School health services:

A) Comprehensive health screening:

  1. Before a comprehensive health check.
  2. During a comprehensive health check.
  3. After a comprehensive health check.

B) Preventive services:

  1. Prevention and control of infectious diseases.
  2. Emergency care and first aid.
  3. Develop a health education plan.


Sports Facilities

  • The main stadium: exercises and classes to learn and practice volleyball, handball, basketball and its activities. It also features a handball court, volleyball court and 2 basketball courts.
  • Shaikh Saleh Kamel Stadium is a hexagonal football stadium, where football training classes and compositions between classes are conducted. Special tournaments are also received for the same activity.
  • Archery Arena: Special archery training courses and special tournaments.
  • Tennis court: Tennis training classes.
  • Fitness lounge: (new facility this year) It serves students in fitness classes, body building through special equipment and ground exercises.
  • The interior arenas of the primary, middle and secondary levels: which holds internal classes of gymnastics, karate, table tennis, and badminton, intelligence mind games with their own tools, billiards, volleyball, speed-ball, xBox, and PlayStation.

Library and Learning Resources

Restaurant and Kitchen Cuisine

  • The school is contracted with Czech Safety First (Crystal), a global safety company to Increase efficiency, quality, and productivity in kitchens, and school restaurants.
  • Risk management is carried out in a highly efficient manner, combining a system of expertise and technology.
  • High-level strategic knowledge and key performance indicators are adopted at the senior management level while maintaining the simplicity and functionality of front-line staff.
  • The restaurant and kitchen functions are effectively managed, accident or injury free.
  • Thus, our school is at the forefront of the Kingdom’s schools to adopt world-class measurements of food safety in its kitchens and restaurants.