Educational Program

General Program Description

The students of Dar Al Fikr schools use an advanced international curriculum, with a license from the Ministry of Education, complementing the existing curriculum with Holy Quran, Islamic Education, and Arabic to be balanced with other materials that conform to the American Curriculum Standards. To help them better understand the world around them.
The most important characteristic of Dar Al Fikr International curriculum is that:

  • Integrates Islamic and Arabic education with the latest International approaches and curriculum of education.
  • The AP curriculum is based on school needs and in association with the college board.
  • Focuses on effective learning, which makes the student works, and persists self and practical effort.
  • The student has a sense of critical thinking.
  • Arabic Language material is considered as a single functional curriculum.
  • Islamic education is adopted as one module in integrative manner.
  • Students qualify for TOEFL and SAT exams.
  • The variety of teaching methods.
  • Adopts Technology-based learning for a practical, inclusive, and fast education.
  • Adopts learning and emphasizes learning than teaching, which means, making the student the focus of the learning process.
  • The principle of research is the basis for good learning.
  • Adopts the principle of classrooms, which the student seeks.
  • Applies and adopts The principle of practical dialogue and self-criticism by students.
  • Strongly seeks to shift from teaching to learning.

Our Program Characteristics

Islamic and Arabic Education 

Critical Thinking

AP Curriculum

Technology Based Learning

Effective Learning

Shift from Teaching to Learning

Educational Terminals

The schools develop a skillful plan, through which they provide educational facilities at the primary level, which are differentiated and semi-tangible activities that are distributed in class according to their function. They provide Arabic language skills in writing, expression, grammar and reading. And other stations specialized in the service of thinking skills.

There are also stations that serve math skills, such as selling, buying, and verbal issues.

It helps the student to review many course information, contributes to the acquisition of additional information, supports and explains the teacher’s skills, as well as additional skills and knowledge that increase the student’s experience around the world.