DAF Founders

  • Prince / Majid bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud, President (MUH)
  • Prince Talal bin Mansour bin Abdulaziz Al Saud (Honorary Member)
  • Eng. Mohammed Saeed Al-Farisi
  • Dr. Abdul Fattah Mohiyddin Nadher (MUH)
  • Mr. Abdul Rahman Abdul Aziz Osman
  • Mr. Mohammed Ahmed Yousef Zainal Ali redha
  • Mr. Hisham Ahmed Yousef Zainal Ali redha
  • Eng. Zaki Mohammed Ali Al-Farsi
  • Mr. Waleed Yousef Zahid
  • Mr. Habib Mohammed Ali Al-Bakri
  • Mr. Ahmed Zaki Yamani
  • Mr. Saleh Abdullah Kamel
  • Mr. Abdul Aziz Abdullah Kamel (MUH)
  • Mr. Sobhi Abdul Jalil Al-Batterjee
  • Mr. Mohamed Mahmoud Attar
  • Mr. Mohamed Abdel Rahman Rashid (MUH)
  • Dr. Adel Ahmed Bushnak
  • Mr. Iyad Amin Madani
  • Mr. Fahad Sulaiman Al-Sulaiman
  • Mr. Hisham Ali Hafez
  • Mr. Wahib Said bin Zaqer
  • Mr. Abdullah Mohammed Bakheider
  • Mr. Abdul Mohsen Abdul Rahman Al-Sulaiman
  • Mr. Mohamed Ali Alhamrani
  • Mr. Talal Abdul Karim Bakr
  • Mr. Abdul Hamid Jamal Al-Hariri
  • Mr. Abdul Aziz Mohamed Fadl
  • Dr. Mohamed Akef Amine Maghrabi
  • Eng. Zuhair Hamed Fayez
  • Mr. Yousef Ibrahim Al-Aqeel
  • Mr. Abdul Maqsoud Mohammed Saeed Khoja

Chairman of Board of Director

I also was taught in schools
I learned that schools are a place to learn. Everyone who enters its walls learns something new and useful.
I learned that the energy of each generation surpasses the energies of previous generations.
I have learned that the concepts of children grow rapidly as fast as the era they live in, and that we adults are is holding them back.
I learned that thinking with your brain only is not enough; it has to be with the heart as well; for the person to grow both mentally and spiritually, and uses his senses which God has given him and made them the keys to knowledge, consciousness: hearing, sight, and heart.
(ولا تقف ما ليس لك به علم إِنَّ السمع والبصر والفؤاد كل أُولـئك كان عنه مسؤولاً” سورة الإسراء (36″
And follow not (O man i.e., say not, or do not or witness not) that of which you have no knowledge.[2] Verily! The hearing, the sight, and the heart, of each of those one will be questioned (by Allâh). Surah Al-Isra (36)
I have learned that the good deeds we leave our children with are not at all materialistic, it’s the education and values in life that we can truly give them for generations to come.
(المال والبنون زِينة الحياة الدنيا والباقيات الصالحات خير عند ربك ثوابا وخير أَملا” سورة الكهف (46″
Wealth and children are the adornments of the life of this world. But the good righteous deeds, that last, are better with your Lord for rewards and better in respect of hope. (Sûrat Al-Kahf 46)
(ويزِيدُ اللَّهُ الذين اهتدوا هدى والباقياتُ الصالحات خير عند ربك ثوابا وخير مردا” مريم (76″
And Allâh increases in guidance those who walk aright.[3] And the righteous good deeds that last, are better with your Lord, for reward and better for the resort. (Sûrat Maryam76)

Yours Truly

Hisham Ahmed Yousef Zainal Ali Reza