Enrichment Program

School Activities

The school activity is one of the modern concepts used in education, whereas traditional education focuses on the theoretical and academic aspects, neglecting the practical, applied, and life aspects, which overlooks the student as a human being of a specific nature, and has tendencies, motivations, desires, and psychological, physical, mental and social needs. . The activity was introduced into schools at the beginning of this century only.

Currently, activity is the cornerstone of modern education, so full attention must be given to planning, operation, guidance, and evaluation.

Concept of school activity:
It is a school-run program that addresses all aspects of school life related to school subjects, and social and environmental aspects, so that it achieves specific educational goals, whether in the classroom or outside, inside or outside the school.

The importance of school activity:

  • Activity is a natural expression of human needs and motivations.
  • The activity makes the school an integrated society, where students live through various activities life in its normal form.
  • The activity makes education and education more vibrant and has an impact.
  • Activity Documenting the school’s relationship with society and the environment.
  • Activity is the natural area for students to experience different experiences through actual practice.

Exhibitions and Events


Dar Al Fikr schools present students’ mental, muscular, handicraft, and personal skills to encourage them to develop and expose them to dealing with an extracurricular society within a functional academic framework. The exhibitions are a way of developing students in an open environment outside the classroom, Give students an opportunity to see different actions, roles and skills that students acquire from each other. A teacher may see a particular subject as a creative student in different fields, and the student will see a positive view that benefits both.


Students in some classes, offer a seminar under a specific topic, covering each group of students or students in a specific area, under the chosen subject. The seminar is attended by parents of all kinds. These courses allow students and students to acquire skills and information. A basic basis for the transition to higher levels of study and broader social relations.


The purpose of the project is to train students and students on the skills of mathematics in practice. The goal may be to provide material financial support. It may be sponsoring a student project, and the goal may be to provide students with personal social skills.

Classroom Activities

Classroom activity is an important aspect of supporting the educational process and is a direct and practical application of the skills we learn in everyday life, in order to remain in long-term memory. Activities vary within the classroom, varying through the development of students ‘ skills and hobbies, discovering their personal physical talents, and mental, artistic, skilled, linguistic, and satisfying their desires, through multiple faces, such as educational trips, educational stations, representation, exhibitions, small projects, etc…

Extra-curricular Activities

Objectives of extra-curricular activities:

  1. Translating acquired theoretical skills into applied practical experiences.
  2. Acquire, refine, develop, and direct the different talents and abilities of students, which are tailored to the needs of the environment and the Islamic community.
  3. Educate students to respect professional manual labor.
  4. Eliminate all obstacles that may hinder students from achieving future goals.
  5. Ensuring that the principle of education is applied in entertainment, by introducing many diverse programs that meet the needs of society and the contemporary generation.
  6. Develop the professional, productive taste of students.
  7. Ensure that the appropriate environment is designed to enhance the students’ relationship with the school.

Sports Activities

Sports activity is an educational activity that works on the education of young people in a balanced, integrated way of life: emotional, social, physical, and mental, through programs and various fields under the supervision of school leadership, which aims at achieving the goals of sports activity, The stages of general education.

  • Spread sports-oriented awareness of exercise to gain fitness, constant activity, and strengthening of the body; to find a strong believer.
  • Instilling and establishing the correct concepts of physical education and sports activity, including working in the spirit of the team, and realizing the correct educational dimension of sports competitions.
  • Development of sound social attitudes, proper behavior through some situations in group and individual games, self-confidence, and the development of sportsmanship.
  • Contribute to the elimination of psychological stress, discharge of emotions, depletion of excess energy, the satisfaction of psychological needs, social adjustment, and self-realization.
  • Estimate the importance of investing leisure time in some useful sports activities.
  • Raise the level of physical fitness of students, by giving them appropriate doses of exercise, which develop, and maintain proper strength.
  • Give students skills, and motor abilities, based on athletic rules, and healthy to build a healthy body.
  • Taking care of gifted students and taking care of them in different sports, and working to raise their technical and skill levels.