2020 Methodology

2020 Methodolgy

Dar Al Fikr schools have developed a methodology derived from their vision and mission to develop the process of education and learning. Gradually implemented from the academic year 2017-2020.

Conducting workshops to identify teachers and supervisors in the fields of methodology and work mechanisms, adapting them to previous successful procedures and gradually applying them.

Develop a professional development schedule to train the work team to meet the requirements of the methodology in education and learning

Design educational plans, including the requirements for achieving methodology areas

Transforming the general objectives of the methodology into procedural objectives that the teacher and student can achieve in most subjects

Methodology Areas


Moral Learning

Having ethical and social skills (love, respect, participation, mercy).


Self Learning

Constantly trying to be self-educated.


Digital Learning

Using technology to communicate and gain knowledge.


Deep Learning

Going deeper into learning to keep evolving.


Applied Learning

Employing the knowledge you study in your daily life and practice.


Life-Long Learning

Learning life and work skills (self-development).

What does a student learn?

How does the student learn?

Who teaches the the student?

Why learn this methodology

  • All subjects learned by peers are learned in the best schools.
  • Learn skills that help you succeed in your personal, professional, and social life.
  • Learns many skills in using technology.
  • Engages deeply in-depth learning, using diverse learning resources using technology
  • Learn through qualified teachers who lead them to teach and develop themselves
  • To be carrying a message: “Read …” and be a person who believes in his heart, and is correct in his work, and wise in his thought. . It deserves the secretariat of quarrying in the land.