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DAF's Origin

In 1985, A group of businessmen in Jeddah gathered to set up a non-profit, private school that provides the children of Jeddah with a distinctive education, similar to that offered by prestigious schools in the United States and Britain.
The first motive behind the establishment of schools is to believe in the importance of the personal and emotional development of the child in the family, rather than the alienation that separates the child from his or her national, Arab, and Islamic environment, and distorts his emotional growth; Balancing Islamic culture with the values ​​of society and learning through modern science curricula.
The founders made a huge donation, bringing together around 70 million riyals, and the schools were built on a plot of land from a high-rise area of ​​10.000 square meters.
The schools were built based on the idea of ​​a combination of Architectural significance and the human values of ​​learning and education.

Where there is a fixed axis and moving dimensions that revolve around the center with flexibility and ease. Both faith and 14belonging are firmly rooted axis, with knowledge and science connected to this axis. The 15idea of ​​parallel wings of the planetary system in space was a circular motion around the 16center of the sun.
It has also been designed as a multi-purpose building for physical growth, sports and sports education, and spiritual growth by making it a prayer and social activity area. The study halls overlook these spaces and relate to the hearing, vision, and insight that affect and are affected by it so that the person becomes an educated being in all its conditions and times.
The boys ‘schools opened in 1985, followed by the opening of the girls’ school in 1986. Then an independent building was established for kindergarten in 1998.


DAF seeks to empower its students with the Quranic mission of “Iqra,” which is the invocation to read. Our students should be true believers at heart, righteous in deed, and wise of thoughts. Only thus can they assume their responsibility as stewards over God’s earthly dominions.


The School strives toward developing the educational process so that a student is being prepared to become a self-reliant learner who is capable of achieving a balance between his earthly and spiritual needs. The student will be fed by deep-rooted Islamic values which allows him to move across cultural barriers in this global civilization.

The School inspires and encourages students to be role models to others in their strive for excellence while enthusiastically practicing their creative skills. Eventually, they will be welcomed by the top-rated universities and those students are going to be prepared for a fruitful working life.

They are philanthropic in their deeds, creative in thought, and happily adorned in the vestments of piety (taqwa) (garments of sacred consciousness).

DAF's Objectives


Building the righteous, wise believer in an open world


Developing a balanced personality through knowledge, values, and skills.


Prioritizing learning over education, for individuals to be lifelong, self-directed learners.


Refining future skills through personal and social competencies


Deepening human benefit from technology and its evolving prospects


Educating the well-rounded individual, physically, mentally, and spiritually


Strengthening the relationship between humans and their environment, culture, and acquainting themselves with world cultures


Elevating the taste of generations with beauty, a love for craftsmanship and perfection, and refining their taste in the ornamentation of Islamic arts and Arabic calligraphy

DAF History

  • Since its establishment in 1985, Dar Al Fikr schools have been a realistic translation of dreams and adventures, but they are calculated.
  • It was founded as a non-profit school … for the sake of community service by providing quality education.
  • At the beginning, the developed secondary schools, in addition to the special thought curriculum, have been applied to bring together national education and openness to world culture in language and technology.
  • Ten years later, the schools translated this pairing into the local and the world into an integrated curriculum called “
  • “Tutorial”. Presented to dozens of American high school students and students based on Arabic language, values of Islam.
  • In 2000, the Ministry licensed schools, only in the Kingdom,to apply the experience of the integrated curriculum. Where schools – as a good opening in the Kingdom – to build an integrated curriculum in the Arabic language, beyond the multiplicity of materials and intersection, as well as in Islamic education. Making the number of curriculum materials 9 articles, after it was 17 articles. This curriculum was subsequently circulated at the Ministry’s recommendation to select schools in Riyadh and Tabuk in the northern region.
  • In 2008, the High Commissioner issued an order to select private schools capable of teaching international curricula, a collection of identity materials. It was natural that Dar Al Fikr schools would be selected as the first school in this new course. The Advance Ed Foundation evaluated them and granted them a certificate of accreditation for this scientific and educational leadership.
  • Since 2005, schools have established a scholarship fund for gifted students who have been recruited through newspaper advertisements and special tests. In 2010, the King Abdul Aziz Foundation and His Men (Mawhiba) initiated the selection of schools; Talented people from 2010 to date.
  • In 2016 – 2017, schools began to apply AP courses in mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, and ICT as advanced post-secondary academic courses and are calculated for students in foreign universities.
  • Over the years, more than 3,000 students have graduated from school. They have recorded unique achievements for their homeland and for themselves in the areas of excellence, innovation and world-wide. Today, many alumni occupy important positions in the country’s economic and scientific life.