Abdulaziz UniversityBoys
Faisal Ahmed Zaki Yamani2nd Term, 1414 H.Oxford University, LondonBoys
Faisal bin Sultan bin Abdullah Al Faisal2nd Term, 1414 H.Lawrenceville School, N.J.Boys
Mostafa Mohamed Abdel Hafez Ben Shehoun2nd Term, 1414 H.English language - AmericaBoys
Nizar Abdel Rahman Hail Sa'ed2nd Term, 1414 H.Maryann College USA.A.Boys
Haitham Tawfiq Mohammed Nour Rahimi2nd Term, 1414 H.Underwriting Department - Islamic Corporation for Investment Insurance and Export Credit - Islamic Development Bank in JeddahBoys
Ahmed Hamza Mahdi Ahmed Omar2nd Term, 1414 H.EgyptBoys
Fahad Abdullah Al - Tayeb Al - Tayeb2nd Term, 1414 H.USABoys
Yasser Ali Hussein bin Hamran2nd Term, 1415 H.Boston University, USA.Boys
Abdul Rahman Ahmed Farid Al Azm2nd Term, 1415 H.General Manager of Nouran Lighting Technology (Technolite)Boys
Hamdy Ali Mostafa Jameel2nd Term, 1415 H.Economy - King Abdulaziz UniversityBoys
Mohamed Zuhair Abdel Hafiz Nawab2nd Term, 1415 H.Management - King Abdulaziz UniversityBoys
Reza Abdullah Omar Al-Esaei2nd Term, 1415 H.King Abdulaziz UniversityBoys
Faisal Omar Salim Bamherz2nd Term, 1415 H.Oxford Brooks United, KingdomBoys
Ahmed Mohamed Obaid bin Said bin Zaqr2nd Term, 1415 H.USA - Preparation - Cochin AcademyBoys
Bahaauddin Omar Bahaauddin Khashoqgi2nd Term, 1415 H.Texas Christian UniversityBoys
Baidar Ibrahim Yousef Shqdar2nd Term, 1415 H.King Fahd University of Petroleum and MineralsBoys
Sulaiman Sami Sulaiman Maqbool2nd Term, 1415 H.Roger Williams University U.K.Boys
Saeed Aqil Saeed Baqeel2nd Term, 1415 H.English language - AmericaBoys
Abbas Obaid Allah Abbas Al Ahmadi2nd Term, 1415 H.Faculty of Medicine - King Abdulaziz UniversityBoys
Abdul Azim Mohammed Mohsen Al-Esaei2nd Term, 1415 H.Pitzer College, USA.Boys
Obeid Ghazi Obeid Madani2nd Term, 1415 H.Mary mount, Uni. U.S.A.Boys
Abdullah Abdul Aziz Abdullah Kamel2nd Term, 1415 H.Engineering Boston University USA.A.Boys
Ammar Khaled Mohammed Ba Hazeq2nd Term, 1415 H.Engineering - King Fahd University of PetroleumBoys
Alaa Obaid Allah Abbas Al Ahmadi2nd Term, 1415 H.Chemical Engineering - Jubail Industrial College - JeddahBoys
Faisal Hamad Mohammed Al Shawi2nd Term, 1415 H.Engineering - King Abdulaziz UniversityBoys
Majed Mohammed Ali Abdullah Al - Dakhil2nd Term, 1415 H.Engineering - King Abdulaziz UniversityBoys
Khaled Abadi Saeed Saleh2nd Term, 1415 H.USABoys
Wissam Ahmed Mohamed Abdullah Al Merabi2nd Term, 1415 H.Engineering - Umm Al Qura UniversityBoys
Yasser Saleh Salem bin Mahfouz2nd Term, 1415 H.Boston University - PreparationBoys
Khaled Abdel Youssef Abu Jabara2nd Term, 1415 H.Pitzer College, Claremont, USA.Boys
Hamed Mohammed Hamid Hussein Fayez2nd Term, 1415 H.Johns Hopkins University, U.K.Boys
Nawaf Mohammed Mohammed Ali Yamani2nd Term, 1415 H.Northfield Mt Hermon, U.S.A.Boys
Talal Yousef Mohammed Iskandar2nd Term, 1415 H.Aviation Institute - Oklahoma CityBoys
Saher Adel Saber Lashin2nd Term, 1415 H.Faculty of Commerce - Ain Shams University - EgyptBoys
Nayef Sameer Mohamed Kamel Fayez2nd Term, 1415 H.Engineering - King Fahd University of PetroleumBoys
Bandar Abdullah Saad Al Sa'edi2nd Term, 1415 H.Engineering - King Fahd University of PetroleumBoys
Muhannad Nabil Abdul Aziz Khuqair2nd Term, 1415 H.Engineering - King Fahd University of PetroleumBoys
Ghassan Hamid Omar Awlaki2nd Term, 1415 H.Science - King Abdulaziz UniversityBoys
Taha Yassin Taha Khasifan2nd Term, 1415 H.University of California IrvineBoys
Yahya Sobhi Yahya Al Harthy2nd Term, 1415 H.Engineering - King Fahd University of PetroleumBoys
Sharaf Ahmed Zaki Yamani2nd Term, 1415 H.Tufts University, USA.Boys
Hossam Hassan Abdel Rahim Naser2nd Term, 1415 H.Liverpool, U.K.Boys
Makram Sobhi Abdul Jalil Batarjee2nd Term, 1415 H.Preparation stage - America - St.MirthhallBoys
Mohammed Saleh Ahmed Jubran2nd Term, 1415 H.Computer - Islamic UniversityBoys
Anwar Khalil Ibrahim Abdel Wahab2nd Term, 1415 H.Trade / American University / LebanonBoys
Mohamed Omar Zuhair Hafez2nd Term, 1415 H.Physics / King Fahd University of PetroleumBoys
Aslani Saleh Balendwing2nd Term, 1415 H.Boys
Ahmed Ismail Ismail Jabaili2nd Term, 1415 H.Faculty of Commerce / Ain Shams University / CairoBoys
Ali Roshdy Saleh Balendwing2nd Term, 1415 H.Boys
Majid Fahad Al - Sulaiman Al - Hamd Al - Sulaiman2nd Term, 1415 H.Boston University, USA.Boys
Hisham Mohamed Ali Abdelkader Hafez2nd Term, 1415 H.Dean College, Franklin, USA.Boys
Amin Salahuddin Mohammed Modeer2nd Term, 1416 H.Economics and Administration / King Abdulaziz UniversityBoys
Ziad Abdel Aziz Ahmed Hassan2nd Term, 1416 H.Boys
Sultan Ahmed Mohammed Al-Dini2nd Term, 1416 H.Boys
Issa Taha Abdullah Al-Mawri2nd Term, 1416 H.Hackney Communuty College U.k.Boys
Mohamed Osman Mohamed El Idrisi2nd Term, 1416 H.Boys
Monther Abdel Rahman Hail Sa'ed2nd Term, 1416 H.Assistant General Manager of United Carton IndustriesBoys
Nawaf bin Saud bin Mohammed bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud2nd Term, 1416 H.U.C. Santa BarbaraBoys
Anwar Amin Abdul Ghafoor Kashkari2nd Term, 1416 H.General Supervisor of "Abdul Ghafoor Amin & Partners".Boys
Bashir Nabil Abdel Ghafour Al - Sioufi2nd Term, 1416 H.University of Texas at ArlingtonBoys
Turki Mohamed Nour Omar Shanab2nd Term, 1416 H.Boys
Jihad Siraj Jamil Zamzami2nd Term, 1416 H.Boys
Ryan Mohammed Hamid Fayez2nd Term, 1416 H.Northfield Mt Herman, US.A.Boys
Salem Saad Salem Al Saeed Al Ghamdi2nd Term, 1416 H.Chemical Engineering / Aramco DhahranBoys
Samer Mohammed Saeed Attar2nd Term, 1416 H.Industrial Management King Fahad University of PetroleumBoys
Sultan Ibrahim Abdullah Al Sassi2nd Term, 1416 H.Boys
Sultan Salmeen Omar bin Mahfouz2nd Term, 1416 H.Engineering King Abdulaziz UniversityBoys
Talal Ahmed Abdul Sattar Al Khateeb2nd Term, 1416 H.King Abdulaziz UniversityBoys
Abdelkader Issa Alawi Al Haddad2nd Term, 1416 H.General Manager (Al Haddad Office for Trading & Contracting)Boys
Abdullah Mahmoud Mohammed Ba Hazeq2nd Term, 1416 H.Boys
Essam Aman Allah Mirza Alem2nd Term, 1416 H.Industrial Engineering & Systems Management / Waseda UniversityBoys
Ammar Jamal Othman Hafez2nd Term, 1416 H.Boys
Ammar Yousef Mustafa Yousef2nd Term, 1416 H.Economics and Administration King Abdulaziz UniversityBoys
Omar Hassan Amr Ajam2nd Term, 1416 H.Boys
Omar Abdel Aali Ali Al Harthy2nd Term, 1416 H.Boys
Faisal Hamza Mohammed Khashifati2nd Term, 1416 H.Engineering King Abdulaziz UniversityBoys
Faisal Mohammed Asaad Rahimi2nd Term, 1416 H.Boys
Mohamed Soliman Ahmed Moussalli2nd Term, 1416 H.Boys
Mohamed Farouq Ahmed Hewitt2nd Term, 1416 H.King Abdulaziz University DentistryBoys
Mohammed Mohsen Mohammed Hussein2nd Term, 1416 H.Boys
Mohammed Mohammed Amin Mohammed Al-Asfar2nd Term, 1416 H.Boys
Muhannad Mohammed Deeb Ali Eid2nd Term, 1416 H.Engineering Concordia University MontrealBoys
Nader Mohammed Ahmed Khairy2nd Term, 1416 H.Boys
Hani Abdel Aziz Soliman Radwan2nd Term, 1416 H.Faculty of Medicine King Abdulaziz UniversityBoys
Hisham Jalal Mohamed El Sherif2nd Term, 1416 H.Concordia Engineering CanadaBoys
Hisham Hamed Mohamed Mardini2nd Term, 1416 H.King Fahd University EngineeringBoys
Haitham Saeed Mohamed Mohamed Yousef2nd Term, 1416 H.Boys
Waseem Mohammed Ziauddin Abdeen2nd Term, 1416 H.Boys
Yousef Ibrahim Amin Al - Naser2nd Term, 1416 H.Boys
Mohamed Ibrahim Mohamed Massoud2nd Term, 1416 H.Boys
Tarek Adel Ibrahim Bushnak2nd Term, 1416 H.Claremont College USA.A.Boys
Yasser Mustafa Ibrahim Ali Reza2nd Term, 1416 H.Boys
Omran Mohammed Ahmed Zainal Ali Reza2nd Term, 1416 H.Boys
Tariq Adel Ibrahim Malaeka2nd Term, 1416 H.Boys
Ahmed Khaled Mohammed Rasem2nd Term, 1416 H.Boys
Mahmoud Sami Mahmoud Attar2nd Term, 1416 H.Boys
Bassam Sadad Ibrahim Islam2nd Term, 1416 H.Boys
Ghazi Nasser Al Abdali Al Sharif17/1418 H.King Abdulaziz UniversityBoys
Ahmed Saleh Tawfiq Sultan17/1418 H.Cairo University EngineeringBoys
Ahmed Ali Hamed Al Mihdhar17/1418 H.Mechanical Engineering King 'College LondonBoys
Ahmed Omar Siraj Abu Razizeh17/1418 H.Computer Science / California AmericaBoys
Al - Fadi Abdul Razzaq Mohammed Al - Baridi17/1418 H.Electrical Engineering Damascus UniversityBoys
Al - Hadi Abdul Razzaq Mohammed Al - Baridi17/1418 H.Electrical Engineering Damascus UniversityBoys
Ayman Omar Abdel Baqi Mohamed17/1418 H.University of Gezira University SudanBoys
Badr Ahmed Salem bin Mahfouz17/1418 H.Boys
Badr Habib Mohamed Ali Al Bakri17/1418 H.Japan A delegation from AramcoBoys
Badr Zuhair Hamid Fayez17/1418 H.Northfield Mt Herman, US.A.Boys
Bandar Abdullah Mohammed Al-Hamdan17/1418 H.Chemical Engineering King Fahd University of PetroleumBoys
Hassan Al-Moataz Billah Hassan Khashoqgi17/1418 H.Engineering University of the PacificBoys
Hassan Farouq Hassan Al - Sabahi17/1418 H.King Fahd University of Petroleum and MineralsBoys
Hamad Saeed Ali Juman17/1418 H.Boys
Khaled Mohammed Helmy Amjd Kotbee17/1418 H.Boys
Khalid Mohammed Fahad Mohammed Abdul Rahman Al Saud17/1418 H.King Abdulaziz UniversityBoys
Khaled Hammam Hassan Khashim17/1418 H.University of North Carolina charlotte / FinanceBoys
Radwan Ahmed Makki Abdul Manan17/1418 H.King Abdulaziz UniversityBoys
Samir Khaled Al - Turisi Al - Harbi17/1418 H.College of Health Sciences in JeddahBoys
Tarek Ihsan Abu Rajab Al-Tamimi17/1418 H.Faculty of Medicine / University of JordanBoys
Tariq Hussein Alsaid Ahmed17/1418 H.University of Applied Sciences / JordanBoys
Abdul Latif Bakr Abdul Latif Linjawi17/1418 H.Faculty of Medicine / King Abdulaziz UniversityBoys
Othman Abdullah Othman Al-Husaini17/1418 H.King Fahd University of Petroleum and MineralsBoys
Alaa Ahmed Aish Dashash17/1418 H.Engineering / Louisiana State UniversityBoys
Ali Ahmed Mohammed Al-Saqqaf17/1418 H.Boys
Omar Salem Omar Bugshan17/1418 H.Chemical Engineering / University of ColoradoBoys
Amr Zafer Saleh Al Omari17/1418 H.King Saud University, RiyadhBoys
Fares Abd - Youssef Abu Jubara17/1418 H.Boys
Faisal Omar Saeed Badiab17/1418 H.CanadaBoys
Kareem Amer Fouad Abbas17/1418 H.American University of BeirutBoys
Kareem Adnan Mahmoud Kadoura17/1418 H.Boys
Majid Ahmed Ibrahim Malaeka17/1418 H.Faculty of Science / Computer Sciences / King Abdulaziz UniversityBoys
Mazen Awad Asm17/1418 H.Boys
Mohammed Ahmed Ibrahim Al-Mesbahi17/1418 H.Department of Information Systems / AmericaBoys
Mohamed Abdel Rahman Mohamed Ghandour17/1418 H.Faculty of Engineering, University of KhartoumBoys
Mohamed Abdel Azim Hassan Ali Saada17/1418 H.Cairo University PharmacyBoys
Naif Abdullah bin Bakr al - Quthami17/1418 H.FranceBoys
Hisham Abdul Rahman Abdullah Al - Khuraiji17/1418 H.Systems Engineering / King Fahd University of PetroleumBoys
Wael Aman Allah Mirza Alem Bukhari17/1418 H.King Abdulaziz UniversityBoys
Waleed Mohammed Moeed Al Zahrani17/1418 H.Faculty of Science / King Abdulaziz UniversityBoys
Yousef Jalal Mohammed Al Shareef17/1418 H.Concordia University, CANADABoys
Ahmed Saud Ali Hafez17/1418 H.Boys
Bandar Abdul Mohsen Salman Al-Sumairi17/1418 H.College of Management / King Abdulaziz UniversityBoys
Turki Abdul Rahman Othman Al - Husaini17/1418 H.University of Petroleum and Minerals in DhahranBoys
Abdul Fattah Ibrahim Abdul Fattah Jlidan17/1418 H.Faculty of Management, King Abdulaziz UniversityBoys
Fahd Abdullah Saeed Al Ghamdi17/1418 H.Boys
Mohammed Ahmed Saeed Al Zahrani17/1418 H.University of Umm Al Qura UniversityBoys
Yazeed Abdul Rahman Mohammed Al - Ghamdi17/1418 H.Faculty of Management, King Abdulaziz UniversityBoys
Khalid bin Abdullah bin Faisal Al Saud17/1418 H.Boys
Badr Hisham Ahmed Youssef Zainal Ali Reza17/1418 H.Boys
Mohamed Ammar Maan Al - Qanna17/1418 H.Boys
Mohamed Faris Mahdi Balhajeela17/1418 H.Boys
Mohamed Issa Zakaria Bandaqgi17/1418 H.Washington CommunityBoys
Ahmed Omar Mohamed Waleed Diab17/1418 H.Boys
Hosny Abed Mohammed Hosni Qamma17/1418 H.Boys
Amer Fawzi Ahmed Al Haj17/1418 H.Boys
Hattan Saleh Ali Shobokshi17/1418 H.Boys
Khaled Mohammed Abdullah Zahid17/1418 H.Boys
Ahmed Mowafaq Ghayath Ghazal17/1418 H.Boys
Mazen Zuhair Mohamed Tabara17/1418 H.Boys
Hassan Khaled Abdel Rahim Al - Maina17/1418 H.Boys
Ibrahim Abdo Mohamed Dahab Abdo18/1419 H.Boys
Ahmed Jamil Mohammed Ali Farsi18/1419 H.Boys
Anmar Mohammed Hassan Suhail Tarabulsi18/1419 H.University of ArizonaBoys
Bilal Jamal Othman Hafez18/1419 H.King Abdulaziz University EngineeringBoys
Hatem Hassan Abdel Rahim Osman18/1419 H.Boys
Hatem Ghaleb Mohammed bin Laden *18/1419 H.Boys
Hazem Hassan Mohamed Saeed Kamal18/1419 H.Internal Security Officer - Border GuardBoys
Khaled Talal Khaled Idris18/1419 H.Boys
Khaled Moqbel abdulrahman Al - Moqbel Al - Otaibi18/1419 H.Boys
Khair Bilal Khairuddin Nabhani18/1419 H.Boys
Raji Rashed Mohammad Raji Al Tabashi18/1419 H.Boys
Rakan Reza Hassan Khalifa18/1419 H.Boys
Sari Nahed Mohsen Al Harthy18/1419 H.Boys
Saud Iyad Amin Madani18/1419 H.Boys
Sultan Hassan Omar Attar18/1419 H.Boys
Tarek Abdul Aziz Hassan Fada18/1419 H.Boys
Abdul Mahfouz Salem bin Mahfouz18/1419 H.Boys
Abdul Aziz Ahmed Farid18/1419 H.Boys
Abdul Aziz Rashad Mohammed Feqi18/1419 H.Systems Engineering / King Fahd University of PetroleumBoys
Abdullah Zaki Mohammed Ali Farsi18/1419 H.Boys
Abdullah Omar Mohammed bin Laden18/1419 H.Boys
Abdullah Fouad Abdullah Akbar18/1419 H.Boys
Abdullah Mohammed Ali Hafez18/1419 H.Boys
Abdul Aziz Bakr Mohammed bin Laden18/1419 H.Boys
Alaa Omar Mohammed Bahatab18/1419 H.Boys
Ali Mohamed Ashraf Tombi18/1419 H.Boys
Ammar Yousef Bakr Tunisi18/1419 H.Boys
Omar Ibrahim Mahmoud Al Buhaisi18/1419 H.Boys
Omar Eidroos Hassan Al - Isaei18/1419 H.Boys
Amr Amer Fouad Abbas18/1419 H.Science / American University / BeirutBoys
Awad Salem Awad Salem18/1419 H.Faculty of Medicine, University of ScienceBoys
Fadi Abdullah Bakr Tunisian18/1419 H.Faculty of Medicine, King Abdulaziz UniversityBoys
Fahd Mohammed Abdullah Al - Anqari18/1419 H.Boys
Karim Talal Khaled Idris18/1419 H.Boys
Majed Mohammed Ali Hassan Ekhwan18/1419 H.Boys
Mazen Bakr Abdul Latif Linjawi18/1419 H.Boys
Mazen Hassan Al - Banna Mustafa Al-Alem18/1419 H.Boys
Mazen Khaled Ibrahim Gleidan18/1419 H.Boys
Mohammed Ahmed Mohamed Issa18/1419 H.Boys
Mohammed Samir Mohammed Abbas18/1419 H.Boys
Mohamed Abdel Fattah Ali Hafez18/1419 H.Boys
Mohammed Abdul Rahman Ibrahim Al-Sanee18/1419 H.Boys
Mohamed Fathy Taleb Ismail18/1419 H.Boys
Mahmoud Hisham Ahmed Moussalli18/1419 H.Boys
Mohiuddin Saleh Abdullah Kamel18/1419 H.Boys
Mustafa Mohamed Amin Kassem Taleb18/1419 H.Engineering / King Fahd University of Petroleum and MineralsBoys
Mosaab Abdel Malek Abdulla Mohammed18/1419 H.Boys
Molahem Fahad Mohammed Ali Ghazzawi18/1419 H.Technology & Designer, U.K.Boys
Mansour Abdullah Ibrahim Al - Subaie18/1419 H.Boys
Nasser Sharaf Nasser Al Abdali Al Sharif18/1419 H.u.s.f.Boys
Haitham Ibrahim Abdel Hamid Alem18/1419 H.Boys
Waseem Walid Bashir Hashim18/1419 H.Boys
Ibrahim Faisal Ahmed Bashnaq19/1420 H.Boys
Ahmed Hassan Abdullah Kamel19/1420 H.Boys
Ahmed Ali Zain El Abidine Mohamed Hussein19/1420 H.Boys
Ahmed Mohamed Kamal Idris19/1420 H.Boys
Asaad Tariq Abdel Wahab Ismail19/1420 H.Faculty of Science King Abdulaziz UniversityBoys
Amin Ahmed Saeed Hassan Al Zahrani19/1420 H.Boys
Ayman Garmallah Abdullah Al Zahrani19/1420 H.Boys
Ayham Mohammed Ziauddin Abdeen19/1420 H.Boys
Badr Othman Mohamed Salah Jamjoom19/1420 H.Boys
Thamer Ahmed Awad Ajlan19/1420 H.King Fahd University of Petroleum and MineralsBoys
Hassan Abdel Aziz Jamil Abu Al Enein19/1420 H.Boys
Hassan Ali Salem bin Yameen19/1420 H.Boys
Hassan Nabil Hassan Issa Alhartani19/1420 H.Boys
Hamza Issa Mohammed bin Laden *19/1420 H.Boys
Hamoud Abdullah Hamoud Al - Shuaieer19/1420 H.Boys
Rayan Saeed Omar Qassem Al-Issaie19/1420 H.Boys
Saad Osama Ibrahim Gleidan19/1420 H.Boys
Saud bin Abdullah bin Mansour bin Jalawi Al Saud19/1420 H.Boys
Saeed Ali Saeed Basemah19/1420 H.Boys
Saleh Ahmed Saleh Hassanein19/1420 H.Boys
Abdul Aziz Nabil Abdul Aziz Khuqair19/1420 H.Boys
Abdullah Omar Abdullah Jefri19/1420 H.Boys
Abdullah Fahad Abdullah Al-Anqari19/1420 H.Boys
Abdul Wahab Mohammed Manar Al - Tahhan19/1420 H.Boys
Alaa Ahmed Jamil Zaqzouq19/1420 H.Boys
Ammar Ahmed Mohammed Al-Nuweiser19/1420 H.King Fahd University of PetroleumBoys
Ammar Samir Abdul Mohsen Khashoqgi19/1420 H.Boys
Omar Mohammed Ali Zaki Al Tamimi19/1420 H.Boys
Amr Abdullah Thanyan Al - Subaie19/1420 H.Boys
Amr Abdullah Suleiman Manna19/1420 H.Boys
Ghaith Yasin Taha Khasifan19/1420 H.Boys
Fadi Fayez Jameel Zaqzouq19/1420 H.Boys
Faisal Ibrahim Saad Al-Ghamdi19/1420 H.Boys
Faisal Abdul Rahman Othman Al - Husaini19/1420 H.Boys
Majed Khaled Ahmed Baghlaf19/1420 H.Boys
Majed Mohammed Ali Al - Ghalayini19/1420 H.Boys
Mazen Adnan Abdul Muti Merdad19/1420 H.Boys
Mohamed Ahmed Abdelkader Shenawi19/1420 H.Boys
Mohamed Jalal Mohamed Al Sherif19/1420 H.Boys
Mohammed Sami Hamid Fayez19/1420 H.In school in AmericaBoys
Mohamed Tarek Mohsen Al-Baghdadi19/1420 H.Boys
Mohammed Adnan Mohammed Dogan19/1420 H.Boys
Mohammed Hani Ahmed Jamjoom19/1420 H.Boys
Mahmoud Yahya Mohamed Saeed Sakka19/1420 H.Boys
Mashaal Tariq Nasser Al - Aqeel19/1420 H.Boys
Molhem Abdelkader Mohammed Ali Al - Bakri19/1420 H.Boys
Nami Mohammad Mohammad Ali Al Yamani19/1420 H.Boys
Hashem Ali Abdullah Al - Isaei19/1420 H.Boys
Hani Abdullah Bakr Radwan19/1420 H.Boys
Wael Mohammed Saber Ismail Alloush19/1420 H.Boys
Waseem Mohammed Assem Mohammed Al Khatib19/1420 H.Boys
Yasser Issam Ali Khaja19/1420 H.Boys
Yahya Fahad Yahya Al - Ghamdi19/1420 H.Boys
Bandar Ghassan Ahmed Al - Sulaiman19/1420 H.Boys
Saud Ghassan Ahmed Sulaiman19/1420 H.Boys
Sanan Esmat Abdul Samad Al Saadi19/1420 H.Boys
Tameem Hosny Mohamed Fouad Qutb19/1420 H.Boys
Faisal Saleh Ali Al - Turki19/1420 H.Boys
Khaled Mohamed Walid Idris19/1420 H.Boys
Abdelkader Mohamed Al - Fadl19/1420 H.Boys
Adnan Saleh Abdullah Al - Amoudi19/1420 H.Boys
Ibrahim Mazen Abu Al - Huda Khashoqgi20/1421 H.Boys
Ahmed Khaled Mohamed Allam20/1421 H.Boys
Hassan Mohamed Munser Al - Isaei20/1421 H.Boys
Al - Muthanna Theeb Kheder Jassim20/1421 H.Boys
Amin Abdel Rahman Al Masri20/1421 H.Boys
Turki Mansour Ahmed Al Zahrani20/1421 H.Boys
Hatem Abdullah Mohammed Bakheider20/1421 H.Boys
Sultan Jamal Nasser Al - Aqeel20/1421 H.Boys
Sultan Mohammed Abdullah Al-Anqari20/1421 H.Boys
Sanad Hussein Mohsen Al Harthy20/1421 H.Boys
Tarek Ibrahim Mohamed Al Shafei20/1421 H.Boys
Abed Wajdi Mustafa Al - Fishawi20/1421 H.Hally barton/sprry-sunBoys
Kassem Darwish Qasem Darwish20/1421 H.Boys
Majd Mohammed Assem Al - Khatib20/1421 H.Boys
Mohamed Ismail Ismail Jebiali20/1421 H.Boys
Mohammed Saleh bin Mohammed bin Laden20/1421 H.Boys
Mohammed Abdullah bin Bakr Al - Qathami20/1421 H.Boys
Meshary Zuhair Zahran20/1421 H.Boys
Nidal Ahmed Mohammed Bukhari20/1421 H.Boys
Ahmed Ibrahim Abdel Wahab Bahrawi20/1421 H.Boys
Ahmed Hussein Hassan Abu Dawood20/1421 H.Boys
Ameen Adnan Mohammed Rashid Jamjoom20/1421 H.Boys
Badr Mansour Abdul Rahman Al - Muqbel20/1421 H.Boys
Hossam Abdul Aziz Jamil Hejazi20/1421 H.Boys
Tariq Mehrez Mustafa Tiba20/1421 H.Boys
Abdul Rahman Omar Abdullah Baflah20/1421 H.Boys
Abdullah Sami Suliman Maqbool20/1421 H.Boys
Abdullah Amr Mostafa Darwish20/1421 H.Boys
Faisal Tarif Hashim Zawawi20/1421 H.Boys
Mazen Bakr Hassan Al - Booq20/1421 H.Boys
Mohammed Ali Hassan Bukhari20/1421 H.Boys
Mohammed Nahed Mohsen Al Harthy20/1421 H.Boys
Mohammed Riyad Yousef Saeed20/1421 H.Boys
Mohamed Hisham Ahmed Moussalli20/1421 H.Boys
Mohammed Yahya Sorour Alzaidi20/1421 H.Boys
Moataz Youssef Ibrahim Bukhari20/1421 H.Boys
Molhem Nabil Abdul Aziz Khuqair20/1421 H.Boys
Nayel Mashoor Faisal Al Harthy20/1421 H.Boys
Wissam Mohamed Manar El Tahan20/1421 H.Boys
Ahmed Saeed Ali Al-Ghamdi20/1421 H.Boys
Osama Abdel Badea Khaled Abdel Basset20/1421 H.Boys
Ashraf Mohammed Obaid Ba Qatian20/1421 H.Boys
Hussein Mohammed Al Amoudi20/1421 H.Boys
Khaled Walid Yousef Jamjoom20/1421 H.Boys
Raed Essam Omar Quds20/1421 H.Boys
Abdul Bari Issa Alawi Al - Haddad20/1421 H.Boys
Abdullah Hassan Abdullah Nazer20/1421 H.Boys
Abdullah Zuhair Hamid Fayez20/1421 H.Boys
Abdullah Yousef Ahmed Mahtasib20/1421 H.Boys
Othman Ahmed Abu Bakr Al Amoudi20/1421 H.Boys
Faris Ghazi Saleh Hassanein20/1421 H.Boys
Faisal Sharaf Nasser Al Abdali20/1421 H.Boys
Majed Assaad Jameel Allaf20/1421 H.Boys
Mohamed Hamza Ibrahim Abu Shal20/1421 H.Boys
Mohammed Khader Khaled Faraj20/1421 H.Boys
Moutassem Tarek Farouk Jamjoom20/1421 H.Boys
Wael Mansour Meshal Al Saud20/1421 H.Boys
Yasser Khaled Mohammed Ba Hazeq20/1421 H.Boys
Ibrahim Ahmed Salem Ba Mehrez20/1421 H.Boys
Ahmed Mohammed Naji Al-Jahmi20/1421 H.Boys
Ahmed Mahdi Saleh Bal-Hajjila20/1421 H.Boys
Ahmed Maurice Belize20/1421 H.Boys
Ali Hassan Mohammed Al - Shawaf20/1421 H.Boys
Fares Ali Hussein bin Hamran20/1421 H.Boys
Faisal Issam Ahmed Darwish20/1421 H.Boys
Salik Chaudhry Shujaati Hussein20/1421 H.Boys
Mohamed Salem Abdel Haq Abdullah20/1421 H.Boys
Mohamed Ghassan Abdelkader Bakri20/1421 H.Boys
Mustafa Maurice Belize20/1421 H.Boys
Nahar Tarek Al - Hawzan20/1421 H.Boys
Youssef Mohamed Saad Yamani20/1421 H.Boys
Ebba Abdul Maksoud Khoja20/1421 H.Boys
Bashar Hussein Khader Al Shami20/1421 H.Boys
Ibrahim Ahmed Ibrahim Malaeka21/1422 H.Boys
Ahmed Salem Omar Bugshan21/1422 H.Boys
Ahmed Othman Mohamed Salah Jamjoom21/1422 H.Boys
Ahmed Fouad Abdul Hamid Ankawi21/1422 H.Boys
Anas Mohammed Ahmed Zidan21/1422 H.Boys
Anas Mohammed Khalil Abdul Razzaq Dahlawi21/1422 H.Boys
Anas Omar Abdul Rahman Al Omari21/1422 H.Boys
Turki Nawaf Abdul Rahman Al - Sudairy21/1422 H.Boys
Tamer Abdul Jalil Saud Abdul Rahim21/1422 H.Boys
Tamer Mohamed Saeed Siraj Kaki21/1422 H.Boys
Hatem Ahmed Taha Khayat21/1422 H.Boys
Hassan Abdullah Habib Allah Juma21/1422 H.Boys
Hussein Abdullah Hussein Basalamah21/1422 H.Boys
Khaled Mahmoud Al - Issawi21/1422 H.Boys
Khaled Afif Mohammed Al Amoudi21/1422 H.Boys
Khalil Ibrahim Zuhair Sheikh Abu Ali21/1422 H.Boys
Sari Khaled Hashim Naqero21/1422 H.Boys
Saud Abdullah Bakr Al - Quthami21/1422 H.Boys
Saif Salah Eddin Mohamed Amin Modeer21/1422 H.Boys
Saleh bin Mazen Abdel Razzaq Balila21/1422 H.Boys
Safwan Salah Eddin Mohamed Amin Modeer21/1422 H.Boys
Suhaib Marwan Ahmed Jamjoom21/1422 H.Boys
Abd Elah Ahmed Mohamed Mazhar21/1422 H.Boys
Abdulhamid Mohammed Saleh Mohammed Aradawi21/1422 H.Boys
Abdul Rahman Abdullah Saad Al - Maghdhawi21/1422 H.Boys
Abdul Aziz Ali Abdullah Al - Isaei21/1422 H.Boys
Abdul Aziz Abdullah Omar Qassem Al - Isaei21/1422 H.Boys
Abdullah Ahmed Ashour21/1422 H.Boys
Abdullah Saleh Al - Masoudi21/1422 H.Boys
Abd Allah Fayez Mad Allah Mattar Abd Rabo21/1422 H.Boys
Othman Mohamed Othman Al-Husaini21/1422 H.Boys
Alaa Mohamed Nour Siddiq Nour Elahi21/1422 H.Boys
Ali Omar Abdullah Jefri21/1422 H.Boys
Ali Mashhour Ali Al - Mudoudi21/1422 H.Boys
Amr Atef Amr Al - Shehri21/1422 H.Boys
Qusay Nizar Qusay Ziauddin Shehab21/1422 H.Boys
Majed Ismail Mohammed Al - Rawi21/1422 H.Boys
Majed Abdul Mohsen Salman Al - Sumairi21/1422 H.Boys
Mazen Farouk Ahmed Hewitt21/1422 H.Boys
Maher Ahmed Othman Al Amoudi21/1422 H.Boys
Mohamed Abdel Aziz Mohamed Youssef21/1422 H.Boys
Mohammed Abdullah Jalal Abu Faraj21/1422 H.Boys
Mohammed Saleh Balendung Abdul Rahman21/1422 H.Boys
Mohamed Fayez Mohamed Fawaz Fayez Semsemieh21/1422 H.Boys
Mohammed Muayad Abdul Qader Tarabishi21/1422 H.Boys
Mashaal Yahya Sorour Al Zaidi21/1422 H.Boys
Mustafa Malik Radwan Al Ghaleb Al Sharif21/1422 H.Boys
Muhannad Mustafa Talaat Shbair21/1422 H.Boys
Haytham Riad Youssef Saeed21/1422 H.Boys
Wael Garmallah Abdullah Al Zahrani21/1422 H.Boys
Yousef Abdullah Bakr Radwan21/1422 H.Boys
Sultan Subhi Abdul Jalil Batterjee21/1422 H.Boys
Ibrahim Youssef Ahmed Muhtasib21/1422 H.Boys
Faris Esmat Abdul Samad Al - Saedi21/1422 H.Boys
Fahd Talal Khaled Idris21/1422 H.Boys
Mashhour Mahdi Mohammed Saleh Balhajila21/1422 H.Boys
Hashem Mohammed Abdullah Sharbatli21/1422 H.Boys
Hani Yassin Ibrahim Ali Reza21/1422 H.Boys
Ahmed Abdel Aziz Jamil Hegazy22/1423 H.Boys
Ahmed Abdel Rahman Abdel Qader Mahairi22/1423 H.Boys
Amin Ali Abdullah Al-Esaei22/1423 H.Boys
Badr Mohammed Ali Al-Esaei22/1423 H.Boys
Tamim Mohamed Sharif Mohamed Orabi22/1423 H.Boys
Hossam Riad Youssef Saeed22/1423 H.Boys
Khaled Sami Hamed Fayez22/1423 H.Boys
Rayan Abdel Karim Yahya Manchi22/1423 H.Boys
Ryan Ghazi Saleh Hassanein22/1423 H.Boys
Sahal Mansour Abdul Rahman Al Suhaimi22/1423 H.Boys
Tariq Mohammed Saleh Ahmed Kamal22/1423 H.Boys
Assem Khaled Ali Al-Esaei22/1423 H.Boys
Abdul Hamid Reza Abdul Hamid Jada22/1423 H.Boys
Abdel Razzaq Mazen Abdel Razzaq Balila22/1423 H.Boys
Abdul Aziz Abdul Qader Aboud Al Amoudi22/1423 H.Boys
Abdul Aziz Abdullah Othman Al-Husaini22/1423 H.Boys
Abdul Aziz Adnan Hassan Sharbatly22/1423 H.Boys
Abdul Aziz Aidroos Hassan Al-Esaei22/1423 H.Boys
Abdullah Idaruss Hussein Baroum22/1423 H.Boys
Abdullah Abadi Saeed Saleh22/1423 H.Boys
Abdullah Abdul Aziz Abdullah Mohammed Al Sufi22/1423 H.Boys
Alaa Omar Abdullah Jefri22/1423 H.Boys
Fares Bandar Abdul Mohsin Bin Jibrin22/1423 H.Boys
Firas Mohammed Ali Hassan Ekhwan22/1423 H.Boys
Fahad Abdul Qader Abdullah Rajab22/1423 H.Boys
Mohammed Ahmed Saleh Hassanein22/1423 H.Boys
Mohamed Ahmed Mohamed Aref Kensara22/1423 H.Boys
Mohamed Aman Allah Merza Alem Bukhari22/1423 H.Boys
Moataz Mohamed Gamal Al Din Gabr Ahmed22/1423 H.Boys
Nader Ahmed Awad Ajlan22/1423 H.Boys
Hani Ali Abdullah Safar Al - Ghamdi22/1423 H.Boys
Walid Khaled Mohammed Al Nahdi22/1423 H.Boys
Yasser Mohamed Nour Siddiq Nour Elahi22/1423 H.Boys
Sari Saud Al - Sabban22/1423 H.Boys
Salem Mohammed Salem Bakhshwain22/1423 H.Boys
Siraj Mahmoud Siraj Kandil22/1423 H.Boys
Saud Aslam Siddiqui22/1423 H.Boys
Sultan Mohammed Abdullah Zahed22/1423 H.Boys
Ali Hassan Ali Naghi22/1423 H.Boys
Ammar Ghassan Abdel Qader Bakri22/1423 H.Boys
Omar Ahmed Abdel Qader Baashen22/1423 H.Boys
Majed Darwish Kassem Darwish22/1423 H.Boys
Malek Mohammed Walid Idris22/1423 H.Boys
Mohammed Ahmed Jamal Jawa22/1423 H.Boys
Mohieddin Abdel Fattah Mohieddin Nazer22/1423 H.Boys
Muhannad Haidar Mohammed bin Laden22/1423 H.Boys
Ahmed Abdullah Bakr Radwan23/1424 H.Engineering - George Washington UniversityBoys
Ahmed Mansour Ahmed Al - Hasani Al - Zahrani23/1424 H.Faculty of Medicine - University of JordanBoys
Ahmed Zaki Abdul Aziz Abdullah Kamel23/1424 H.College of Law (SOAS) UKBoys
Osama Mohammed Fawaz Semsemieh23/1424 H.Faculty of Medicine - University of JordanBoys
Mohanad Zuhair Ahmed Zahran23/1424 H.Faculty of Engineering (AUC) LebanonBoys
Hamid Mohammed Ali Hafez23/1424 H.Faculty of Engineering - University of AlmalkfhdBoys
Khaled Hassan Abdullah Baroum23/1424 H.IT & Mt (Reading) LondonBoys
Saud Abdel Aziz Abbas Hewitt23/1424 H.Faculty of Engineering King Fahad UniversityBoys
Suhaib Tarek Abdul Hamid Qomash23/1424 H.Engineering - King Fahd UniversityBoys
Abdul Rahman Ahmed Mohammed Baashen23/1424 H.Business Administration - American University - SharjahBoys
Abdul Rahman Bakr Hassan Ali Al-Booq23/1424 H.King Abdulaziz UniversityBoys
Abdul Rahman Yahya Mohammed bin Laden23/1424 H.College of Business Administration - Saudi ArabiaBoys
Abdul Aziz Alaa Abdul Aziz Qandil23/1424 H.IT (AUB) LebanonBoys
Abdullah Mohammed Abdullah Hashim23/1424 H.Faculty of Engineering King Fahad UniversityBoys
Ali Mohammed Yahya Ali Radwan23/1424 H.Faculty of Engineering King Abdul Aziz UniversityBoys
Mohamed Ibrahim Amin Al Nasr23/1424 H.Faculty of Pharmacy - IraqBoys
Mohammed Saleh Mohammed Mubarak23/1424 H.Faculty of Engineering - University of JordanBoys
Muhannad Saleh Mohammed Al - Sayegh Al - Dosari23/1424 H.Faculty of Pharmacy - King Abdul Aziz UniversityBoys
Meyser Hussein Saeed Bahri23/1424 H.Business UKBoys
Nasser Jameel Mohammed Ali Farsi23/1424 H.Faculty of Engineering - King Abdulaziz UniversityBoys
Hattan Mohammed Ibrahim Hashem Naqero23/1424 H.Boys
Yasser Ahmed Mohamed Al-Nawaiser23/1424 H.Faculty of Engineering - King Fahd UniversityBoys
Ahmed Hassan Abdullah Al Amoudi23/1424 H.Business Administration - American University - SharjahBoys
Ahmed Youssef Mohamed Salah Jamjoom23/1424 H.Business ManagementBoys
Ahmed Ali Ahmed Bamas23/1424 H.Engineering - American University - SharjahBoys
Bakr Faisal Bakr Tunisi23/1424 H.Rights - King Abdulaziz UniversityBoys
Hussein Yousef Abdel Monean Marghalani23/1424 H.Dentistry - King Abdulaziz UniversityBoys
Rayan Mohammed Inayat Allah Inaya23/1424 H.Medical Sciences - Umm Al Qura UniversityBoys
Abdul Aziz Ahmed Abdullah Ashour23/1424 H.Engineering - American University - LebanonBoys
Abdul Aziz Ahmed Nasser Bashel23/1424 H.Engineering - King Abdulaziz UniversityBoys
Abdullah Saeed Abdullah Al - Farah Al - Ghamdi23/1424 H.CopyrightBoys
Mohammed Jamal Nasser Al - Aqeel23/1424 H.College of Business Administration - Saudi ArabiaBoys
Mohammed Hassan Mohammed Jamil Dahlawi23/1424 H.Boys
Mohammed Saeed Ali Al-Ghamdi23/1424 H.Faculty of Medicine King Abdulaziz UniversityBoys
Mohammed Zafer Saleh Sultan Al amri23/1424 H.Faculty of Sciences King Abdulaziz UniversityBoys
Mohamed Amr Mohamed Darwish23/1424 H.Faculty of Engineering - King Abdulaziz UniversityBoys
Mohamed Mohsen Alawi Alsafi23/1424 H.Faculty of Law King Abdulaziz UniversityBoys
Mohamed Moeenuddin Mohamed Ismail Chaudhry23/1424 H.College of Business Administration - Saudi ArabiaBoys
Mohammed Tayseer Mustafa Rajai Al Takhin23/1424 H.Dentistry - Science - EgyptBoys
Muhannad Ali Ahmed Buqshan23/1424 H.College of Business Administration - Saudi ArabiaBoys
Haitham Mohammed Bashir Abdel Karim23/1424 H.Engineering - Science and Technology - EgyptBoys
Yousef Yaser Yousef Naghi23/1424 H.Bournemouth-South EnglandBoys
Yousef Mohammed Yousef Abu Zenada23/1424 H.Faculty of Medicine King Abdulaziz UniversityBoys
Bandar Hosny Mohamed Qutb23/1424 H.University of Atlantic - Florida - AmericaBoys
Anthar Kamran Abdul Rahman Shida23/1424 H.Riverside College - Los AngelesBoys
Khaled Ghassan Ahmed Al - Sulaiman23/1424 H.American University - Sharjah AdvertisingBoys
Tariq Shaker Mohamed Idris23/1424 H.American University of SharjahBoys
Abdul Mohsin Salem Bakhshwain23/1424 H.American University - BeirutBoys
Omar Kamran Abdul Rahman Shida23/1424 H.Riverside College - Los AngelesBoys
Mohammed Barakat Abdul Basit Bajuniad23/1424 H.Engineering - American University - SharjahBoys
Mahmoud Abdulqader Othman Hafez23/1424 H.Progin Institute of Languages ​​- Rome - ItalyBoys
Mansour Yasin Ibrahim Ali Reza23/1424 H.Engineering - 6th of October - EgyptBoys
Hashem Safwan Hashim Zawawi23/1424 H.American University - BeirutBoys
Rakan Saad Ali Al Shehri24/1425 H.Dentistry - University of Science - JordanBoys
Salman Samir Bakr Radwan24/1425 H.LondonBoys
Salman Fadel Mohammed Saleh Kamal24/1425 H.College of Business Administration CBABoys
Abdul Aziz Khalid Abdullah Al Saud24/1425 H.Boys
Ali Zuhair Abdullah Mufti24/1425 H.Engineering - King Fahd University of PetroleumBoys
Amr Zuhair Hamid Fayez24/1425 H.Engineering - University of Colorado / AmericaBoys
Farouk Abdel Aziz Mohamed Ali Abdel Aal24/1425 H.California - AmericaBoys
Mohamed Hassan El Banna Mostafa Al Alam24/1425 H.Engineering - King Abdulaziz UniversityBoys
Mohammed Saeed Omar Qasem Al-Issaie24/1425 H.Business Administration - CBABoys
Mohammed Yasin Mohammed Bakhit24/1425 H.Dentistry - University of Science - JordanBoys
Yasser Abdullah Mohammed Bakhudair24/1425 H.Engineering - King Fahd UniversityBoys
Yousef Ibrahim Yousef Shakdar24/1425 H.Business Administration - CBABoys
Ibrahim Abdel Sadek Othman Naser24/1425 H.Boys
Ahmed Essam Ahmed Shata24/1425 H.Engineering - American University - BeirutBoys
Hassan Ramez Mahmoud Halabi24/1425 H.Engineering - American University - BeirutBoys
Rayan Mohamed Gamal El Din Gabr Abdel Mohsen24/1425 H.Engineering - King Abdulaziz UniversityBoys
Saad Abdullah Saad Mohammed Al Saud24/1425 H.Engineering - King Fahd University of PetroleumBoys
Abdul Ilah Saud bin Mohammed Al Saud24/1425 H.Oxford - LondonBoys
Abdel Ilah Samir Abdel Aziz Kaaki24/1425 H.King Abdulaziz UniversityBoys
Abdul Mohsen Walid Abdul Mohsen Al Saud24/1425 H.Boys
Mohammed Abdullah Omar Qassim Al - Issaie24/1425 H.Business Administration - CBABoys
Mohammed Abdullah Bakr Radwan24/1425 H.Washington - AmericaBoys
Mohamed Hisham Khalil Siraj Abou Al Naga24/1425 H.Engineering - King Abdulaziz UniversityBoys
Mansour Mohamed Saleh Ahmed Kamal24/1425 H.Business Administration - CBABoys
Yousef Sami Hamed Fayez24/1425 H.Engineering - Seattle - AmericaBoys
Aws Mohamed Ahmed Zidan25/1426 H.America(scholarship)Boys
Jawad Abdul Ghani Abdul Rahim Al Shamali25/1426 H.The University of Manchester ,BritainBoys
Hassan Khaled Jamal Jawa25/1426 H.Royal Holloway, University of LondonBoys
Khalid Ahmed Jamal bin Hassan Jawa25/1426 H.The European Business SchoolBoys
Khaled Adnan Abdel Fattah Sofie25/1426 H.State University , AmericaBoys
Rajeh Khalid Malik Al Ghaleb Al Sharif25/1426 H.University of San FranciscoBoys
Abdullah Samir Mustafa Sunbal25/1426 H.BritainBoys
Hattan Mohammed Safwan Jeneid Bajeneid25/1426 H.Boston , AmericaBoys
Hisham Abdullah Suleiman Manna25/1426 H.The University of NottinghamBoys
Ahmed Khader Khaled Faraj25/1426 H.King Fahd University of PetroleumBoys
Anas Younis Hussein Alhartani25/1426 H.American University of SharjahBoys
Hassan Abdel Hadi Hassan Taher25/1426 H.The University of Manchester ,BritainBoys
Sultan Mohammed Omar Nasser25/1426 H.Langara College , CanadaBoys
Suhail Tariq Abdul Hamid Qomash25/1426 H.ArmcoBoys
Abdul Rahman Faisal Hassan Abed25/1426 H.Washington DC – America(scholarship)Boys
Abdul Aziz Samir Abdel Aziz Kaaki25/1426 H.American University of BeirutBoys
Abdelkader Mohamed Hani Bakry25/1426 H.King Abdul Aziz University, Science CollegeBoys
Abdul Wahab Mohammed Ali Al-Esaei25/1426 H.American University of DubaiBoys
Omar Mohamed Said Shalhoub25/1426 H.King Abdul Aziz University, Medical CollageBoys
Majed Mansour Ahmed Al Zahrani25/1426 H.King Abdul Aziz University, Medical CollageBoys
Majed Hashem Abdullah Hashim25/1426 H.Community CollegeBoys
Nayef Darwish Qasem Darwish25/1426 H.The International University in GenevaBoys
Nawaf Farah Al - Ghamdi25/1426 H.King Abdul Aziz University, Medical CollegeBoys
Yousef Abdel Rahman Omar Ali Reza25/1426 H.King Abdul Aziz University, Medical CollegeBoys
Ahmed Khaled Ahmed Bakr Bagedoo26/1427 H.A levels, LondonBoys
Ahmed Said Farahah Al Ghamdi26/1427 H.EngineeringBoys
Ahmed Abdel Aziz Ahmed Daghestani26/1427 H.EngineeringBoys
Ahmed Mohamed Yahya Al Ghamdi26/1427 H.MedicineBoys
Khaled Mohammed Osman Al-Husaini26/1427 H.EngineeringBoys
Khaled Walid Amin Ibrahim Samman26/1427 H.EngineeringBoys
Tarek Ziad Mohammed Ajeena26/1427 H.Specialty Medicine - FranceBoys
Abdullah Nasir Dakhil Allah bin Faten26/1427 H.Political Science - King Saud UniversityBoys
Alam Aldeen Yassin Mohammed Bakhit26/1427 H.Medicine - University of Ibn SinaBoys
Kamal Abdullah Abdul Salam Fathi26/1427 H.Marketing - International HouseBoys
Mohammed Turki Ahmed Al-Sudairy26/1427 H.Georgetown University - Washington - DCBoys
Nasser Mohammed Ibrahim Al-Tamimi26/1427 H.Engineering - American UniversityBoys
Ahmed Iyad Amin Madani26/1427 H.University of MadridBoys
Ahmed Abdel Majeed Ahmed Banan26/1427 H.Law - University of EssexBoys
Hazem Nabil Hassan Alhartani26/1427 H.Engineering - American UniversityBoys
Hamza Mahmoud Yousef Jamjoom26/1427 H.Washington - Cape Cod CollegeBoys
Sultan Adnan Sultan Al Abdali26/1427 H.Computer Engineering - American UniversityBoys
Sultan Wahib Abdul Fattah Sufi26/1427 H.CBABoys
Ali Faidi Ali Alhashdi26/1427 H.University of GenevaBoys
Amr Abdullah Mohammed Bakheider26/1427 H.Law - University of EssexBoys
Mohamed Mahmoud Ibrahim Hassan26/1427 H.Engineering - American UniversityBoys
Hada Mohamed Ibrahim Hashem Nagro26/1427 H.Engineering - American UniversityBoys
Wajih Jaafar Mohammed Salah Jamjoom26/1427 H.Engineering - Concordia UniversityBoys
Yazeed Abdullah Salim Said Junaidib26/1427 H.AramcoBoys
Ahmed Khaled Jamal Jawa27/1428 H.European Business School, LondonBoys
Ahmed Moinuddin Chaudhry27/1428 H.King Abdul Aziz UniversityBoys
Daoud Issa Mohammed bin Laden27/1428 H.David Game UniversityBoys
Ziad Sami Suleiman Maqbool27/1428 H.Richmond American University, LondonBoys
Sultan Mohamed Waheed Radwan27/1428 H.College of Business Administration, JeddahBoys
Tariq Mansour Nasser Al Tuhaifi27/1428 H.Al Faisal University, RiyadhBoys
Adel Abdul Shakour Ahmed Nafa27/1428 H.King Fahd UniversityBoys
Assem Abdel Moneim Tolba27/1428 H.American University, CairoBoys
Abdul Aziz Faisal bin Abdul Majeed Al Saud27/1428 H.King Fahd UniversityBoys
Abdullah Ibrahim Abdullah Al - Durijan27/1428 H.King Abdul Aziz UniversityBoys
Essam Fawzi Abdullah Al Nahdi27/1428 H.Concordia UniversityBoys
Omar Youssef Mohamed Ibrahim27/1428 H.Boys
Ghassan Akram Amin Jawa27/1428 H.Concordia UniversityBoys
Faisal Abdul Qader Bakri Al Bakri27/1428 H.Cambridge UniversityBoys
Faisal Nayef Ghazi Al - Shuwaib27/1428 H.King Fahd UniversityBoys
Mohammed Abu Bakr Ahmed Nabhan27/1428 H.Oxford UniversityBoys
Mohammed Abu Bakr Salem Bazazoua27/1428 H.University of LondonBoys
Haitham Mohammed Merhaf Asayya27/1428 H.Multimedia UniversityBoys
Ahmed Saif Eddin Abdullah Bukhari27/1428 H.American University in CairoBoys
Badr Abdul Majeed Ahmed Banan27/1428 H.University of LondonBoys
Ryan Qorban Mahmoud Amin27/1428 H.College of Business Administration, JeddahBoys
Saji Abdul Raouf Abdullah Bashnak27/1428 H.Al Faisal Int'l  University, Riyadh,Boys
Salah Salem bin Mohammed Baraib27/1428 H.King Fahd UniversityBoys
Suhaib Abdullah Abed Faleh27/1428 H.King Abdul Aziz UniversityBoys
Abdul Rahman Ali Mohsen Al-Issaie27/1428 H.Oxford UniversityBoys
Abdul Rahman Hashem Abdu Hashim27/1428 H.King Abdul Aziz UniversityBoys
Abdul Mohsen Mohammed Attieh Al-Zahrani27/1428 H.King Fahd UniversityBoys
Abdul Hadi Abdulrahman Ahmed Al Amoudi27/1428 H.British Institution of LondonBoys
Faisal Mohammed Ibrahim Dahlawi27/1428 H.College of Business Administration, JeddahBoys
Mohammed Ahmed Jamil Zaqzouq27/1428 H.King Abdul Aziz UniversityBoys
Mohammed Ali Mohammed Al-Esaei27/1428 H.American University, SharjahBoys
Mohammed Abdullah Ahmed Darwish27/1428 H.American University, BeirutBoys
Mashaal Ali Mari Al Amri27/1428 H.Military College, RiyadhBoys
Haitham Mohammed Suleiman Al - Sarraj27/1428 H.Cambridge UniversityBoys
Ahmed Abdelmonem Mohamed Murad28/1429 H.
Ismaeil Anas Ismaeil Abodawood28/1429 H.
Bader Sameer Mohamed Ali Abbas28/1429 H.
Turki bin Faisal bin Abdulmajeed Al Saud28/1429 H.
Hatem Abdullah Omar Qasem Al-Eissai28/1429 H.
Hazem Hatem Mohamed Noor Khogali28/1429 H.
Hassan Younis Hassan Al-Hartani28/1429 H.
Saud Abdulaziz Suleiman Balghunaim28/1429 H.
Sultan Abdulaziz Suleiman Al-Subai28/1429 H.
Talal Hatem Abdulraouf Abu Znadah28/1429 H.
Adel Ahmed Mohamed Al-Ghamdi28/1429 H.
Abdulrahman Saeed Omar Al-Eissai28/1429 H.
Abdulrahman Mohamedhani Abdulqader Al-Bakri28/1429 H.
Abdulaziz Abdulbaset Abdulaziz Al-Tayar28/1429 H.
Abdulaziz Abdullah Suleiman Al-Ghanim28/1429 H.
Abdulaziz Mohamed Yahya Al-Ghamdi28/1429 H.
Abdullah Abdulqader Abdullah Rajab28/1429 H.
Abdullah Musaad Abdullah Al-Muqran28/1429 H.
Ali Adel Ali Al-Eissai28/1429 H.
Aissi Abdullah Murai bin Mahfouz28/1429 H.
Fares Zuhair Abdulqader Bakri Al-Bakri28/1429 H.
Faras Mujadi Mohamed Darwish28/1429 H.
Faisal Atef Amro Al-Shahri28/1429 H.
Faisal Abdulaziz Ali Al-Hamrani28/1429 H.
Faisal Fahad Abdulaziz Abdullah Al-Anqari28/1429 H.
Faisal Hani Hussein Bashan28/1429 H.
Luai Faisal Fouad Wa'fa28/1429 H.
Majid Fadel Mohamed Saleh Kamal28/1429 H.
Mohamed Abdulrahman Othman Al-Husseini28/1429 H.
Mohamed Abdullah Saad Al-Ahmadi28/1429 H.
Mohamed Fahad Mohamed Hakim28/1429 H.
Musab Abdullah Yislam Badian28/1429 H.
Muhannad Nabil Mohamed Al-Eissai28/1429 H.
Naif Abdulaziz Mohamed Abdulaziz Al Saud28/1429 H.
Wael Mohamed Abdullah Al-Ghamdi28/1429 H.
Yousef Abdullah Bakr Qutb28/1429 H.
Ibrahim Mishari Ibrahim Al-Hussain29/1430 H.
Ahmed Reda Abdelhameed Gouda29/1430 H.
Ahmed Abdelrahman Mohamed Baroum29/1430 H.
Ahmed Mohamed Ahmed Osman Basqar29/1430 H.
Al-Muqaddam Zuhair Ahmed Zahrani29/1430 H.
Badee Mohamed Hamoud Al-Hashdi29/1430 H.
Hussein Abubakr Abdullah Mustafa Al-Eidrous29/1430 H.
Hamad Abdullah Osman Al-Husseini29/1430 H.
Reda Mazen Reda Hakim29/1430 H.
Saud Shuja Naami Shahin Al-Sharif29/1430 H.
Saud Abdulaziz Hamad Al-Zaaqi29/1430 H.
Sultan Adel Mohamed Sabry29/1430 H.
Sultan Hassan Ismaeel Ghaznawi29/1430 H.
Salman Amer Naeem Ridawi29/1430 H.
Adel Tariq Ibrahim Marza Bukhari29/1430 H.
Amer Khaled Abdullatif Ahmed Al-Fawzan29/1430 H.
Abdulrahman Essam Ahmed Shata29/1430 H.
Abdulrahman Mohamed Abdulah Othmani Al-Aseeri29/1430 H.
Abdulrahman Naman Mohamed Habis29/1430 H.
Abdulaziz Amr Mohamed Darwish29/1430 H.
Abdulaziz Walid Abdulmohsen Al Saud29/1430 H.
Abdulaziz Mohamed Ayyad Mohsen Al-Zahrani29/1430 H.
Abdulqadir Khaled Ali Abdullah Al-Eissai29/1430 H.
Abdullah Alawi Mohamed Hussein Baroum29/1430 H.
Abdullah Faisal Abdullah Al-Haddad29/1430 H.
Omar Jamal Mohamed Shmakh29/1430 H.
Issa Mohamed Issa bin Ali Fahim29/1430 H.
Fares Mohamed Ahmed Al-Amoudi29/1430 H.
Fahd Mohamed Osman Al-Husseini29/1430 H.
Majd Ibrahim Ali Amer Alwan29/1430 H.
Mishari Jamal Naser Al-Oqail29/1430 H.
Mustafa Faisal Abdullah Masli29/1430 H.
Muntasir Adnan Hassan Sharbatli29/1430 H.
Nawaf Maher Mohamed Al-Nawaiser29/1430 H.
Hamam Salem Omar Bamelh29/1430 H.
Haitham Saeed Mubarak Al-Qathami29/1430 H.
Walaa Alawi Mohamed Dawood Semeit29/1430 H.
Yousef Mahmoud Yousef Jamjom29/1430 H.
Yousef Mu'in Al-Din Mohamed Ismaeil Shudari29/1430 H.
Yousef Salah Salem Mohamed Bakhashwen29/1430 H.
Ahmed bin Abdullah bin Mohamed Noor Rahimi30/1431 H.
Al-Mu'taz bin Ahmed bin Mohamed Badiwi30/1431 H.
Badr bin Ahmed bin Ali Reda Ali Reda30/1431 H.
Turki bin Hamoud bin Othman Al Othman Al-Ghamdi30/1431 H.
Hussein Younes Hassan Issa Al-Hartani30/1431 H.
Hamza bin Yahya bin Mohamed Amin Khogha30/1431 H.
Haider bin Mohamed Tariq bin Ziad Al-Borno30/1431 H.
Khaled bin Abdullah bin Mohamed Basoudan30/1431 H.
Rashad bin Adel bin Sadiq Al-Madani30/1431 H.
Sultan bin Abdulaziz bin Saleh Asil30/1431 H.
Sulaiman bin Mazen bin Sulaiman Faqih30/1431 H.
Saleh bin Abdullah bin Saleh Kamal30/1431 H.
Abdulilah bin Abdullah bin Othman Al-Husseini30/1431 H.
Abdulilah bin Youssef bin Mohamed Ibrahim30/1431 H.
Abdulaziz bin Saleh bin Mohamed Al-Haqbani30/1431 H.
Abdulqadir bin Anas bin Ismail Aboudawood30/1431 H.
Abdullah bin Saleh bin Mohamed Al-Haqbani30/1431 H.
Abdullah bin Marwan bin Ahmed Jamjom30/1431 H.
Abdulwahab bin Youssef bin Mohamed Ibrahim30/1431 H.
Ali bin Youssef bin Mohamed Ibrahim30/1431 H.
Amar bin Saleh bin Hussein Al-Amoudi30/1431 H.
Feras bin Fawzi bin Ahmed Abdulqader30/1431 H.
Feras bin Mohamed bin Ahmed Al-Amoudi30/1431 H.
Faisal bin Mohamed bin Sufran Al-Oufi Al-Harbi30/1431 H.
Faisal bin Mahmoud bin Abdul Othman30/1431 H.
Majed bin Mazen bin Sulaiman Faqih30/1431 H.
Majed bin Mansour bin Fahd Al-Khamash30/1431 H.
Mohamed bin Nasser bin Dakhil Allah bin Fatan30/1431 H.
Mohamed bin Yasser bin Mohamed Bahareth30/1431 H.
Mahmoud Hussein Mahmoud Abu Sharkh30/1431 H.
Mahmoud bin Saleh bin Mahmoud Hijazi30/1431 H.
Mahmoud bin Mashhour bin Ali Al-Maddoudi30/1431 H.
Meshal bin Mansour bin Meshal Al Saud30/1431 H.
Mulhim bin Nabil bin Mohamed Al-Eissai30/1431 H.
Mansour bin Saud bin Omar Nasser30/1431 H.
Nawaf bin Abdulaziz bin Sulaiman Balghanim30/1431 H.
Hisham bin Ali bin Abdullah Al-Ghamdi30/1431 H.
Waseem bin Yasin bin Mohamed Bakheet30/1431 H.
Youssef bin Issam Yen Mohamed Al-Maawad30/1431 H.
Ahmed bin Abubakr bin Salem Bajabeer31/1432 H.
Ahmed bin Sami bin Suleiman Maqbul31/1432 H.
Badr bin Sameer bin Mohamed Salem Bajneid31/1432 H.
Badr bin Mohamed bin Abdullah Al Dahl Al-Asiri31/1432 H.
Bakr bin Ayman bin Bakr Nasif31/1432 H.
Turki bin Talal bin Mmduh bin Abdulaziz Al Saud31/1432 H.
Khaled bin Abdulaziz bin Mohamed Abdulaziz Al Saud31/1432 H.
Khaled bin Ali bin Shar Al Othman31/1432 H.
Khaled bin Meshal bin Majed bin Abdulaziz Al Saud31/1432 H.
Siraj bin Walid bin Mohamed Siraj Attar31/1432 H.
Saud bin Abdullah bin Saad Al Saud31/1432 H.
Abdulrahman bin Suhail bin Salem Bajmal31/1432 H.
Abdulrahman bin Abdullah bin Yasslam Badian31/1432 H.
Abdulrahman bin Mohamed bin Youssef Jamjom31/1432 H.
Abdulrahman bin Hisham bin Abdulrahman Lnjawi31/1432 H.
Abdulaziz bin Mohamed bin Asad Tawfeeq31/1432 H.
Abdullah bin Ahmed bin Abdullah Baz31/1432 H.
Abdullah bin Basim bin Abdullah Aalim31/1432 H.
Abdullah bin Luai bin Abdullah Matbqani31/1432 H.
Abdulmajeed bin Ahmed bin Abdullah Al Muqand Al Omari31/1432 H.
Ali bin Mohamed bin Omar Kabli31/1432 H.
Amar bin Ahmed bin Mohamed Mazhar31/1432 H.
Fahd bin Hani bin Hussein Basha31/1432 H.
Malik bin Abdulmanam bin Mohamed Murad31/1432 H.
Mohamed bin Ahmed bin Mohamed Al Qutami31/1432 H.
Mohamed bin Kamal bin Mohamed Aree31/1432 H.
Mohamed bin Majid bin Mohamed Saqa31/1432 H.
Mahmoud bin Rafat bin Mahmoud Zeini31/1432 H.
Musab bin Mansour bin Dakhil Talal31/1432 H.
Hisham bin Ahmed bin Mohamed Hamed Al Marzouqi31/1432 H.
Ahmad bin Sayyid bin Fathi Al-Khawli32/1433 H.
Ahmad bin Abdullah bin Umar Al-Ayasi32/1433 H.
Ahmad Abdullah Muhammad Bakreem Al-Amoudi32/1433 H.
Al-Bara' bin Iskandar bin Suleiman Al-Quthami32/1433 H.
Al-Waleed Abdullah Ibrahim Al-Musbahi32/1433 H.
Bara'a Muhammad Shareef Arabi32/1433 H.
Turki bin Abdullah bin Manaa Aba Al-Ola32/1433 H.
Hamed bin Amin bin Hamed Naqli32/1433 H.
Hamza bin Fawaz bin Hamza Al-Afeefi Al-Serfi32/1433 H.
Hamza bin Muhammad Safwan bin Junaid Bajnaid32/1433 H.
Khaled bin Ahmad bin Saad Al-Zahrani32/1433 H.
Khaled bin Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Nasser32/1433 H.
Saleh bin Khaled bin Saleh Al-Shalhoub32/1433 H.
Abdulilah bin Ahmad bin Muhammad Saleh32/1433 H.
Abdulilah bin Essam bin Ahmad Shata32/1433 H.
Abdulaziz bin Suleiman bin Dawood Bakhdalq32/1433 H.
Abdulaziz bin Saleh bin Abdulrahman Tunsi32/1433 H.
Abdulaziz Mohsen Alawi Muhammad Al-Safi32/1433 H.
Abdullah bin Bassam bin Abdulrahman Lanjawi32/1433 H.
Abdulmaqsood bin Salem bin Bakr Bajaber32/1433 H.
Abdulwahab bin Hisham bin Abdulwahab Zara'a32/1433 H.
Omar bin Adel bin Ali Al-Ayasi32/1433 H.
Omar bin Muhammad bin Abdullah Hashem32/1433 H.
Ghaith bin Nader bin Anwar Idris32/1433 H.
Firas bin Muhammad bin Abdullah Al-Tameehi32/1433 H.
Firas bin Yusuf bin Mustafa Tantawi32/1433 H.
Faisal bin Abdulaziz bin Muhammad Al Saud32/1433 H.
Faisal bin Muhammad bin Abdullah Zahid32/1433 H.
Mohammad bin Ayman bin Muhammad Saeed Kamel32/1433 H.
Mohammad bin Salah bin Salem Bakshween32/1433 H.
Mohammad bin Adel bin Sharif Sharif32/1433 H.
Mohammad bin Adel bin Muhammad Sabry32/1433 H.
Mohammad bin Abdullah bin Muhammad Fadaq32/1433 H.
Mohammad bin Essam bin Ahmad Kalthoum32/1433 H.
Mohammad bin Mahmoud bin Yusuf Jamjom32/1433 H.
Mashari bin Abdulrahman bin Othman Al-Husseini32/1433 H.
Hashem bin Rashad bin Muhammad Hashem Hussein32/1433 H.
Hattan bin Saad bin Ali Al-Kalthoumi Al-Shahri32/1433 H.
Yousef bin Muhammad bin Yousef Nagi32/1433 H.
Ahmad bin Saleh bin Ahmad Abuzaid33/1434 H.
Ahmad bin Alawi bin Muhammad Baroom33/1434 H.
Ahmad bin Fawaz bin Ahmad Al-Ayasi33/1434 H.
Bassel bin Abdulaziz bin Abdulqadir Al-Muhannan33/1434 H.
Hatem bin Abdullah bin Muhammad Basoudan33/1434 H.
Khaled bin Muhammad bin Thunayan Al-Thunayan33/1434 H.
Zahid bin Majid bin Hamed Al-Qurashi33/1434 H.
Ammar bin Essam bin Omar Faqih33/1434 H.
Abdulilah bin Abdulbaset bin Abdulaziz Al-Tayyar33/1434 H.
Abdulrahman Ahmed Ali Marah33/1434 H.
Abdulrahman bin Muhammad bin Omar Kabli33/1434 H.
Abdulrahman bin Nizar bin Muhammad Ahmed Sajnetan33/1434 H.
Abdulaziz bin Amro bin Abdulrahman Tayyibah33/1434 H.
Abdulaziz bin Fahd bin Muhammad Al-Nuwaiser33/1434 H.
Abdullah bin Talat bin Abdullah Bukhari33/1434 H.
Abdullah bin Muhammad bin Ahmad Baroom33/1434 H.
Abdulmaqsood bin Muhammad Saeed bin Abdulmaqsood Khawaja33/1434 H.
Ammar bin Yasser bin Abdulrahman Fidah33/1434 H.
Omar bin Khalil bin Ibrahim Abduljawad33/1434 H.
Faisal bin Bandar bin Abdulwahab Al-Saadi33/1434 H.
Faisal bin Fahd bin Suleiman Al-Subaie33/1434 H.
Qusay bin Ghassan bin Muhammad Hamed Al-Marzouqi33/1434 H.
Mohammad bin Ahmad bin Atiya Al-Thaqafi33/1434 H.
Mohammad bin Sami bin Hasan Abu Al-Jadayel33/1434 H.
Mohammad bin Sultan bin Jamal Shaoli33/1434 H.
Mohammad bin Sharaf bin Muhammad Al-Dabbagh33/1434 H.
Mohammad bin Abdulatif bin Abdullah Naqli33/1434 H.
Mohammad bin Abdullah bin Abdullah Al-Ayasi33/1434 H.
Nawaf bin Khalil bin Abdulrahman Bahader33/1434 H.
Nuh bin Hussein bin Hassan Aboudawood33/1434 H.
Yazeed bin Abdullah bin Muhammad Niazi Murad33/1434 H.
Yousef bin Ayhab bin Yousef Lanjawi33/1434 H.
Yousef bin Saad bin Hamza Ghawth33/1434 H.
Yousef bin Tariq bin Yislam Al-Kathiri33/1434 H.
Ibrahim bin Ahmad bin Ibrahim Al-Bassam34/1435 H.
Ahmad bin Muhammad Ali bin Saleh Nashar34/1435 H.
Ahmad bin Hashem bin Muhammad Al-Habshi34/1435 H.
Ahmad Jamal Muhammad Jum'an Hajras34/1435 H.
Badr bin Muhammad Khalil bin Abdulrazzaq Dehlawi34/1435 H.
Rashid bin Khaled bin Mahfouz Al-Zomah34/1435 H.
Sadiq bin Muhammad bin Sadaqah Al-Khattabi34/1435 H.
Safwan bin Abdulraouf bin Muhammad Manaa34/1435 H.
Tariq Abdulhakim Muhammad Al-Suwayi34/1435 H.
Abdulilah bin Faisal bin Bakr Tunisi34/1435 H.
Abdulhakim bin Anas bin Ismail Aboudawood34/1435 H.
Abdulrahman bin Hashem bin Abdullah Hashem34/1435 H.
Abdulaziz bin Muhammad bin Abdullah Al-Haseeki Al-Ghamdi34/1435 H.
Abdullah bin Badr bin Hassan bin Shalhoub34/1435 H.
Abdullah bin Suhail bin Salem Bajammal34/1435 H.
Abdullah bin Abdulaziz bin Saad Al Saud34/1435 H.
Abdullah bin Muhammad bin Abdullah Al-Jaaid34/1435 H.
Abdullah bin Nizar bin Hashem Naqro34/1435 H.
Ali bin Turki bin Muhammad Hafez34/1435 H.
Ammar bin Ahmad bin Muhammad Saleh34/1435 H.
Omar bin Thamer bin Muhammad Asaad34/1435 H.
Firas bin Muhammad bin Hassan Baa'shar34/1435 H.
Fahad bin Abdulaziz bin Abdullah Al-Khudairi34/1435 H.
Fahd bin Omar bin Suleiman Al-Rajhi34/1435 H.
Mohammad bin Khaled bin Ibrahim Jleidan34/1435 H.
Mohammad bin Khaled bin Abdullah Hashem34/1435 H.
Mohammad bin Abdulrahman bin Dawood Sandi34/1435 H.
Mohammad bin Abdulrahman bin Muhammad Al-Haqbani34/1435 H.
Mohammad bin Abdulaziz bin Ali Al-Sudais34/1435 H.
Mohammad bin Abdullah bin Salem bin Mahfouz34/1435 H.
Mohammad bin Amro bin Abdulrahman Tayyibah34/1435 H.
Mohammad bin Hani bin Abdulaziz Saab34/1435 H.
Mohammad bin Yousuf bin Saleh Al-Nuwaiser34/1435 H.
Mohammad Muhammad Zaki Attaq34/1435 H.
Mustafa bin Muhammad bin Mustafa Bayari34/1435 H.
Nasser bin Muhammad bin Nasser Al-Awaji34/1435 H.
Nidal bin Hassan bin Abdullah Bukhari34/1435 H.
Yazan bin Salah bin Abdullah Zaqil34/1435 H.
Yamr bin Abdullah bin Suleim Jenaidab34/1435 H.
Ahmad Basem Ahmad Talal Al-Juhani35/1436 H.
Ahmad Abdulilah Ahmad Al-Sharif35/1436 H.
Asil Hassan Abdulrahman Khayyat35/1436 H.
Al-Hasan Mahmoud Youssef Mohammad Salah Jamjoom35/1436 H.
Al-Hussein Mahmoud Youssef Mohammad Salah Jamjoom35/1436 H.
Al-Waleed Khaled Abdullah Al-Saraihi35/1436 H.
Badr Fahd Mohammad Taleb Hakeem35/1436 H.
Badr Mohammad Saeed bin Mahfouz35/1436 H.
Badr Hisham Salem Badriq35/1436 H.
Turki Abdulmalik Abbas Hawait35/1436 H.
Hassan Saadullah Qari Aziz35/1436 H.
Hassan Mahmoud Hassan Badriq35/1436 H.
Hussein Idroos Hussein Baroom35/1436 H.
Hamza Nasr Abdulwahab Al-Durubi35/1436 H.
Hameed Ali Mohammad Al-Khuthaami35/1436 H.
Rayan Abdullah Mohammad Abdullah Basoudan35/1436 H.
Zuhair Ayman Zuhair Zaqzouq35/1436 H.
Saud Sutam Saud Lanjawi35/1436 H.
Sultan Hazm Sami Jamjoom35/1436 H.
Sultan Hani Hussein Basha35/1436 H.
Saif Fadel Hisham Ali Reda35/1436 H.
Adel Abdulghani Abdullah Al-Ghamdi35/1436 H.
Adel Atiya Ahmed Al-Omari35/1436 H.
Abdulilah Ahmed Taha Khayat35/1436 H.
Abdulrahman Ahmed Salem Al-Jafari35/1436 H.
Abdulrahman Habeib Qari Obeidallah Qari35/1436 H.
Abdulrahman Raed Abdulrahman Al-Hamdani35/1436 H.
Abdulrahman Mohammad Abdulwahab Sharaf Al-Deen35/1436 H.
Abdulaziz Awadullah Al-Shamrani35/1436 H.
Abdulqader Mohammad Abdulqader Othman Hafez35/1436 H.
Abdullah Sami Mohsen Baroom35/1436 H.
Abdullah Saeed Ramadan Al-Shawa35/1436 H.
Abdullah Adel Ibrahim Sadeq Al-Bukhari35/1436 H.
Abdullah Mohammad Abdullah Al-Ataas35/1436 H.
Abdullah Waleed Abdulhameed Hawarnah35/1436 H.
Abdulwahab Ahmed Ibrahim Al-Bassam35/1436 H.
Ali Tarek Abdulhameed Mushaqis35/1436 H.
Ammar Osama Ibrahim Abdou35/1436 H.
Ammar Faisal Aboud Bawazir35/1436 H.
Omar Abdulaziz Mohammad Al-Ghamdi35/1436 H.
Isa Imad Isa Al-Dweik35/1436 H.
Ghassan Hassan Ahmed Al-Ghamdi35/1436 H.
Fares Fawzi Ahmed Abdulqader35/1436 H.
Luay Khalil Abdulrahman Bahader35/1436 H.
Mazen Ahmed Fawzi Al-Zahrani35/1436 H.
Mazen Hassan Mohammad Shlal35/1436 H.
Mohammad Ahmed Abdulqader Bashnafar35/1436 H.
Mohammad Ahmed Mohammad Qashlan35/1436 H.
Mohammad Khalf Abdullah Al-Eissa35/1436 H.
Mohammad Fayez Mohammad Al-Maliki35/1436 H.
Mohammad Qasura Hisham Ali Hafez35/1436 H.
Mohammad Wahid Mohammad Khalifa Habbashi35/1436 H.
Mohammad Yasser Abdulrahman Sibeh35/1436 H.
Naif Mansour Dakheel Allah Al-Juhani35/1436 H.
Hashem Tareq Salem Al-Maghribi35/1436 H.
Hashem Atef Amr Mohammad Al-Shahri35/1436 H.
Yousef Hama Maher Luqman35/1436 H.
Yousef Raed Reda Obeid35/1436 H.
Yousef Ghazi Mohammad Yousef Ali Reda35/1436 H.
Ibrahim bin Bandar bin Muhammad Fattani36/1437 H.
Ahmad bin Shuja'a bin Nami Al-Sharif36/1437 H.
Ahmad bin Omar bin Ibrahim Al-Suhbi36/1437 H.
Ahmad bin Muhammad bin Ahmad Baroom36/1437 H.
Ahmad Saeed Mubarak Al-Qathami36/1437 H.
Ahmad Younis Hassan Al-Hartani36/1437 H.
Anas bin Yahya bin Muhammad Amin Khawjah36/1437 H.
Bandar bin Abdulaziz bin Muhammad Al Saud36/1437 H.
Turki bin Osama bin Ismail Sadiq36/1437 H.
Khaled bin Saeed bin Muhammad Al-Kenaidari36/1437 H.
Ziyad bin Muhammad bin Mubarak bin Aifan36/1437 H.
Siraj bin Mahmoud bin Taha Eid36/1437 H.
Saeed bin Abdullah bin Saeed Qazi Al-Ghamdi36/1437 H.
Sultan Afif Muhammad Al-Amoudi36/1437 H.
Sadaqah bin Ahmad bin Sadaqah Moghrabi36/1437 H.
Sadiq bin Adel bin Sadiq Khalf Al-Madani36/1437 H.
Suhayb bin Walid bin Abdullah Mula't36/1437 H.
Tariq bin Khalid bin Abdul Khaliq Al-Ghamdi36/1437 H.
Abdulilah bin Muhammad bin Abdullah Al-Sudais36/1437 H.
Abdulilah bin Abdullah bin Barkah Al-Zanboqi36/1437 H.
Abdulrahman bin Hasan bin Abdulrahman Bashiakh36/1437 H.
Abdulrahman bin Talal bin Atiya Al-Musheni Al-Ghamdi36/1437 H.
Abdulrahman bin Muhammad bin Yahya Al-Ghamdi36/1437 H.
Abdulaziz bin Hasan bin Ibrahim Flatah36/1437 H.
Abdulaziz bin Abdulilah Zafar Al-Mashhouri Al-Shahri36/1437 H.
Abdullah bin Ali bin Abdullah Al-Yousef Al-Qarni36/1437 H.
Abdullah bin Muhammad bin Hussein Mubarki36/1437 H.
Azzam bin Muhammad bin Abdulhameed Al-Thaqafi36/1437 H.
Ali bin Khalid bin Ali Al-Fadl Al-Zahrani36/1437 H.
Omar bin Zuhair bin Fuad Hamzah36/1437 H.
Omar bin Saud bin Muhammad Al-Mansouri36/1437 H.
Fahd bin Jabbar bin Nasser Al-Ghuthami Al-Bishi36/1437 H.
Faisal bin Sameer bin Muhammad Murad36/1437 H.
Faisal bin Atiq bin Ateq Al-Aqibi36/1437 H.
Kamal bin Hazem bin Adnan Salama36/1437 H.
Majid bin Majdi bin Muhammad Ali Qutb36/1437 H.
Mohammad bin Ahmad bin Salem bin Mahfouz36/1437 H.
Mohammad bin Bakr bin Hassan Ali Al-Boq36/1437 H.
Mohammad bin Saud bin Mahmoud Mandourah36/1437 H.
Mohammad bin Saleh bin Youssef Hijazi36/1437 H.
Mohammad bin Abdul Salam bin Muhammad Abdulrab36/1437 H.
Mohammad bin Abdullah bin Ahmad Abu Zeid36/1437 H.
Mohammad bin Abdullah bin Barkah Al-Zanboqi36/1437 H.
Mohammad bin Ghazi bin Mahmoud Ali Reda36/1437 H.
Mishal bin Mansour bin Awadh Allah Al-Humayyi Al-Salami36/1437 H.
Yazeed bin Hussein bin Ali Al-Turaybi36/1437 H.
Yousef bin Yasser bin Muhammad Baharith36/1437 H.
Ibrahim Mahmoud Ahmed Ghulman37/1438 H.
Ibrahim Mufaq Al-Hashemi37/1438 H.
Ahmad Abdul Karim Ahmed Rashidi37/1438 H.
Ahmad Abdullah Abdulhafiz Al-Jadawi37/1438 H.
Osama Mohammed Ahmed Al-Maliki37/1438 H.
Alwaleed Khaled Fawaz Baghdadi37/1438 H.
Anas Mohammed Abdullah Al-Amoudi37/1438 H.
Hatem Saad Habeib Al-Sulami37/1438 H.
Hamza Sami Hassan Abu Al-Jadayel37/1438 H.
Khaled Turki Nasser Al-Jaheed37/1438 H.
Khaled Saleh Abdulhameed Al-Hazmi37/1438 H.
Riyadh Ali Mohammed Al-Ghamdi37/1438 H.
Rayan Hatem Abdel Motei Merdad37/1438 H.
Zakaria Ayman Ismail Abu Dawood37/1438 H.
Salem Reis Salem Al-Mahfouz37/1438 H.
Saud Talal Mamdouh Al-Saud37/1438 H.
Saud Abdulrahman Othman Al-Husayni37/1438 H.
Sultan Khaled Al-Shali37/1438 H.
Sultan Mohammed Khatam Al-Zahrani37/1438 H.
Safi Hassan Abdulrahman Khayat37/1438 H.
Abdulilah Rmli Haroun Saleh37/1438 H.
Abdulrahman Hameed Mohammed Al-Yahyawi37/1438 H.
Abdulrahman Abdullah Saad Al-Ahmedi37/1438 H.
Abdulrahman Majed Mahmoud Mansouri37/1438 H.
Abdulrahman Mohsen Hassan Baroom37/1438 H.
Abdulaziz Ahmed Fawaz Al-Zahrani37/1438 H.
Abdulaziz Mohammed Mansour Al-Rajhi37/1438 H.
Abdulkarim Khaled Abdul Karim Bakhari37/1438 H.
Abdulkarim Mashbab Gharma Al-Asmari37/1438 H.
Abdullah Mohammed Manna Al-Mansour37/1438 H.
Abdullah Masoud Mohammed Amin Taleb37/1438 H.
Abdulmajeed Abdulwahab Abdulmajeed Bahrawi37/1438 H.
Adnan Hazem Adnan Salama37/1438 H.
Ali Abdul Karim Ali Al-Qahtani37/1438 H.
Ammar Suleiman Mohammed Ibrahim37/1438 H.
Omar Mohammed Omar Sharif37/1438 H.
Fares Suleiman Zain Al-Shahri37/1438 H.
Fahd Khaled Fahd Al-Hathli37/1438 H.
Faisal Ahmed Saeed Al-Zahrani37/1438 H.
Mohammad Ahmed Mustafa Ayyash37/1438 H.
Mohammad Bassam Ahmed Jabara37/1438 H.
Mohammad Saad Mohammad Al-Nafjan37/1438 H.
Mohammad Abdulaziz Mohammad Al-Ghamdi37/1438 H.
Mohammad Fawaz Mohammad Halawani37/1438 H.
Mohammad Qasim Saleh Al-Sheikh37/1438 H.
Mohammad Yasser Mohammad Al-Yamani37/1438 H.
Mushref Ahmed Saleh Al-Hamrani37/1438 H.
Mishal Mohammed Abdullah Al-Sudais37/1438 H.
Maan Issam Adel Dagestani37/1438 H.
Omar Mohammed Omar Sharif37/1438 H.
Fares Suleiman Zain Al-Shahri37/1438 H.
Fahd Khaled Fahd Al-Hathli37/1438 H.
Faisal Ahmed Saeed Al-Zahrani37/1438 H.
Mohammad Ahmed Mustafa Ayyash37/1438 H.
Mohammad Bassam Ahmed Jabara37/1438 H.
Mohammad Saad Mohammad Al-Nafjan37/1438 H.
Mohammad Abdulaziz Mohammad Al-Ghamdi37/1438 H.
Mohammad Fawaz Mohammad Halawani37/1438 H.
Mohammad Qasim Saleh Al-Sheikh37/1438 H.
Mohammad Yasser Mohammad Al-Yamani37/1438 H.
Mushref Ahmed Saleh Al-Hamrani37/1438 H.
Mishal Mohammed Abdullah Al-Sudais37/1438 H.
Maan Issam Adel Dagestani37/1438 H.
Mu'ayyad Ali Ahmed Al-Ghamdi37/1438 H.
Nasser Shareem Saad Al-Subeai37/1438 H.
Hashem Taha Ali Al-Haddad37/1438 H.
Hatam Mahmoud Hassan Baderiq37/1438 H.
Yaser Abdulilah Ahmed Al-Sharif37/1438 H.
Yazeed Abdullah Saeed Al-Harbi37/1438 H.
Yousef Mazen Reda Hakim37/1438 H.
Ibrahim Abdelmonem Mohamed Hassan38/1439 H.
Ibrahim Mohamed Ismail Al-Rawi38/1439 H.
Ahmed Ramzi Reda Abyad38/1439 H.
Ahmed Tarek Abdelkader Hefeny38/1439 H.
Osama Saleh Awad Al-Maliki38/1439 H.
Aseel Abdullah Saeed Al-Harbi38/1439 H.
Ayman Abdel-Samad Mohamed Mahin38/1439 H.
Basal Khaled Abdullah Al-Amri38/1439 H.
Bader Ahmed Naser Al-Amiri38/1439 H.
Bashar Mahmoud Sherbini Mendili38/1439 H.
Bilal Ayman Sherif Al-Awadi38/1439 H.
Jawad Ayman Zuhair Zaqzouq38/1439 H.
Hussam Abdulilah Dhafir Al-Mashhoori Al-Shahri38/1439 H.
Rakan Kamal Mohamed Al-Juhani38/1439 H.
Sultan Anas Ismail Abu Dawood38/1439 H.
Sultan Abdulrahman Mansour Al-Ouhali38/1439 H.
Salman Asif Ahmed Ji Man38/1439 H.
Safwan Mohamed Haj Abdullah Qashqari38/1439 H.
Talha Hani Hussein Sait38/1439 H.
Aasim Tareq Salem Al-Maghribi38/1439 H.
Abdulrahman Ahmed Abdulraheem Yaseen38/1439 H.
Abdulaziz Ahmed Mohamed Al-Qathami38/1439 H.
Abdulaziz Yaser Mohamed Al-Yamani38/1439 H.
Abdulaziz Ali Abdulrahman Al-Ghamdi38/1439 H.
Abdullah Ali Saeed Al-Ghamdi38/1439 H.
Abdullah Mohamed Abdullah Al-Mutawa38/1439 H.
Adi Khaled Hussein Metari38/1439 H.
Ali Mohamed Mohamed Zabara38/1439 H.
Amar Ahmed Is-haq Flatteh38/1439 H.
Amar Ahmed Mohamed Al-Safari38/1439 H.
Amar Ali Abu Bakr Bajbeer38/1439 H.
Omar Khaled Moussa Sayed Ahmed38/1439 H.
Omar Mohamed Ahmed Baqadir38/1439 H.
Fares Abdullah Saleh Al-Zahrani38/1439 H.
Firas Youssef Qasim Kabous38/1439 H.
Fahd Iskander Mohamed Barqat38/1439 H.
Fahd Saud Badr Al-Saud38/1439 H.
Faisal Abdulrahman Al-amoudi38/1439 H.
Faisal Ali Ahmed Al-Suhaimi38/1439 H.
Faisal Nasser Saad Al-Qurashi38/1439 H.
Majed Abdulmalik Abbas Howait38/1439 H.
Mohamed Ahmed Abdullah Bajaber38/1439 H.
Mohamed Ihab Hussein Ibrahim38/1439 H.
Mohamed Adel Abdelhamid Kousa38/1439 H.
Mohamed Mubarak Mohamed Al-Mashhoor38/1439 H.
Mohamed Musa Abdullah Al-Zahrani38/1439 H.
Muath Habeibullah Mohamed Turkistani38/1439 H.
Mohannad Ahmed Mohamed Jabarah38/1439 H.
Mohannad Mohamed Khader Abu Haleima38/1439 H.
Muayyad Waheed Ismail Ahmed38/1439 H.
Nawaf Saeed Mohamed Al-Ghamdi38/1439 H.
Walid Gharimullah Saleh Al-Zahrani38/1439 H.
Youssef Sami Abdulaziz Salama38/1439 H.
Ahmed Faisal Saif Al-Din Al-Samnodi39/1440 H.
Issad Hamed Abdulraouf Saleh39/1440 H.
Al-Baraa Mohamed Abdullah Al-Tomaihi39/1440 H.
Bader Mohamed Musfir Al-Ghamdi39/1440 H.
Bakr Mazen Bakr Medini39/1440 H.
Bandar Waleed Ahmed Habeib39/1440 H.
Jaser Mohamed Hamad Al-Rajbi39/1440 H.
Jameel Hisham Jameel Rawah39/1440 H.
Jawad Adel Mohamed Katib39/1440 H.
Hatem Abdullah Saeed Al-Harbi39/1440 H.
Hamza Ayman Mohamed Kamel39/1440 H.
Raed Abbas Mohamed Sairafi39/1440 H.
Rayan Omar Salem Buqshan39/1440 H.
Samer Amer Abdulbaqi Iskander39/1440 H.
Sami Abdullah Saeed Al-Ghamdi39/1440 H.
Saad Shakir Salman Shakouri39/1440 H.
Sultan Abdulazim Mohamed Al-Eisai39/1440 H.
Saleh Hazem Saleh Al-Harthy39/1440 H.
Tareq Rashid Mahfouz Al-Zouma39/1440 H.
Abdulilah Mohamed Abdulmajeed Abu Al-Hamayel39/1440 H.
Abdulrahman Raees Salem Al-Mahfouz39/1440 H.
Abdulrahman Marwan Mahmoud Dashash39/1440 H.
Abdullah Ahmed Abdullah Abu Munther39/1440 H.
Abdullah Abdulwahab Abdulmajeed Bahrawi39/1440 H.
Abdullah Mohamed Ahmed Bamfelah39/1440 H.
Abdullah Mansour Al-Ghazi Al-Shaibani39/1440 H.
Abdulmalk Khaled Ali Al-Shihayb39/1440 H.
Amar Yasser Mohamed Assiri39/1440 H.
Omar Riyadh Gharimullah Al-Maliki39/1440 H.
Ghassan Abdulghaffar Azhari Al-Jawi39/1440 H.
Faisal Mansour Fahad Al-Khamash39/1440 H.
Mohamed Ahmed Saeed Al-Zahrani39/1440 H.
Mohamed Ahmed Abbas Sharbatli39/1440 H.
Mohamed Hassan Abdulrahman Basheikh39/1440 H.
Mohamed Hassan Abdullah Al-amoudi39/1440 H.
Mohamed Hassan Omar Al-amoudi39/1440 H.
Mohamed Abbas Mohamed Sairafi39/1440 H.
Mohamed Abdulmalk Abdullah Fath al-Din39/1440 H.
Mohamed Fouad Mohamed Tamraz39/1440 H.
Mshari Nasar Awadallah Al-Sulami39/1440 H.
Musab Adel Ibrahim Al-Bakri39/1440 H.
Muath Ahmed Abdulqadir Bashnfar39/1440 H.
Muath Hassan Abdulqadir Fyoumi39/1440 H.
Moussa Mohamed Abdulqadir Hafez39/1440 H.
Hisham Qasura Hisham Hafez39/1440 H.
Hamam Abdelhakim Omar Bahramaz39/1440 H.
Wafi Mohamed Ahmed Bakhshween39/1440 H.
Yazid Saud Jamal Al-Ruqai39/1440 H.
Yazid Musa Hammad Al-Maruwani39/1440 H.
Yusuf Jamal Mohamed Hagras39/1440 H.
Ibrahim Khaled Shaif Al-Yami40/1441 H.
Ahmed Ibrahim Salah Al-Luhayani40/1441 H.
Ahmed Khaled Ahmed Bahameem40/1441 H.
Ahmed Khaled Ali Afeef40/1441 H.
Hussein Amr Abdelhadi Hussein40/1441 H.
Hamza Saad Hamza Ghoth40/1441 H.
Hamza Yasser Mohamed Abdo Yamani40/1441 H.
Khaled Ahmed Fawaz Al-Zahrani40/1441 H.
Reda Raed Reda Obeid40/1441 H.
Ziyad Habeibullah Qari Qari40/1441 H.
Saud Adel Mohamed Assiri40/1441 H.
Saud Mohamed Hamdan Al-Sanani40/1441 H.
Salman Khaled Ahmed Al-Rajhi40/1441 H.
Saif Kamal Mohamed Al-Juhani40/1441 H.
Shafiq Aisar Shafiq Al-Amari40/1441 H.
Saleh Mohamed Saleh Al-Souli40/1441 H.
Suhaib Marwan Mahmoud Dashash40/1441 H.
Taha Abdulaziz Ahmed Daghestani40/1441 H.
Abdulilah Saad Salem Al-Luhayani40/1441 H.
Abdul Rahman Faisal Al-Hindi40/1441 H.
Abdulraouf Abdulaziz Al-Sudais40/1441 H.
Abdulaziz Ahmed Suleiman Meemish40/1441 H.
Abdullah Adnan Ahmed Muqibil40/1441 H.
Abdullah Omar Ahmed Alamoudi40/1441 H.
Abdullah Mohammed Ismail Al-Rawi40/1441 H.
Abdulmalik Saad Al-Zouma Al-Ghamdi40/1441 H.
Ali Abdulwahab Ali Asaad40/1441 H.
Ali Hashem Ali Al-Shahri40/1441 H.
Omar Youssef Al-Akhdar Al-Qaim40/1441 H.
Faisal Abdullah Suleiman Al-Ghaithi40/1441 H.
Faisal Fadel Mohammed Othman40/1441 H.
Mohammed Turki Mohammed Hafez40/1441 H.
Mohammed Abdullah Marai Bin Mahfouz40/1441 H.
Mohannad Dhaif Allah Al-Zaydi40/1441 H.
Naif Turki Naif Al-Otaibi40/1441 H.
Nawaf Hamza Hussein Bandagji40/1441 H.
Nawaf Khaled Abdullah Al-Nafie40/1441 H.
Nawaf Abdulmalk Abbas Howait40/1441 H.
Nawaf Mohammed Musa Al-Qarni40/1441 H.
Hamam Luay Hamam Tarabzoni40/1441 H.
Yazid Ahmed Abdullah Al-Awfi40/1441 H.
Yusuf Tamer Shaaban Al-Rubai40/1441 H.
Yusuf Mohamed Abdullah Bajaber40/1441 H.
Yusuf Mahmoud Saleh Abu Aqil40/1441 H.
Ibrahim Hassan Ghassan Jleidan41/1442 H.
Ahmed Saeed Mohamed Al-Ghamdi41/1442 H.
Ahmed Saleh Abdulrahman Al-Saad Al-Zahrani41/1442 H.
Ahmed Mohamed Hamed Aqeel41/1442 H.
Asaad Ahmed Imad Ahmed Saman41/1442 H.
Anas Raed Ahmed Al-Sharif41/1442 H.
Anas Hani Hussein Sait41/1442 H.
Iyad Abdulrahman Ahmed Aboras41/1442 H.
Jafar Ahmed Jafar Sibagh41/1442 H.
Khaled Sultan Ali Muslim41/1442 H.
Zuhair Shihab Jamal Al-Sawi41/1442 H.
Ziyad Abdulrahman Ahmed Aboras41/1442 H.
Salman Hassan Salman Khabrani41/1442 H.
Saleh Majid Saleh Shafei41/1442 H.
Abdulrahman Azhar Mido Kinji41/1442 H.
Abdulrahman Issa Mufi Al-Khameesi41/1442 H.
Abdulrahman Nasser Salem Al-Jabri41/1442 H.
Abdulrahman Naman Abdulaziz Al-Indonesi41/1442 H.
Abdulrahim Mohamed Ali Al-Sabyani41/1442 H.
Abdulaziz Omar Mohamed Bamardof41/1442 H.
Abdulaziz Muhy Al-Din Jamal Rawah41/1442 H.
Abdullah Adnan Abdulhafiz Al-Indijani41/1442 H.
Abdullah Mohamed Saeed Bin Mahfouz41/1442 H.
Abdulmalik Fahd Mohamed Ibrahim Qattan41/1442 H.
Abdulwahab Ahmed Abdullah Al-Yousef41/1442 H.
Ali Hussein Ali Al-Marhumi Al-Ghamdi41/1442 H.
Ammar Fahd Abdullah Al-Afeef41/1442 H.
Omar Saleh Ahmed Al-Suleimani41/1442 H.
Fouad Khaled Fouad Sandi41/1442 H.
Fares Waleed Ahmed Habeib41/1442 H.
Faisal Adel Omar Amari41/1442 H.
Majed Abdullah Saad Al-Kaabi Al-Omari41/1442 H.
Muhammad Bakr Hussein Al-Husseini41/1442 H.
Muhammad Jad Mohamed Sadaqa Ajaj41/1442 H.
Muhammad Abdullah Muhammad Al-Owaidah Al-Shahrani41/1442 H.
Muhammad Mustafa Mohamed Sait41/1442 H.
Muatasim Mohamed Khader Abu Halimeh41/1442 H.
Amro Adnan A Adas42/1443 H.
Nabih Mohammed N Baeshen42/1443 H.
Mamdouh Saeed M Alghamdi42/1443 H.
Mazen Abdelelah D Alshehri42/1443 H.
Abdulrahman Khalid A Bukhari42/1443 H.
Omar Khalid M Habib42/1443 H.
Abdullah Mohammed A Alyafie42/1443 H.
Nawaf Mohammed A Alsudais42/1443 H.
Mohammed Abdulwahab A Bahrawi42/1443 H.
Abdullah Faisal F Alhashedi42/1443 H.
Sultan Mansour S Binzomah42/1443 H.
Mohammed Khalid A Arafah42/1443 H.
Abdulrahman Saad A Alghamdi42/1443 H.
Ameir Nabeel H Hassan42/1443 H.
Hamza Fadil H Alireza42/1443 H.
Faris Ahmed M ALsaggaf42/1443 H.
Abdurahman Wajdi A Wazzan42/1443 H.
Mohamed Abdullah M Faleh42/1443 H.
Saad Abdulmohsin S Albashir42/1443 H.
Khalid Mansour I Aljaaly42/1443 H.
Faisal Mohammed A Khashab42/1443 H.
Ghassan Mamoun Rebhi Khalaf42/1443 H.
Fahad Khalid A Afif42/1443 H.
Anas Saad B Aljabri42/1443 H.
Ahmad Abbas A Jamal42/1443 H.
Omar Hussain M Alsaggaf42/1443 H.
Ali Hassan A Akbar42/1443 H.
Aboud Hazem S Alharthi42/1443 H.
Alfarooq Omar A Faqeeha42/1443 H.
Homoud Ashraf H Alharthy42/1443 H.
Abdulaziz Abdulla N Elyas43/1444 H.
Abdullah Hussain A Aldabbagh43/1444 H.
Abdullah Saleh Abdullah Bahaj43/1444 H.
Abdullah Turki M Hafiz43/1444 H.
Abdulrahman Aiman A Alsaegh43/1444 H.
Adnan Iyad A Katib43/1444 H.
Ahmed Mansour S Binzomah43/1444 H.
Ahmed Youssuf A Alqaiem43/1444 H.
Albaraa Abdullah N Algarni43/1444 H.
Anwar Khalid M Alzomah43/1444 H.
Aubai Mohammad S Miralam43/1444 H.
Badr Mamdooh M Kareema43/1444 H.
Emad Nasser M Alsapeia43/1444 H.
Hashim Haitham M Qutob43/1444 H.
Ibrahim Qasem I Alsharif43/1444 H.
Mohamed Yassin Abdalla Babikir43/1444 H.
Mohammed Mamdooh M Kareema43/1444 H.
Omar Abdelwahab A Asaad43/1444 H.
Omar Issam F Zahid43/1444 H.
Qasam Mohammed Y Almsarri43/1444 H.
Rayan Khaled A Shabaan43/1444 H.
Saif Aesam Y Alsharif43/1444 H.
Salman Taymour A Ismail43/1444 H.
Sary Wail H Shamlan43/1444 H.
Sultan Bandar O Bawazir43/1444 H.
Talal Ammar M Melebari43/1444 H.
Yazan Bander A Shaikan43/1444 H.
Yazeed Faris S Alzahrani43/1444 H.
Yousef Bakr H Alhussaini43/1444 H.
Zyad Mohammed S Alamri43/1444 H.


NameGraduation YearCollege / UniversitySection
Ghada Othman Mohammed Saleh Nassif1411Girls
Hala Othman Mohammed Saleh Nassif1411Girls
Elham Hassan Mohamed Linjawi1411Girls
Nayla Kamel Hashim Ghamri1411Girls
Dura Abdel Rahman Shareet1411Girls
Dina Abdulaziz Mohamed Hassan Feqi1411Girls
Rana Zaki Mohammed Ali Farsi1411Girls
Nuha Reza Ibrahim Jadaa1411Girls
Awatif Salmeen Omar Mahfouz1411Girls
Hadya Abdul Latif Sultan1411Girls
Oumia Salmeen Omar Mahfouz1411Girls
Zakia Mahmoud Ahmed Zahid1411Girls
Lujain Mohammed Ahmed Zainal Ali Reza1411Girls
Faten Abdul Rahman Saleh Hassanein1412Girls
Dania Mahmoud Hussein Nassif1412Girls
Ghazal Fawaz Abdulsattar Alalmi1412Girls
Rania Abdullah Hamza Bajo1412Girls
Abeer Omar Mohammed Bahatab1412Girls
Nadia Omar Zuhair Hafez1412Girls
Wid Sami Hamed Fayez1412Girls
Haifa Hisham Maatouq Hassanein1412Girls
Areeb Abdel-Ella Hassan Batterjee1412Girls
Arwa Amin Abdullah Siraj1412Girls
Heba Habib Mohamed Ali Al - Bakri1412Girls
Dania Mohammed Ali Alhamrani1412Girls
Sarah Abid Mohammed Ali Khazandar1412Girls
Lujin Mohamed Obaid Saeed Ben Zaqer1412Girls
Lina Abdelmohsen Hamad Al - Sulaiman1412Girls
Nadia Adel Abahim Malaeka1412Girls
Marwa Mohammed Abdul Wahid Jamjoom1412Girls
Sarah Majed Abdulaziz Al Saud1412Girls
Bianada Abdul-Badi'a Mohammed Lari1412Girls
Kholoud Mohammed Abdullah Al - Nuweiser1413Girls
Dina Farouq Ahmed Hewitt1413Girls
Rasha Mohammed Iniyat Allah Iniya1413Girls
Rana Hamza Ibrahim Abu Shal1413Girls
Abeer Issa Mohammed Laden1413Girls
Kawthar Ghazi Alawi Alatas1413Girls
Haifa Abdelrahman El - Belahid1413Girls
Wadeea Khalid Mohammed Bahazek1413Girls
Lama Abdul Razzaq Al Baridi1413Girls
Zulfa Shehab Mohamed Jamjoom1413Girls
Samar Mohammed Kamal Jamjoom1413Girls
Sulafa Youssef Iskandar1413Girls
Sharifa Garmallah Abdullah Al Zahrani1413Girls
Alya Ali Hamed Al Mihdar1413Girls
Ghada Ahmed Aish Dashash1413Girls
Heba Abdul Latif Sultan1413Girls
Ebtisam Abdulrahman Linjawi1414Girls
Iman Fouad Abdullah Sulaimani1414Girls
Dima Ramez Mahmoud Al Halabi1414Girls
Dima Mahdi Mohammed Al-Hajjila1414Girls
Reem Zaki Mohammed Ali Farsi1414Girls
Attab Saud Mohammed Al Saud1414Girls
Nada Ghazi Saleh Hassanein1414Girls
Hana Hisham Maatouq Hassanein1414Girls
Hala Fouad Abdul Hamid Ankawi1414Girls
Wid Hussein Mohsen Al Harthy1414Girls
Yousra Shehab Mohamed Jamjoom1414Girls
Dur Zuhair Hamid Fayez1414Girls
Ohoud Ahmed Omar Massoud1414Girls
Hala Mohammed Ali Alhamrani1414Girls
Yasmin Mohammed Ahmed Ali Reza1414Girls
Ahlam Hamid Nato1415Girls
Amal Mahfouz Ben Mahfouz1415Girls
Ruba Abdullah Bakheider1415Girls
Rawan Saud Jalal1415Girls
Samar Hisham Ali Reza1415Girls
Lina Mohammed Saleh Al Huraibi1415Girls
Linda Reda Gadaa1415Girls
Maha Hamad Alshawi1415Girls
Hala Issa Laden1415Girls
Heba Abdullah Jamjoom1415Girls
Haifa Garmallah Al - Zahrani1415Girls
Yem Sami Fayez1415Girls
Manal Fathi Taleb1415Girls
Jawhara Saud Abdulmohsen Al Saud1416Girls
Dana Ibrahim Al - Buhaisi1416Girls
Tania Abdul Mohsen Al - Sulaiman1416Girls
Dania Ahmed Bashel1416Girls
Sarah Mohammed Ali Alhamrani1416Girls
Weam Abdel Rahman Hassanein1416Girls
Weam Abdelkader Al- Bakri1416Girls
Basma Hashim Saeed Hashem1416Girls
Zainab Omar Al Idrissi1416Girls
Razan Mahmoud Al Kubaisi1416Girls
Sarah Abdullah Al - Khuraiji1416Girls
Sahar Samir Bahrawi1416Girls
Hatoon Mohamed Nasser1416Girls
Elham Zain Al-Abidin Madani1417Girls
Haneen Saleh Abdullah Kamel1417Girls
Kholoud Saleh Mohammed Al - Qahbani1417Girls
Kholoud Abdullah Hamoud Al - Shuaieer1417Girls
Dalal Mahfouz Salem Mahfouz1417Girls
Dima Jamil Mohammed Ali Farsi1417Girls
Raha Zaki Mohammed Ali Farsi1417Girls
Reem Mansour Meshal Al Saud1417Girls
Suha Yousef Mohammed Iskandar1417Girls
Safa Alawi Hamed Al Mihdhar1417Girls
Alya Wahib Abdel Fattah Sufi1417Girls
Ola Abdullah Thunayan Al - Subaie1417Girls
Ghadir Ghassan Abdulqader Bakri1417Girls
Ghazal Mohammed Abdullah Hashim1417Girls
Lujin Abdul Qadir Mohammed Ali Al Bakri1417Girls
Lujin Fawaz Abdel Sattar Alalmi1417Girls
Modi Abd El-Elah Salem Mahfouz1417Girls
Nada Mohammed Ahmed Zidan1417Girls
Hala Hisham Ahmed Moussalli1417Girls
Sarah Abdulrahman Al Othman1417Girls
Noura Mohammed Nasser Moamer1417Girls
Alaa Hussein Saeed Bahri1418Girls
Amani Abdullah Saad Al - Maghdawi1418Girls
Thuria Khaled Abdul Jalil Batterjee1418Girls
Reham Mohammed Saeed Kaaki1418Girls
Zeina Mahmoud Majeed Al Kubaisi1418Girls
Sultana Ahmed Omar Massoud1418Girls
Saida Ehsan Saleem Abdullah1418Girls
Shareea Saleem Abdelhak Abdullah1418Girls
Ahd Hassan Abdullah Kamel1418Girls
Ghalia Siraj Jamil Zamzami1418Girls
Fatima Khader Khaled Faraj1418Girls
Fatima Abdullah Ali Al-Essaie1418Girls
Nasreen Mohamed Nour Omar Shanab1418Girls
Nahla Adnan Mohamed Rashid Jamjoom1418Girls
Hala Mohammed Bashir Abdul Karim1418Girls
Wasma Mansour Meshaal Al Saud1418Girls
Abrar Hassan Ali Naghi1419Girls
Alaa Yuosuf Mohammed Salah Jamjoom1419Girls
Amal Abdullah Mohammed Amin Bukhari1419Girls
Badria Salahuldin Mohamed Amin Modeer1419Girls
Bayan Saleh Salem Mahfouz1419Girls
Ruba Maatouq Mohammed Al Harazi1419Girls
Rima Hamza Ibrahim Ahmed Abu Shal1419Girls
Sarah Abdel Rahman Mohamed Al Ghamdi1419Girls
Shadia Qais Ibrahim Gleidan1419Girls
Shatha Maatouk Mohammed Al - Harazi1419Girls
Faten Youssef Abdel Monean Marglani1419Girls
Nasreen Adnan Jamil Al - Hassoun1419Girls
Hawazen Nazih Hassan Nassif1419Girls
Haifa Sultan Al - Abdullah Al - Faisal1419Girls
Dana Abdullah Abdulrahman1419Girls
Aseel Saleh Abdullah Kamel1420Girls
Afnan Abdul Rahman Saleh Hassanein1420Girls
Eman Farouq Saleh Abu Zeid1420Girls
Budoor Mohammed Ali Al - Essaie1420Girls
Tamara Khaled Abdul Jalil Batterjee1420Girls
Dina Abdel-Badea Mohamed Lari1420Girls
Sarah Mahfouz Salem Mahfouz1420Girls
Lubna Mohammed Omar Jamjoom1420Girls
Malak Abdul Malik Mohammed Ali Maghrabi1420Girls
Nujood Adnan Hassan Sharbatly1420Girls
Nada Jamil Mohammed Ali Farsi1420Girls
Hadeel Mohammed Abdullah Qweihes1420Girls
Haifa Hamad Al - Shawi1420Girls
Arwa Osama Saad Al Yamani1420Girls
Basma Habib Mohammed Ali Al - Bakri1420Girls
Tareen Hisham Ahmed Zainal Ali Reza1420Girls
Hany Hosni Mohamed Qutb1420Girls
Dina Omar Saif Eddin Samakia1420Girls
Rasha Zaki Mohammed Ali Farsi1420Girls
Randa Samir Mohamed Fayez1420Girls
Rotana Adel Mashhour Al Harthy1420Girls
Zainab Abdullah Zainal Ali Reza1420Girls
Sarah Abdelmohsen Abdul Rahan Al - Sulaiman1420Girls
Ghazal Talal Mohammed Kamel Kurdi1420Girls
Maryam Ahmed Salem Mahfouz1420Girls
Mian Mustafa Al - Zawawi1420Girls
Nada Ahmed Mohammed Baashen1420Girls
Noura Mohamed Al Abbas Al Sayed Al Gohary1420Girls
Adwa Abdul Aziz Mishal Al Saud1421Girls
Iman Ahmed Osman Al Amoudi1421Girls
Iman Saeed Omar Al-Essaie1421Girls
Badra Saeed Ali Al Ghamdi1421Girls
Haneen Abdul Aziz Sulaiman Radwan1421Girls
Dana Nazih Hassan Nassif1421Girls
Rabia Qais Ibrahim Gleidan1421Girls
Zeina Mohammed Abdullah Hashim1421Girls
Sarah Nasser Mohammed Al - Shamwmery1421Girls
Suha Mohammed Obaid Saeed Zaqer1421Girls
Simaa Mohamed Omar Nasser1421Girls
Shahad Hussein Hamid Fayez1421Girls
Sheikha Salmin Omar Mahfouz1421Girls
Alya Waleed Yousef Jamjoom1421Girls
Abeer Saleh Mohammed Alhqbani1421Girls
Fatima Mohammed Yousuf Nagi1421Girls
Lama Samir Abdelkader Nasir1421Girls
Mashael Khaled Mohamed Al Nuiser1421Girls
Mashail Mohammad Hani Bakri Saleh
Manar Mohammed Merhav Asaya1421Girls
Nouf Zuhair Abdulqader Bakri1421Girls
Wed Fahad Ibrahim Aoushen1421Girls
Yasmin Ghaleb Mohammed Ladin1421Girls
Arwa Zaid Harith Al - Sharif1421Girls
Dina Khaled Hashem Madani1421Girls
Ghada Samir Mostafa Sonbol1421Girls
Fatima Yousef Omar Al - Aqeel1421Girls
Loulwa Faisal Mohamed Idris1421Girls
Myriam Mustafa Essam Ghandour1421Girls
Noura Mohammed Ali Mohammed Alhamrani1421Girls
Noura Saleh Abdulrahman Al Turki1421Girls
Hala Mishary Saud Al Saud1421Girls
Alaa Abdallah Al - Mesbahi1422Girls
Amina Darwish Fakhro1422Girls
Byan Walid Batterjee1422Girls
Duaa Ahmed Deshash1422Girls
Ruba Samir Nasir1422Girls
Reem Mohammed Jamjoom1422Girls
Sarah Osama Glidan1422Girls
Sarah Majid Al - Sulaiman1422Girls
Soad Hassan Nazer1422Girls
Salma Samir Radwan1422Girls
Sondos Ahmed Mazhar1422Girls
Sondos Adel Batterjee1422Girls
Abeer Abdulaziz Daghestani1422Girls
Ghazal Abdel - Ella Mahfouz1422Girls
Laila Abdullah Al - Subaie1422Girls
Mariam Saleh Ladin1422Girls
Mona Hamza Abu Shal1422Girls
Nadia Fouad Akbar1422Girls
Nouf Ahmed Massoud1422Girls
Yasmin Hisham Moussalli1422Girls
Asmaa Zeid Al Sherif1422Girls
Razan Faisal Kaaki1422Girls
Samar Shaker Idris1422Girls
Farida Abdel Ella Zahid1422Girls
Lulua Adnan Moussalli1422Girls
Lina Faisal Idris1422Girls
Nouf Mohamed Al Gohary1422Girls
Basma Omar Bahaa El Din Khashoqgi1423Girls
Basma Mahfouz Salem Mahfouz1423Girls
Dania Abdullah Yaslim Badian1423Girls
Raha Tarek Abdel Wahab Ismail1423Girls
Rowida Mohamed Saeed Siraj Kaaki1423Girls
Zainab Idris Abdullah Hosawi1423Girls
Sarah Sami Mohammed Ramzi Al - Turki1423Girls
Shatha Saleh Mohammed Al - Qahbani1423Girls
Alya Amr Mohamed Khashoqgi1423Girls
Nayla Faisal Hassan Abed Al Thaqafi1423Girls
Nouf Mohammed Nasser Al-Muammar1423Girls
Hala Ramez Mahmoud Halabi1423Girls
Wejdan Abdul RahmanAbdul Basset Bajunid1423Girls
Wed Abdul Aziz Mohammed Yousif1423Girls
Al - Anoud Meshaal Mohammed Al - Sudairy1423Girls
Aisha Mohammed Shams El Din El Fassi1423Girls
Lujain Ahmed Abdulqader Baashen1423Girls
Maha Nawaf Abdul Rahman Al - Sudairy1423Girls
ModhiMashaal Majed Al Saud1423Girls
Nahedh Mohammed Abdul Qadir Al - Fadl1423Girls
Nada Zuhair Abdulqader Bakri1423Girls
Noura Abdullah Saeed Zaqr1423Girls
Nourah Hatem Ali Al - Jafali1423Girls
Esraa Khaled Ahmed Baghlaf1424Girls
Esraa Reda Abdul Hamid Jadaa1424Girls
Amna Mohammed Yousef Naghi1424Girls
Basma Youssef Ibrahim Al - Aqeel1424Girls
Dana Khaled Hamza Nahas1424Girls
Reem Osama Ahmed Baashen1424Girls
Zainab Abadi Saeed Saleh1424Girls
Sudair Saleh Abdullah Kamel1424Girls
Izzat Saleh Mohammed Ladin1424Girls
Fatima Mohammed Omar Al-Essaie1424Girls
Mashael Mohammed Issa Al Jaber1424Girls
Mawada Saleh Salem Mahfouz1424Girls
Nada Haidar Mohammed Ladin1424Girls
Hajer Sami Ahmed Moussalli1424Girls
Basma Mansour Meshal Al Saud1424Girls
Mohammed Ali Ibrahim Ali Reza1424Girls
Hasna Abd Ellah Abdullah Zahid1424Girls
Reneem Zaki Mohammed Ali Farsi1424Girls
Reem Abdul Rahman Abdulaziz Al Othman1424Girls
Sultanah Abdulrahman Abdullah Abar1424Girls
Lujin Eyad Amin Madani1424Girls
Marwa Essam Abdullatif Majlad1424Girls
Mariam Khaled Saad Al Haddad1424Girls
Maryam Abdulaziz Ali Alhamrani1424Girls
Mashail Meshal Majed Al Saud1424Girls
Munira Turki Abdullah Al-Faisal1424Girls
Noha Mustafa Ibrahim Ali Reza1424Girls
Tariq Yahya Al - Houdan1424Girls
Yousra Mohammed Ahmed Bahmadin1424Girls
Bayan Ibrahim Amin Al-Nasr1425Girls
Abdulkader Mohammed Ali Al Bakri1425Girls
Jalila Tarek Lotfi Al Khatib1425Girls
Kholoud Hassan Abdullah Baroum1425Girls
Dima Abdel Rahman Mohammed Al - Ghamdi1425Girls
Roaa Marwan Ahmed Jamjoom1425Girls
Ruba Youssef Ahmed Mahtasb1425Girls
Radwa Hisham Abdul Moati1425Girls
Sarah Abdel Rahman Saad Al - Hawish1425Girls
Duha Essam Ahmed Shatta1425Girls
Ayesha Mashhour Ali Al Moudoudi1425Girls
Lama Osama Ahmed Baashen1425Girls
Loloh Mahfouz Salem Mahfouz1425Girls
Nahla Faisal Abdul Aziz Kaaki1425Girls
Noura Yassin Ibrahim Ali Reza1425Girls
Nouf Adnan Hassan Sharbatli1425Girls
Amna Ghassan Salaheddin Abdel Gawad1425Girls
Basma Siraj Ali Alhamrani1425Girls
Tamara Adnan Mohammed Ali Moussalli1425Girls
Joanna Abdulhai Abed Qazzaz1425Girls
Dalia Ahmed Mohammed Baashen1425Girls
Dina Wael Malik Al Ghaleb Al Sharif1425Girls
Raya Mohammed Assem Al - Khatib1425Girls
Zina Joudat Mousa Al Halabi1425Girls
Sarah Saeed Abdullah Al Ghamdi1425Girls
Sarah Faisal Rashad Al - Dabbagh1425Girls
Sarah Mashhour Abdul Aziz Al Saud1425Girls
Salma Abdel Rahman Abdul Aziz Al Othman1425Girls
Fatima Mohammed Hussein Muslem1425Girls
Luluah Safwan Hashim Zawawi1425Girls
Laila Ahmed Mohammed Saleh Bukhari1425Girls
Laila Abdel Hadi Mohamed Sakka1425Girls
Mashail Abdallah Suleiman al-Ghaneem1425Girls
Mashael Ghassan Abdul Rahman Al - Sulaiman1425Girls
Nour Mazen Ali Fettiani1425Girls
Hala Ahmed Hamid Dakhil1425Girls
Huda Ahmed Hassan Fitaihi1425Girls
Yasmin Abdullah Hassan Qanzal1425Girls
Aya Mohamed Tariq Ziad Alborno1426Girls
Areej Abdel Sadek Osman Naser1426Girls
Lama Abdul Rahman Mohammed Al - Ghamdi1426Girls
Lolwa Ghaleb Mohammed Ladin1426Girls
Mashail Abdul Latif Abdulla Al-Nuqali1426Girls
Malaa Ali Omar Al Amoudi1426Girls
Hadia Mohammed Bashir Abdel Karim1426Girls
Bayan Samir Abdelkader Naseer1426Girls
Khaleda Yazid Khaled Al - Sulaiman1426Girls
Khadija Mohammed Shams El Din Al Fassi1426Girls
Rasha Abdullah Ahmed Darwish1426Girls
Zain Ahmed Abdullah Jamjoom1426Girls
Sarah Tarek Nasser Al - Aqeel1426Girls
Sara Saud Saad Al Saud1426Girls
Sultana Abdel Karim Asaad Abou El Nasr1426Girls
Salma Jamal Nasser Al - Aqeel1426Girls
Sama Walid Slim Fattani1426Girls
Samaher Saeed Abdel Hamid Alderhali1426Girls
Saba Abdul Aziz Omar Nasser1426Girls
Areeb Sufian Abdel Fattah Yassin1426Girls
Alia Amin Ali Al Jafali1426Girls
Alia Abdullah Hassan Masry1426Girls
Ghazal Abdel Aziz Ahmed Dagestani1426Girls
Laila Ahmed Abdullah Jamjoom1426Girls
Mzneh Saeed Mubarak Ba'arima1426Girls
Mashail Mahmoud Mohamed Idris1426Girls
Madawi Abdullah Saad Al Saud1426Girls
Malek Hassan Ibrahim Ali Reza1426Girls
Nehal Zuhair Abdelkader Bakri1426Girls
Noura Faisal Saud Al Saud1426Girls
Hala Ahmed Mohammed Al - Khuraiji1426Girls
Huda Mohamed Yousef Naghi1426Girls
Yasmin Farouk Ahmed Hewitt1426Girls
Al - Batool Mahmoud Yusuf Jamjoom1427Girls
Alaa Mohammed Yusuf Abu Znada1427Girls
Ayat Habib Mohamed Ali Al Bakri1427Girls
Aya Mohamed Abdelkader Al Fadl1427Girls
Areej Faisal Saad Al Saud1427Girls
Asma Abdul Aziz Saleh Al - Madah1427Girls
Basma Khaled Malik Al Ghaleb Al Sharif1427Girls
Bayan Qais Ibrahim Gleidan1427Girls
Jumana Ahmed Salem Mahfouz1427Girls
Jawaher Walid Abdul Qader Bakri1427Girls
Dina Yasser Youssef Naghi1427Girls
Rabaa Abdul Aziz Saleh Al - Ghunaim1427Girls
Rama Nazih Hassan Nassif1427Girls
Ruba Marwan Ahmed Jamjoom1427Girls
Sarah Osama Abdalla Selsela1427Girls
Sarah Shujaa Nami Al - Sharif1427Girls
Sarah Qassem Abdel Wahab Zahid1427Girls
Sarah Abdel Rahman Saleh Hassanein1427Girls
Sarah Abdullah Hassan Al Masry1427Girls
Sultana Abdullah Hassan Qanzal1427Girls
Abeer Ahmed Mustafa Al Bar1427Girls
Ghada Bakr Hassan Al - Booq1427Girls
Ghalia Mohamed Omar Nasser1427Girls
Fatima Abdullah Saeed Al-Madah1427Girls
Lujin Abdullah Yahya Al-Ma'lami1427Girls
Lolwa Mashhour Abdul Aziz Al Saud1427Girls
Lina Ghaleb Mohammed Ladin1427Girls
Maryam Abdullah Bakr Radwan1427Girls
Mashail Mohammad Saleh Zouman1427Girls
Maha Khaled Ali Sindi1427Girls
Moudi Saleh Mohammed Al Zouman1427Girls
Mai Siraj Ali Alhamrani1427Girls
Noura Mohammed Mishal Al Saud1427Girls
Nouf Meshal Majed Al Saud1427Girls
Hala Alaa Hashim Sadaqa1427Girls
Hoda Mowaffaq Mashour Al Harthy1427Girls
Yasmin Seri Ibrahim Islam1427Girls
Yasmina Mohammed Abdullah Hashem1427Girls
Al Jawhara Alaa Abdul Aziz Kandil1428Girls
Alaa Fawaz Hamza Sirafi1428Girls
Arwa Khaled Ahmed Baghlaf1428Girls
Iman Mo'men Mohammed Al - Rawi1428Girls
Bayan Ahmed Awad Ajlan1428Girls
Bayan Abdullah Saad Al-Saadi1428Girls
Jana Osama Ahmed Baashen1428Girls
Khadija Barakat Abdulbaset Bajunaid1428Girls
Duaa Ibrahim Mufleh Alsayed1428Girls
Raghad Abdel Aziz Omar Nasser1428Girls
Rima Faisal Saad Al Saud1428Girls
Sarah Mansour Meshal Al Saud1428Girls
Alia Mohammed Saeed Almadah1428Girls
Gharam Adel Mohamed Rashid Jamjoom1428Girls
Farah Tariq Mohamed Metwally1428Girls
Lami Saleh Mohammed Al - Qahbani1428Girls
Lamis Mohammed Safwat Junaid Bajunaid1428Girls
Laila Eyad Ghaleb Khashoqgi1428Girls
Laila Mohamed Ibrahim Al Shaer1428Girls
Maryam Abdullah Mohammed Abdo Yamani1428Girls
Muntaha Mahmoud Mohammed Ali Idris1428Girls
Munira Najeeb Abdul Latif Al - Issa1428Girls
Nada Mounir Hamed Hursani1428Girls
Noha Ahmed Abdul Qadir Baashen1428Girls
Nawal Walid Lutfi Bukhari1428Girls
Noora Tarek Nasser Al - Aqeel1428Girls
Nouf Fahad Ali Alhamrani1428Girls
Nouf Mohammed Hussein Muslem1428Girls
Heba Khaled Faisal Al Sharif1428Girls
Ebtaj Abdullah Mohamed Amin Bukhari1429Girls
Al - Batool Hassan Abdullah Baroum1429Girls
Al - Anoud Fahd Abdulrahman Al - Sulaiman1429Girls
Amana Osama Zakaria Jamjoom1429Girls
Areej Abdullah Ibrahim Al-Mesbahi1429Girls
Basma Mohammed Hamid Horsani1429Girls
Tala Khaled Hamza Nahas1429Girls
Jumana Zuhair Abdullah Mufti1429Girls
Hessa Saleh Mohammed Al Zouman1429Girls
Khadija Yasser Mohammed Al Yamani1429Girls
Dalal Ahmed Ali Alhamrani1429Girls
Dina Mohammed Hassan Abu Dawood1429Girls
Rudeineh Walid Amin Samman1429Girls
Rosanna Amin Mohammed Al - Awadi1429Girls
Rawa Abdullah Saleh Kamel1429Girls
Sarah Othman Mohamed Salah Jamjoom1429Girls
Sarah Mustafa Rajai Al Takheen1429Girls
Samaher Hisham Hussein Basha1429Girls
Sumaya Mohammed Ahmed Bait Al Mal1429Girls
Lama Mohammed Kamal Al Modares1429Girls
Lian Yasser Fathi Al - Kholi1429Girls
Laila Mohamed Yousef Naghi1429Girls
Nour Louay Reza Hakim1429Girls
Nour Mahfouz Salem Mahfouz1429Girls
Nour Mohamed Siraj Qandil1429Girls
Nour Nawaf Hisham Attar1429Girls
Heba Abdul Rahman Alawi Al - Saqqaf1429Girls
Yasmine Hisham Ahmed Hamza1429Girls
Yasmin Youssef Ibrahim Bukhari1429Girls
Ebtisam Abdullah Al Darwish1430/1431Girls
Anoud Faisal Al Saud1430/1431Girls
Arjwan Abdalbari Mazi1430/1431Girls
Basma Ahmed Al Dhaheri1430/1431Girls
Jawhara Abdullah Al Sudairy1430/1431Girls
Dana Ahmed Alhamrani1430/1431Girls
Dana Jamal Al Amri1430/1431Girls
Dina Najeeb Al Issa1430/1431Girls
Rania Mohammed Hani Bakri1430/1431Girls
Rima Meshal Al - Thunayan Al - Saud1430/1431Girls
Sarah Samir Kaaki1430/1431Girls
Sarah Saleh Qari1430/1431Girls
Sarah Abdullah Linjawi1430/1431Girls
Sarah Mohammed Obaid Zaqr1430/1431Girls
Seraa Moamen Al Rawi1430/1431Girls
Salma Samir Niazi Murad1430/1431Girls
Sena Walid Fattani1430/1431Girls
Sondos Samir Malaeka1430/1431Girls
Ghalia Anas Khashoqgi1430/1431Girls
Lana Mohammed Khaldoun Dia1430/1431Girls
Latifa Khaled Al Saud1430/1431Girls
Lama Mounir Harsani1430/1431Girls
Lama Fahd Alhamrani1430/1431Girls
Lamia Abdul Rahman Al - Qahbani1430/1431Girls
Lolwa Raad Al Bakri1430/1431Girls
Mashael Badr Al Saud1430/1431Girls
Nouf Moataz Kayal1430/1431Girls
Haya Omar Hashim1430/1431Girls
Haia Ghassan Al-Sulaiman1430/1431Girls
Wadad Kamal Ari1430/1431Girls
Yasmeen Mujahid Al - Sawaf1430/1431Girls
Turki Mohamed Hafez1431-1432Girls
Amira Fahd Ahmed Al-Essaie1431-1432Girls
Iman Salem Omar Bagshan1431-1432Girls
Bayan Saeed Ali Al-Ghamdi1431-1432Girls
Tala Ghassan Ahmed Amoudi1431-1432Girls
Jude Ahmed Abdullah Jamjoom1431-1432Girls
Dana Abdullah Saeed Al Awaidi1431-1432Girls
Rima Ibrahim Mohammed Aljomaih1431-1432Girls
Sarah Ahmed Mohammed Qashlan1431-1432Girls
Sarah Ayman Abdel Aziz Dagestani1431-1432Girls
Sarah Adel Saleh Al Hewar1431-1432Girls
Sarah Abdul Aziz Saad Al Saud1431-1432Girls
Sarah Mohammed Kamal Makki Jamjoom1431-1432Girls
Sarah Hashim Abdullah Hashim1431-1432Girls
Sohoud Shujaa Nami Al - Sharif1431-1432Girls
Sufana Khalid Ali Reza1431-1432Girls
Tariq Abdel Wahab Ismail1431-1432Girls
Abla Sufian Abdul Fattah Yassin1431-1432Girls
Fatima Yasser Mohammed Al - Yamani1431-1432Girls
Lara Yasser Fathi Al - Kholi1431-1432Girls
Lujin Tamim Fadel Qabbani1431-1432Girls
Luluah Hamza Hamed Al - Mahdhar1431-1432Girls
Majida Jamil Mohammed Addas1431-1432Girls
Madina Ali Ahmed Merah1431-1432Girls
Maryam Mohammed Saeed Almdah1431-1432Girls
Mashael Mansour Mishal Al Saud1431-1432Girls
Monoa Abdullah Saad Al Saud1431-1432Girls
Hoda Ammar Yousef Naghi1431-1432Girls
Wedian Mohammed Omar Nasser1431-1432Girls
Yousra Mohammed Hassan Mufti1431-1432Girls
Ibtisam Mohammed Ali Naghi1432-1433Girls
Atheer Saleh Mohammed Al - Qahbani1432-1433Girls
Anoud Mohammed Saleh Al - Zuman1432-1433Girls
Al - Anoud Yahya Hamdan Al - Ansari1432-1433Girls
Abrar Faisal Awwad Al-Jahni1432-1433Girls
Asma Abdullah Mohammed Habadi1432-1433Girls
Amina Ayman Farouk Abu Zeid1432-1433Girls
Tala Abdullah Hamad Linjawi1432-1433Girls
Jumana Ahmed Abdullah Baz1432-1433Girls
Khadija Osama Mohammed Amin Serafi1432-1433Girls
Dima Youssef Mohamed Al - Nuweiser1432-1433Girls
Razan Qassem Saleh Al Sheikh1432-1433Girls
Raghad Wadih Abdel Wahab Hussein1432-1433Girls
Reheed Sultan Khalid Mahfouz1432-1433Girls
Reem Anas Mohammed Al Marzouki1432-1433Girls
Reem Abdullah Selim Junaidib1432-1433Girls
Sarah Hassan Ismail Al Madani1432-1433Girls
Soad Saud Omar Nasser1432-1433Girls
Sama Eidros Hussein Baroum1432-1433Girls
Fatima Ghazi Mahmoud Ali Reza1432-1433Girls
Farah Adel Mohammed Khazendar1432-1433Girls
Lujin Mahmoud Hassan Baderik1432-1433Girls
Lina Abdullah Ahmed Bagshan1432-1433Girls
Masha'el Abdullah Baraka Al-Zinbaqi1432-1433Girls
Madawi Abdullah Jalawi Al Saud1432-1433Girls
Nabila Abdulkarim Jamil Addas1432-1433Girls
Nour Nasser Abdullah Al Shahrani1432-1433Girls
Noura Shawky Mohamed Saati1432-1433Girls
Noura Abdul Aziz Al - Khudairy1432-1433Girls
Nouf Meshary Ibrahim Al Hussein1432-1433Girls
Nourah Hamoud Abdel Aziz Al Zaid1432-1433Girls
Nour Nawaf Nasser Al Saud1432-1433Girls
Nouf Mohammed Dakhel Talal Al-Juhani1432-1433Girls
Hadeer Alaa Hashim Sadaqa1432-1433Girls
Haya Khaled Ahmed Al - Jafali1432-1433Girls
Ebtihal Omar Ibrahim Al - Suhbi1433-1434Girls
Amal Luai Hisham Qazzaz1433-1434Girls
Basma Abdul Samad Mohammed Mahin1433-1434Girls
Jumana Saad Mohammed Khayat1433-1434Girls
Dina Mohammed Yusuf Jamjoom1433-1434Girls
Raad Nasser Abdullah Al - Shahrani1433-1434Girls
Raghad Masoud Mohammed Amin Taleb1433-1434Girls
Sarah Omar Mohammed Al - Juhani1433-1434Girls
Samya Abdullah Saeed Al Ghamdi1433-1434Girls
Abeer Mokhtar Abdulmajeeb Abara1433-1434Girls
Lama Mansoor Mishal Al Saud1433-1434Girls
Loloh Bassam Abdul Rahman Linjawi1433-1434Girls
Laila Nazar Ahmed Khuqair1433-1434Girls
Liliane Zuhair Mohammed Saleh Ismail1433-1434Pratt InstitutionGirls
Majida Ayman Farouk Abu Zeid1433-1434Girls
Maria Saeed Abdullah Abu Hadi1433-1434Girls
Nada Abdullah Abdul Rahman Al Muammar1433-1434Girls
Nouf Abdul Majid Ahmed Binan1433-1434Girls
Hala Mohammed Talal Al - Rasheed1433-1434Girls
Waad Majdi Yousef Abu Zenada1433-1434Girls
Israa Ali Sultan Al-Salami1433-1434Girls
Aseel Fawzi Ahmed Abdul Qadir1433-1434Girls
Anoud Adnan Abdul Jalil Abdul Gawad1433-1434Girls
Aya Saleh Omar Almdudi1433-1434Girls
Aya Essam Ahmed Shatta1433-1434Girls
Jude Jamal Mohammed Al- Amri1433-1434Girls
Hanan Adel Mohammed Wali1433-1434Girls
Haneen Abdullah Abdul Shafie Al Harbi1433-1434Girls
Raghad Adnan Qurban Turkistani1433-1434Girls
Renad Khaled Hashem Nagru1433-1434Girls
Rahaf Ahmed Ali Wasfi1433-1434Girls
Rola Sultan Jamal Shawley1433-1434Girls
Shomokh Fahad Mohammed Al Otaibi1433-1434Girls
Ghada Yasser Mohammed Abdo Al Yamani1433-1434Girls
Lujain Jari Saeed Al Amri1433-1434Girls
Miskah Turki Mohammed Hafez1433-1434Girls
Madhawi Osama Mohammed Al - Aql1433-1434Girls
Malak Samir Mohammed Salem Bajunaid1433-1434Girls
Nouf Yusuf Suleiman Balghanim1433-1434Girls
Wid Yousef Mohammed Al-Muslem1433-1434Girls
Atyaf Tarek Abdul Aziz Al - Juhani1434-1435Girls
Anoud Abdul Aziz Suleiman Balghanim1434-1435Girls
Zeina Hamza Mohammed Saleh Serafi1434-1435Girls
Salma Mohammed Saeed Al-Madah1434-1435Girls
Farah Abdul Moneim Mohammed Murad1434-1435Girls
Kinda Abdullah Merai Mahfouz1434-1435Girls
Maya Fahd Hassan Banasar1434-1435Girls
Maryam Khalil Ibrahim Abdul Jawad1434-1435Girls
Najia Saleh Mustafa Al Fadl1434-1435Girls
Nabaa Nasser Abdullah Al - Shahrani1434-1435Girls
Nada Abdul Mohsen Mohammed Al Ghamdi1434-1435Girls
Nourh Abdul Aziz Suleiman Balghanim1434-1435Girls
Hind Ben Ammar Ben Youssef Naghi1434-1435Girls
Yasmina Hamid Ahmed Al - Mutabqani1434-1435Girls
Arwa Mokhtar Abdul Mojeeb Abara1434-1435Girls
Basma Ayman Sherif al - Awadi1434-1435Girls
Jumana daughter of Abdullah Omar Bafyl1434-1435Girls
Jannah Yasser Othman Dahlawi1434-1435Girls
Khadija Abdullah Mohammed Fadaaq1434-1435Girls
Dania Isam Mohammed Abdul Badea1434-1435Girls
Rana Ahmed Mohammed Al Ghamdi1434-1435Girls
Rawan Khalid Ahmed Baghlaf1434-1435Girls
Sarah Ahmed Abdullah Baz1434-1435Girls
Alia Saad Ali Al Zouma Al - Ghamdi1434-1435Girls
Fatima Walid Ali Alshaer1434-1435Girls
Lara Tawfiq Abdul Rahim Mutaher1434-1435Girls
Lara Fayez Ali Rajab1434-1435Girls
Lama Mazen Mohammed Al - Nuweiser1434-1435Girls
Neveen Tariq Salem Al Maghrabi1434-1435Girls
Asmaa Obaid Mohsen Al - Saqqaf1434-1435Girls
Aseel Mohammed Abdullah Al Amri1434-1435Girls
Raghad Ahmed Mohammed Rizk Allah1434-1435Girls
Rennad Mazen Reza Hakim1434-1435Girls
Rotana Mohammed Ahmed Abu Laban1434-1435Girls
Samah Mohammed Khalil Qari1434-1435Girls
Maria Khalid Bakr Alem1434-1435Girls
Nouf Fahd Abdulaziz Almuqern1434-1435Girls
Hala Mohammed Abdul Aziz Al Muammar1434-1435Girls
Jumana Marwan Mohammed Lutfi Al - Sawaf1434-1435Girls
Raghda Abdul Majeed Mohammed Al Awadi1434-1435Girls
Rahaf Abdul Ellah Turki Al Asiyri1434-1435Girls
Salma Mohammed Abbas Olmas Jan Guqandi1434-1435Girls
Farah Asim Mohammed Nezam Al - Wazzani1434-1435Girls
Hala Abdul Rahman Mahmoud Sabbagh1434-1435Girls
Waad Ismat Abdul Qader Abu Al - Hamail1434-1435Girls
Princess Abeer Khalid Abdullah Al Saud1435-1436Girls
Al - Anoud Hamoud Abdulaziz Al Zaid1435-1436Girls
Amna Sami Ahmed Moussalli1435-1436Girls
Amina Ahmed Mohammed Al - Quthmi1435-1436Girls
Iman Ramli Harun Saleh1435-1436Girls
Iman Abdul Hamid Abdul Qader Nuqli1435-1436Girls
Aya Hussein Hassan Abu Dawood1435-1436Girls
Ammar Omar Bahasen1435-1436Girls
Basma Hassan Abdullah Baroum1435-1436Girls
Bushra Abu Bakr Omar Baaboud1435-1436Girls
Tamara Hossam Hamad Linjawi1435-1436Girls
Jamila Abu Bakr Abdul Samad1435-1436Girls
Jannah Hisham Abdulrahman Linjawi1435-1436Girls
Khoja Jannah Khalid Abdulkarim Bukhari1435-1436Girls
Jude Fawaz Saeed Alsahafi1435-1436Girls
Danah Ahmed Rafiq Al - Nouri1435-1436Girls
Dania Mohammed Mohammed Kamal Al Modares1435-1436Girls
Durr Mohammed Younis Al-Misri1435-1436Girls
Ruba Saleh Mohammed Said Tunisi1435-1436Girls
Razan Mohammed Abdullah al-Tamihi1435-1436Girls
Rahf Mohammed Mukhtar Abdul Razaq Al-Slagore1435-1436Girls
Rawan Musa Hammad Marwani Al Jehani1435-1436Girls
Rotana Mohamed Khaldoun1435-1436Girls
Dia Rousan Adel Mohamed Wally1435-1436Girls
Ruaa Abd Al-Elah Hassan Ajawi1435-1436Girls
Roaa Abdullah Faisal Al Saqr1435-1436Girls
Ruwaida Mohammed Abdo Haddad1435-1436Girls
Reif Mohammed Manaa Al Mansour1435-1436Girls
Reem Mazen Mousaed Al Sharif1435-1436Girls
Rima Mohammed Ahmed Totongi1435-1436Girls
Renad Taha Abdullah Qumasani1435-1436Girls
Zain Kanaan Ibrahim Abu Mohsen1435-1436Girls
Sarah Essam Mahmoud Khadri1435-1436Girls
Sarah Mohammed Jameel Manan1435-1436Girls
Sarah Mohammed Abdul Aziz Al Muammar1435-1436Girls
Shatha Tarek Abdulqader Hafani1435-1436Girls
Shorouk Ahmed Nasser Al - Mutlaq1435-1436Girls
Shahad Tarek Abdul Ghani Sarhan1435-1436Girls
Duha Kamal Mohammed Al-Ghamdi1435-1436Girls
Alya Mohammed Omar Zubair1435-1436Girls
Aisha Ghazi Mahmoud Ali Reza1435-1436Girls
Ghada Mansour Mohammed Anghawi1435-1436Girls
Ghalya Hussein Abdullah Baroum1435-1436Girls
Lubna Yasser Ghulam Juahrji1435-1436Girls
Lujain Ismail Ahmed Fattah1435-1436Girls
Lama Ramez Mansour Al Ghaleb Al Sharif1435-1436Girls
Lama Anees Ahmed1435-1436Girls
Moamenah Mohammed Yusuf Ali Abu Zenada1435-1436Girls
Lamis Abdul Wahab Abdul Majeed Bahrawi1435-1436Girls
Laila Abdul Elah Abdullah Zahid Lu1435-1436Girls
Loa Mohammed Saad Farghal1435-1436Girls
Layal Nizar Abdulbar Alqain1435-1436Girls
Lynne Fadel Mohamed Othman1435-1436Girls
Mooda Ismail Hassan Beshara1435-1436Girls
Maysan Sameeh Mahfouz Felemban1435-1436Girls
Nour Ahmed Ibrahim Al - Mesbahi1435-1436Girls
Nour Yosef Al Akhdar Alqayem1435-1436Girls
Noura Moataz Mohammed Ali Qazny1435-1436Girls
Hebat Allah Asim Mohammed Nizam Al Wazni1435-1436Girls
Princess Salma Bandar Mohammed Saud al - Kabeer1437-1436Girls
Princess Lulouh Meshaal Mansour Thunayan Al Saud1437-1436Girls
Omnia Ahmed Mohammed Al - Quthmi1437-1436Girls
Bayan Mohammed Abdo Abbas1437-1436Girls
Tamara Hussein Hassan Abu Dawood1437-1436Girls
Jana Saad Mohammed Khayat1437-1436Girls
Kholoud Tariq Thohoor Al - Hasan1437-1436Girls
Kholoud Kanaan Abdul Mohammed Faisal1437-1436Girls
Dina Abdullah Ahmed Bugshan1437-1436Girls
Dina Mohammed Abdul Latif Hussein1437-1436Girls
Rital Mohammed Saleh Mir Alam1437-1436Girls
Raghad Ahmed Mohammed Saleh1437-1436Girls
Rafif Majed Hamed Al - Qurashi1437-1436Girls
Rahaf Hamza Hussein Bundaqji1437-1436Girls
Roodain Othman Abdul Aziz Shahbar1437-1436Girls
Rima Abdullah Saleh Kamel1437-1436Girls
Zahraa Hussain Mohsen Al - Saqqaf1437-1436Girls
Sahar Hani Hussain Seet1437-1436Girls
Soumia Nahr Abdulsalam Malibari1437-1436Girls
Shawq Mohammed Saleh Bakri1437-1436Girls
Shawq Yousef Masood Al - Saadi1437-1436Girls
Seba Adel Mohammed Sabri1437-1436Girls
Alya Gamal Mohammed Abdul Latif Al Amri1437-1436Girls
Ghaidaa Samir Abdul Hamid Khan1437-1436Girls
Laila Abdullah Abdul Aziz Al Saghir1437-1436Girls
Lina Abdul Hamid Abdul Qader Nuqli1437-1436Girls
Lina Ahmed Abdulaziz Tayyar1437-1436Girls
Mashail Saud Omar Nasser1437-1436Girls
Myrna Hatem Mohammed Noor Khuqair1437-1436Girls
Nada Emad Mohammed Khayat1437-1436Girls
Noha Omar Mohammed Bamdaroof1437-1436Girls
Nouf Hassan Mefreh Al - Maliki1437-1436Girls
Nouf Hamoud Abdulaziz Al Zaid1437-1436Girls
Huda Saleh Yosef Naghi1437-1436Girls
Haya Ammar Yosef Naghi1437-1436Girls
Wejd Walid Ali Al - Aidroos1437-1436Girls
Areej Mohammed Hussein Al Yafi'i1437-1438Girls
Eklil Fadel Mohammed Othman1437-1438Girls
Albatool Abdullah Saeed Al - Madah1437-1438Girls
Alhanouf Mohammed Abdullah Al - Waqdani1437-1438Girls
Lujain Khalid Abdullah Al Amri1437-1438Girls
Lama Raad Abdul Rahman Al - Hamdan1437-1438Girls
Lolwa Yasser Yosef Naghi1437-1438Girls
Maral Mohammed Saleh Miralem1437-1438Girls
Maryam Mohammed Khaled Bakhshab1437-1438Girls
Nameer Ahmed Abdul Hamid Al Thaqafi1437-1438Girls
Noha Walid Nayef Al-Sudairy1437-1438Girls
Hajar Mohammed Omar Zubair1437-1438Girls
Wedad Mazen Ali Bafaqih1437-1438Girls
Waad Rashid Mahfouz Al Zuma1437-1438Girls
Yasmeen Azhar Ben Mido Kenji1437-1438Girls
Yasmin Riyad Reda Obaid1437-1438Girls
Amal Ibrahim Suleiman Al Hefzi1437-1438Girls
Bayader Sultan Khalid Mahfouz1437-1438Girls
Bayan Mohammed Hamoud Al-Hashidi1437-1438Girls
Jannah Abdullah Munir Dagestani1437-1438Girls
Jouri Anwar Ben Ali Omair1437-1438Girls
Haneen Fahd Mohammed Hakim1437-1438Girls
Danah Ahmed Mohammed Al Ghamdi1437-1438Girls
Danah Hashim Mohammed Al Hebashi1437-1438Girls
Dima Sayed Fathi Al Kholi1437-1438Girls
Dina Ali Abdullah Baroum1437-1438Girls
Razan Yaseen Mohammed Al Mleiki1437-1438Girls
Raghad Hani Mahmoud Khafaji1437-1438Girls
Rana Thamer Yousef Marghalani1437-1438Girls
Roud Abdul Majeed Bakr Ahmed1437-1438Girls
Rima Saleh Mohammed Al Shaqeeq1437-1438Girls
Zahraa Obaid Mohsen al - Saqqaf1437-1438Girls
Shahd Hashim Ali Al - Shehri1437-1438Girls
Sheikha Khalid Zain Bajammal1437-1438Girls
Ghada Abdul Malik Naem Al - Sulami1437-1438Girls
Fay Khalid Mahfouz Al Zuma1437-1438Girls
Sarah Abdul Latif Mohammed Saad1437-1438Girls
Sultan Faisal Saif Al - Din Al - Samnoudi1437-1438Girls
Princess Lulwa Fahad Faisal Al Saud1437-1438Girls
Princess Luluah Saud Badr Mohammed Abdul Rahman Al Saud1437-1438Girls
Rana Mohammed Ahmed Toutungi1438-1439Girls
Raghad Mohammed Ahmed Bakhshwain1438-1439Girls
Yumna Yasser Ghulam Juahirji1438-1439Girls
Yasimna Osama Saad Al - Haddad1438-1439Girls
Hatoon Salah Mohammed Bashnafar1438-1439Girls
Reenad Yahya Abed Abu Jamal1438-1439Girls
Aseel Ahmed Mohammed Ibrahim Qattan1438-1439Girls
Bateel Nayef Mohammed Fawzi Yamani1438-1439Girls
Faten Fahd Mohammed Ibrahim Qattan1438-1439Girls
Fayeqa Suhail Salem Bajammal1438-1439Girls
Lolwa Adel Mohammed Asiri1438-1439Girls
Al-Batool Ahmed Saad Fatta1438-1439Girls
Tala Abdul - Hadi Mohammed Al - Amri1438-1439Girls
Razan Ahmed Hamed al-Ghamdi1438-1439Girls
Reham Salah Abdo Zuqeel1438-1439Girls
Lina Abdul Rahman Safar al - Harthy1438-1439Girls
Tasnim Mohammed Said Al Amoudi1438-1439Girls
Duha Ahmed Hamza Amer1438-1439Girls
Lara Osama Ihsan Kazem1438-1439Girls
Mays Abdul Rahman Dawood Sindi1438-1439Girls
Radha Dakhil Allah Faleh Al - Jehani1438-1439Girls
Nourah Faisal Abdul Aziz Al - Obeid1438-1439Girls
Shawq Fawaz Said Al Sahafi1438-1439Girls
Jude Ramiz Al Ghaleb Al Sharif1438-1439Girls
Najwa Mahmoud Othman Hafez1438-1439Girls
Nour Adnan Abdul Jalil Abdul Jawad1438-1439Girls
Hanouf Abdul Malik Naam Al - Salami1438-1439Girls
Amna Mohammed Omar Sharif1438-1439Girls
Dur Ahmed Abdullah Jamjoom1438-1439Girls
Lynn Yahya Abdullah Al - Jefri1438-1439Girls
Wad Helmi Hamed Natoo1438-1439Girls
Aya Khalid Ahmed Arfa1438-1439Girls